Buying/leasing chasers

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Shannon Hunt
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Buying/leasing chasers

Post by Shannon Hunt » 1 month ago

Interested in making a fresh attempt at chase after the last attempt petered out in sadness and failure.

Primarily interested in buying a lil handful of allowance-type fillies with reasonable pedigrees - the sort who I can run a lil bit to learn the division better and who then can be bred to produce new allowance-type fillies rather than being the end of my chase career the moment they retire. Don't need to be world-beaters, I'm not out here to spend a million, just some cute lil ponies who can earn their keep and make kids who earn their keep and one day that magic slide will hit again. (I won't say no to better fillies, but again, not looking to spend a million here).

If none of those are on the market at present, I'd be interested in leasing a lil handful of mares who can make me some horses like that.

If those aren't available either, then I'd be interested in leasing a lil handful of chasers to race, of a caliber that can earn money outside of claimers since you can't run leases in claimers, just to get my chase muscles warmed up. But mostly interested in the first or second options above.

Message me if you've got something you would like to part with.

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