Steeplechase races

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Eric Gray
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Steeplechase races

Post by Eric Gray » 10 months ago

I recently thought I would dip my toes into steeplechase racing. I bought a few mares and bred a few foals. Unsurprisingly, they were DC on flat. I trained them to jump and got nothing big, but that's ok. They are now 2. They are in my racing barn, but I just read that there aren't any races until 3. If that is the case, why are they in my racing barn and not my training barn?

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Lori Hamill
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Re: Steeplechase races

Post by Lori Hamill » 10 months ago

I think it might be because you *could* race them on the flat if you wanted to. There may be some people who do try them out on the flat depending on sire or dam lines. IIRC there are or were a few steeplechase sires that also produced decent flat racers. If you already made them steeplechasers, though, it wouldn't be possible.

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Dylan Christensen
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Re: Steeplechase races

Post by Dylan Christensen » 10 months ago

The game doesn’t know if you want to race them flat or not so they have to go straight to the racing barn

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