New Pacer Stud - Oldfashion Oatmeal

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Natasha Yar
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Joined: 8 years ago

New Pacer Stud - Oldfashion Oatmeal

Post by Natasha Yar » 4 weeks ago ... ID=1396634

Oldfashion Oatmeal is one of the new GP purchased stallions, and he nicks like the rest of them have been reported to do. Mostly A’s with some higher and lower depending on the mares.

I’ve kept his stud fee at $5,500 so anyone who wants some of the new blood can get to it without breaking their bank.

Greg Czechowicz
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Joined: 3 months ago

Re: New Pacer Stud - Oldfashion Oatmeal

Post by Greg Czechowicz » 4 weeks ago

I bred a few of my mares to him earlier today :)

Eric Gray
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Re: New Pacer Stud - Oldfashion Oatmeal

Post by Eric Gray » 4 weeks ago

Got an A+ hypo and booked him with ... ID=1091666 for next year. She is currently 5-5 dropping Stakes runners, not counting my current foal. Star mare and has done better and hypoed better than my blue hen. Fingers crossed.

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