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Jess Dowson
Posts: 174
Joined: 2 years ago


Post by Jess Dowson » 3 months ago

I am going to do a post on here for who got freaks and which stallions
Sams Ghost Dancer-1
Devious man-1
Tls captain jack s-2
King Cartier-1
Darn tootin-1
Joke Face-1
Highland Billy-4
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Erin Sanderson
Hall of Fame
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Re: Freaks

Post by Erin Sanderson » 3 months ago

I have a yearling freak by Wanted Aliveornot. Rest are late bloomers.

All of my two-year-olds and most of my three-year-olds are still late bloomers. I did just have a trotter three-year-old improve to freak by Tls Captain Jack S.
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Te Akau Downs
Grade 3 Winner
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Re: Freaks

Post by Te Akau Downs » 3 months ago

3 freaks
sired by

joke face


1 freak

Devious man
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Aaron Tonning
Posts: 65
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Re: Freaks

Post by Aaron Tonning » 3 months ago

1 pacer Freak

Tell Why

Sten Rino Haakonsen
Eclipse Champion
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Re: Freaks

Post by Sten Rino Haakonsen » 3 months ago

Freak by Tls Captain Jack S

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Steve Leavitt
Grade 3 Winner
Posts: 643
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Re: Freaks

Post by Steve Leavitt » 3 months ago

17 Pacer Freaks

4x Scary Edgar
3x Demons
3x Catalyst
2x Shaking So Scared
2x Tell All
2x Red Hot Pace
1x Missile Defense

...AND THEN I WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Michael Looker
Classic Contender
Posts: 302
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Re: Freaks

Post by Michael Looker » 3 months ago

Catalyst: 1 from 1 (100%) (from this mare, so she contributed at least a little bit)
Highland Billy: 4 from 31 (12.9%)

Craig Mcgee
Posts: 141
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Re: Freaks

Post by Craig Mcgee » 3 months ago

1 paced freak by Cashformiki
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Andrew Davidson
Derby Contender
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Re: Freaks

Post by Andrew Davidson » 3 months ago

1 out of 5 million pacer freaks from scary edgar
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Shannon Hunt
Posts: 79
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Re: Freaks

Post by Shannon Hunt » 3 months ago

No newborn freaks, but two who have improved to freak, by Prayer I Am and Marion Marauder

Alyssa Lapa
Derby Contender
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Re: Freaks

Post by Alyssa Lapa » 2 months ago

I am still reeling about the fact I bred a freak at all.

Locked'n'loaded (Pacin Edgar x Chancetobealive)
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