Breaking The Law (trotter)

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Kent Saunders
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Breaking The Law (trotter)

Post by Kent Saunders » 1 month ago

Introducing BTL. He was champion 2 and 3 yr old trotter, multiple G1 winner including an SC. Just retired him today at 6 and based on his Hypo's he might end up as the best son (at stud) of the incomparable Devon Castle. Going to start him off at $22k and see how things go with his foals next season ... ID=1188261

Horse Flat
Ancestral Island A+
Black Stockings A+
Fantastic Holly A+
Flight of Songs A+
Glitter Gulch A+
Here Comes a Ghost A+
Hot Khaleesi A+
Italian Spirit A+
Lost the Thrill A+
Paris Winds A+
Two Hearts A+
With Some Luck A+
Broken Wyng A
Castle Princess A
Eternal Stream A
Winter Has Come A

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