2 year old Standardbred auction up; ready to enter

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Lucas Davenport
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2 year old Standardbred auction up; ready to enter

Post by Lucas Davenport » 1 month ago

Year 62 comments; 17 Pacer late bloomers and 14 trotter late bloomers. I do wish that info would be included in auctions: we pay extra to include the gallop info in auctions, but you get the progressive/late bloomer data for free on the sales page.........??????

For some reason I have more trouble getting the six pieces of equipment right than the ten pieces on flat racers. If you want to find a bargain read between the lines and look for the equipment wo times that don't make sense.
The Hub Group of Farms: where saving your boarding and shipping dollars is always a priority, especially when you don't know where the next race will take your horse.

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