Thoroughbred Improvers Thread

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Dylan Christensen
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Thoroughbred Improvers Thread

Post by Dylan Christensen » 3 months ago

Post your Thoroughbreds that improved at week 9 or at the break and I will try to keep track of them here. Please post a link to the horse along with its sire and it's original gallop and current gallop. I will make sure to note the sires that had horse improve to stakes/freak and just overall improvers for each individual sire. I also might write some articles noting which lines tend to improve.

Turf Sprinters
1x The Black Glove. 1x Stakes
1x See You Monday. 1x Stakes
2x Strong and Free. 2x Freak
1x Lord Black. 1x Stakes

Dirt Sprinters
1x Benefit. 1x Stakes

All Weather Sprinters
1x Street Tractor
1x Hooray
1x Ghost In the Radio
1x At The Gallows End. 1x Stakes

Turf Milers
2x Distant Dream. 1x Freak, 1x Stakes
1x Maurice. 1x Stakes
1x Between the Stars. 1x Stakes

Dirt Milers
1x Just An Act
1x Auston Matthews

All Weather Milers
1x The Elusive Factor. 1x Stakes
1x Mile After Mile. 1x Stakes
1x Admire Daio. 1x Stakes

Turf Routers
1x Fireproof. 1x freak
1x Courting. 1x Stakes
1x King of Ashes. 1x Stakes
1x Reddington. 1x Stakes
2x Vancouver. 2x Stakes
1x Electric Blue. 1x Stakes
1x Charleston Heston. 1x Stakes
1x Gold Actor. 1x Stakes

Dirt Routers
1x Gladiator
1x Noctis. 1x Stakes
1x Kingdom Come. 1x freak
1x Hold Above. 1x Freak
1x Sir Tophamm Hatt. 1x Stakes

All Weather Routers
1x Trahan

1x Rubix Maze
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Dylan Christensen
Eclipse Champion
Posts: 1627
Joined: 2 years ago

Re: Thoroughbred Improvers Thread

Post by Dylan Christensen » 3 months ago ... ID=1080757 Allowance -> Stakes by The Black Glove TS ... ID=1070078 Claimer -> Solid by Just An Act DM ... ID=1075045 Chase Some Potential -> Chase Claimer by Rubix Maze SC ... ID=1098738 Productive -> Allowance by Street Tractor AWS ... ID=1080306 Productive -> Allowance by Hooray AWS ... ID=1129140 Claimer -> Solid by Auston Matthews DM ... ID=1107033 Solid -> Productive by Gladiator DR ... ID=1136695 Solid -> Productive by Ghost in the Radio AWS ... ID=1134489 Allowance -> Stakes by Noctis DR
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The hottest looking new Chaser sire ;)

Sten Rino Haakonsen
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Re: Thoroughbred Improvers Thread

Post by Sten Rino Haakonsen » 3 months ago

I will put these up as I remember them so might take a while to get them all in but here goes

Turf Sprinter ... ID=1130567 by See You Monday Improved from allowance to Stakes

aw sprinter ... ID=1056076 by At The Gallows End Improved from allowance to stakes

Turf Miler ... ID=1110583 by Distant Dream Improved from Stakes to Freak ... ID=1130543 by Maurice Improved from allowance to stakes ... ID=1101854 by Distant Dream improved from allowance to stakes ... ID=1059236 by Between The Stars improved from allowane to stakes

AW Milers ... ID=1060281 by The Elusive factor improved from allowance to stakes by Mile After Mile improved from allowance to stakes ... ID=1141505 by Admire Daio improved from allowance to stakes

aw router ... ID=1108112 by Trahan improved from productive to allowance

these are just the ones I am 100% sure that improved I will have a check in my barn if there is more and then add them

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Carole Hanson
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Re: Thoroughbred Improvers Thread

Post by Carole Hanson » 3 months ago

All Turf Routers:
Margaret Beaufort-Fireproof x Coleman Hell mare~Stakes—>Freak

Courting-Kingsmen x Kingdom of Rust mare~Solid—>Stakes

Lilianne-King of Ashes x Two Toned mare~Allowance—>Stakes

Red From the Sky-Reddington x Haley’s Comet mare~Allowance—>Stakes

I know of a few that have improved gallops that are by stallions I own but obviously I won’t be posting them since I don’t own the horses. There’s also ones that I have that improved that are now retired.
King of Ashes
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Laura Smith
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Re: Thoroughbred Improvers Thread

Post by Laura Smith » 3 months ago

I don't generally gallop my own horses in training, but Strong and Free had two 4YOs improve to freak (though I think one of them might have changed W9.) Worth noting that the vast majority of my yearlings by him have the "late bloomer" comment.
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Nick Gilmore
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Re: Thoroughbred Improvers Thread

Post by Nick Gilmore » 3 months ago

Shy Spirit DR by Kingdom Come, out of a Man of Mystery mare-Stake, late bloomer>freak, peak
Angel Face TR by Vancouver, out of Chopin mare-allowance, late bloomer>Stake, peak
Aventurine DR by Hold Above, out of You Are Not Alone mare-allowance, should progress>stake, peak
Captain Fantastic DS by Benefit, ot of St Longinus mare-allowance, should progress>stake, peak
Divine TS by Lord Black, out of Many Night’s mare-allowance, late bloomer>Stake, peak
Lace TR by Electric Blue, out of Chance Encounter mare-allowance, late bloomer>stake, peak
Lallybroch TR by Vancouver, out of Dwight Eisenhower mare-allowance, late bloomer>Stake, peak
Lord Crawley TR by Charleston Heston, out of Moon Shattering mare-allowance, late bloomer>Stake, peak
Made in America TR by Gold Actor, out of Gibraltar mare-allowance, late bloomer>Stake, peak
Topham’s Gambit DR by Sir Topham Hatt, out of American Pharoah mare-allowance, late bloomer>Stake, peak
It’s All Blurry TR by Silver Blur out of Electric Blue mare-productive, late bloomer>allowance, peak
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