GP Auction for Mitole

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Trastevere Peru
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Re: GP Auction for Mitole

Post by Trastevere Peru » 1 month ago

Happy Acting Turf Sprinter 20,000
Dressed in Suits Turf Sprinter 10,000

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Pete Vella
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Re: GP Auction for Mitole

Post by Pete Vella » 1 month ago

looks done to me

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Tim Matthews
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Re: GP Auction for Mitole

Post by Tim Matthews » 1 month ago

yeah it's over good job nini
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Gwayne Mike
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Re: GP Auction for Mitole

Post by Gwayne Mike » 1 month ago

Don't drink and drive! You might hit a bump and spill your drink?

The Exchange is your friend ;)

This way out :arrow:

Andrew Davidson
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Re: GP Auction for Mitole

Post by Andrew Davidson » 1 month ago

“Andrew if you curse in your signature again I'm banning you from the forum forever.” - someone upstairs
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Nini Hunter
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Re: GP Auction for Mitole

Post by Nini Hunter » 1 month ago

Price will be reduced when he is in my barn.
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The Steward
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Re: GP Auction for Mitole

Post by The Steward » 1 month ago

Congrats Nini!!!
I’m getting a swab up the nose here in a minute but he’ll be transferred tonight
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