Breed my Best Mares pt.3

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J.P Dogood
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Breed my Best Mares pt.3

Post by J.P Dogood » 2 months ago

Last season I asked all you about two mares I didn't know what to do with. The results I am fairly pleased with. First we got a Ziggy Stardust colt who galloped a stakes peak. Second, we got a Light Up Light Up colt who is a claimer (LB).

I figured I would revive this for year 60 with an interesting start...

Blossom There -
  • Stunningly bad race record, one of the worst I have ever seen
  • Bloodstock rating is just formidable
  • Got a B+ hypo to DMB in her only hypo
  • Has produced a freak, stakes, allowance, and claimer all from Sheru
Because I have do so well breeding her to Sheru, I am almost afraid to breed her anywhere else. She is 17 now so this very well could be her last season so what do we think? Go tried and true method of sending her to Sheru or roll the dice and see what we get?

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