Introducing "Photobomber" Trotter

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Kent Saunders
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Introducing "Photobomber" Trotter

Post by Kent Saunders » 1 month ago

Photobomber was a 10 times stakes winner (2 G1) who's racing style was to go to the lead and improve his position! An absolute "speed" horse! His sire is One Holiday Gift, he is the top $ maker for his sire making him a Dream cross to mares from all the current top studs for trotters.
How does he Hypo? I did 20 mares (Stars and Hens) and got 18 A+ and 2 A which is definitely top end results. For this season I will offer him at $30k and adjust based on his results.
Special offer....If any of his next season yearlings is one of the top 50 work "Horses" as of week 58 week 7-1 (Monday), I will rebate half ($15k) of that horses stud fee to the owner. So you will have week 4, 5 and 6 to work them before the offer closes. Mail me with any questions ... ID=1060865

Shannon Hunt
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Re: Introducing "Photobomber" Trotter

Post by Shannon Hunt » 1 month ago

Excited to use this guy, one of very few who ever managed to beat MC..! And, as you say, fun pedigree to freshen things up a bit.
Probably being facetious

Jack Ryder
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Re: Introducing "Photobomber" Trotter

Post by Jack Ryder » 1 month ago

Excited to use him, as others said he gives a fresh pedigree.

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