3500 Wonderful Frontier

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Randall Allen
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3500 Wonderful Frontier

Post by Randall Allen » 1 year ago

Further reduced to minimum of 3,500. Help me fill his book and help your barn to one of the best arabian stallions for super cheap.

Shannon Hunt
Grade 3 Winner
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Re: 3500 Wonderful Frontier

Post by Shannon Hunt » 1 year ago

Don't mind if I do!
DISSIMULATION - TR with multiple freaks in his first crop (even after Y61 gallop adjustment!) ~
DENSE FOG - highest earning AW sprinter of all time ~
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Lucas Davenport
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Re: 3500 Wonderful Frontier

Post by Lucas Davenport » 1 year ago

Bred about a dozen to him at that price, and I am not without my own good options.
The Hub Group of Farms: where saving your boarding and shipping dollars is always a priority, especially when you don't know where the next race will take your horse.

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