Adel soon to be pensioned

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Lisa Bennert
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Adel soon to be pensioned

Post by Lisa Bennert » 2 months ago

Just got the message that my Arab sprint stallion Adel will be pensioned. Since he still had some bookings and I was originally hoping to breed 2-3 more to him myself, I've delayed pensioning for the 72 hours.

He has sired 4 millionaires, which is pretty remarkable in that division, so use him while you still can :)


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Louise Bayou
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Re: Adel soon to be pensioned

Post by Louise Bayou » 2 months ago

Just sent him one!
“It’s like I’m driving a Mac truck with the speed of a Porsche and the brain of a rocket scientist,” Gary Stevens on Beholder

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Kenneth Prater
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Re: Adel soon to be pensioned

Post by Kenneth Prater » 1 month ago

90% winners!

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