Mixers $1 mares

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Ali Sills
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Mixers $1 mares

Post by Ali Sills » 2 months ago

Some girls are for sale that just don't fit into my breeding program. No BSA comments, hypos listed. Will be pensioned and sent to greener pastures in a couple days if not picked up.

Piasa; Appaloosa
Fireball and Beer x Slipper
La MaKina B
Wings of Inferno B+

SOLDCommando Connie; Appaloosa
Wittenberg x Who is Snake
End Game B

SOLD Marisa Fireball; Appaloosa
Fireball and Beer x Marisa Caughlan
Cant Catch Me A-
La MaKina B+

SOLD Lucky Bridle Sky; Appaloosa
Dr Who x Lucky Starlet
Celtic Harp B+
Didn't Catch Me B+

Late Nite Talent; QH
Late Night Rituals x Perceived Kindness
Gra Go Deo B+
Mezapita B+

SOLD Drunk Holiday; STBT
Drunken Marauder x Holiday Ghosts
Devon Regent A-
Dominicain Masaya A-
TLS Roger Rabbit A-

Blue Lune; STBT
DBlue Porsche x TLS Looney
Devon Regent A-

Bjs Last Dreaming; STBT
Last Day on Earth x Wishingfordollars
Homelander A-

Bit of a Vacation; STBP
Vacation Villager x Bit of It
Always Hunting A-
Vader Wears Black A-

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