Formidable Mares - Arab, Appy, Paints

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Ali Sills
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Formidable Mares - Arab, Appy, Paints

Post by Ali Sills » 2 months ago

Do I need 300 broodmares? No. Thinning down my herd a bit. Open to offers.

Vouvray Sec
Appsolutely T x Au Pied De Cochon
Hypos: Words Are Wind A-, Fool and His Money B+, Whitehouse Road B+
$1,000 OBO

Fright Night x Few Blocks Away
Hypos: Monkey Brew A-
$1,000 OBO

Flipping Prince
Deroyal Prince x Be Off Flip
Hypos: Quick Tella Story A-, Silver Hayes A-, Words are Wind A-
$1,000 OBO

Guns a Blazin
Gun For Hire x Gunfire
Hypos: Didn't Catch Me A-, Eq Cab Etat A, Zimm's Got a Point B+
$1,000 OBO

Irish Beer Pong
Irish American x Beer Pong Balls
Hypos: Words Are Wind A-
$1,000 OBO

Budur Lady
Lord of Arabia x Bufur Night
Hypos: Legendary Silver B+
$3,000 OBO

Bump in Da Road
Legacy of Charly x Queen Maeve
Hypos: Special Visionary A-
$6,000 OBO

Dziban Nerve
Dziban x Lopsided Nerve
Hypos: Sleeping Dragon A-
$1,000 OBO

Nagib x Vamilaa
Hypos: Faramir A- & Jett Reno A-
$3,000 OBO

Zanian x Diam
Hypos: Free Popcorn A-
$3,000 OBO

Daud x Anisah
Hypos: Free Popcorn A-
$3,000 OBO

Sayf Al Dawla x Rawan
Hypos: Cronos Status B+, Free Popcorn A-, Iskandar Elakbar B+, Kooshaa A-, Quick and Rich B+, Sleeping Dragon A-, Tallaab Al Khalediah B+
$3,000 OBO

Storms of Sand
Mighty Sandstorm x Babylonia
Hypos: Gap of Dunloe A-, Free Duck C+
$1,000 OBO

Crazily Delightful
Charmed Blue x Crazy Tails
Hypos: Laughing Jet A- & Mr. Rose Thorn A-
$6,000 OBO

I Love Kentucky
Sans Note x I Love Ohio
Hypos: Son of a Paint A-
$1,000 OBO

Jubilee Champagne
Toy Land Jubilee x Chair By the Bay
Hypos: Son of a Paint A-
$1,000 OBO

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