All I'll Praise Retiring Week 16

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All I'll Praise Retiring Week 16

Post by Jo Ferris » 1 month ago

All I'll Praise (Hamdan x All I'll Ever Be [The Visionary]) will be retiring this year after the SC. He's a grade 3 winner and has earned just over 550k so far in his career. While he's never been a standout horse, he's proven he can stick with the best finishing 2nd in last year's Saudi Cup behind the great Stuffed Pepper and 3rd in this year's edition of the Saudi Cup. He has a record of 18: 7-3-2, with 5 of those wins being stakes.

His fee will depend on how he nicks, but probably 5-10k, most of you know I tend to keep my stallions priced on the low end.

If any Arabian person is interested in leasing him as a stud at the end of the season feel free to PM me, my Arabs are probably my best division, but very small, I only own 11 Arab route mares and 6 of those are related to All I'll Praise.
Money Run Low - 10k
Mugello - 5k

FLD Eclipse - 3.5k
FLD Raven - 10k
Bromance - 3.5k
Scooter - 3.5k

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