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Arabian And Standardbred Yearling and 2yo Auction (Claimer to Allowance)

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I just opened my Yearling and 2yo Arabian and Standardbred Auction. All horses are fit, have equipment set(no need to change or try different equipment as all equipment is confirmed), have workouts, their track condition preference is revealed, etc. There are several progressive and late bloomers in this auction in both productive and allowance. There are no reserves so you could get a horse for a $1 and go and make money with them racing or if a filly breeding and selling their foals. The yearling fillies will turn 2 so they can be used for breeding next sim year. The 2yo fillies are ready to breed now if you don't want to race them. I cannot guarantee if there will be any stars or blue hens with the fillies but there is always that chance that there will be. They are by well-known stallions like Stuffed Pepper, Eclipsed the Demons, Hamadan, Cass Ole, etc.
Their dams are mainly stars and blue hens with some quality formidable as well.
There is no limit on how many horses you can get. This is a good opportunity for newer players who want to get into arabians or standardbreds to pick up a horse for as little as a $1 that can bring home some money for them when they are of racing age.
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