New player... Need help!

Advice and Other Goodies for Newbies
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Emma Hendrickson
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New player... Need help!

Post by Emma Hendrickson » 6 months ago

Okay so hi guys! I literally just started playing so what should I do 1st? im slightly lost :lol:
Boo!! :shock: :o

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Darcy McBride
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Re: New player... Need help!

Post by Darcy McBride » 6 months ago

Read, read, read everything you can, especially about "newbies".
When first starting the game, it can seem overwhelming.
You can also sign up for a mentor, which can be a huge help.
Be careful in spending your money on purchasing horses.
Look at horses for sale in the New Player Recommended. You want to find horses, mainly geldings, that will earn you money.
Don't worry about purchasing mares for breeding; that will come later down the road.
Make sure horses you are contemplating purchasing are not retired or pensioned; they can not race.
Come into the chatroom and ask questions; many players will be happy to answer/help you.

This is a game of great patience, but it is so much fun! There are players who have literally been playing for real life decades!

I hope this helps you some. Welcome to the game, and I hope you will learn to love it as much as most of us do!

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Kelly L Haggerty
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Re: New player... Need help!

Post by Kelly L Haggerty » 6 months ago ... %20Players

Scroll about halfway down the page and look for the series of articles by Regina Moore. She'll have you an expert in no time!

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Louise Bayou
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Re: New player... Need help!

Post by Louise Bayou » 6 months ago

If the New Player Mentor program is still a thing I suggest getting one. And hanging out in chat is a good way to get a lot of info OR pick up someone willing to take you under their wing!
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Mentor Program
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Re: New player... Need help!

Post by Mentor Program » 6 months ago

It is still a thing, Emma has been in touch and we’ve allocated her a mentor. Fully recommend going in chat too though!

Andrew Davidson
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Re: New player... Need help!

Post by Andrew Davidson » 6 months ago

Don’t not recommended chat after hours though. There’s some drunk degenerates in there from time to time.
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