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Should You Post In This Forum? READ ME FIRST

Post by Lauren Haggerty » 7 years ago

Are you having a problem with something in the SIM?

If the issue you are having would benefit from the commentary of other players, i.e. browser compatibility, java not functioning in the chat, race viewer not working constantly or not in the way you expect, inability to find the links you expect to be there like entering/gelding/ect, then this is a good place as others who may have discovered the same issue will be able to help you faster than the admin or Steward.

If there is a personal problem with something in your stable, i.e. you gelded a horse by accident, there's something wrong in your transactions, you made a mistake with an auction/sponsored race or anything else on this list, you should NOT post here. Please contact the Steward via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every in game page. The Steward and admin monitor their inboxes and will be able to respond much faster. They may not see it if you post here.

Do you have a suggestion for how the SIM may be improved? Please do not post that here. Please contact the Steward as mentioned above.