Equipment Glitch?

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Ms. Lady Claimer
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Equipment Glitch?

Post by Ms. Lady Claimer » 1 month ago

I have this filly ... ID=1469771 whom I leased out for the year on a racing lease.
Today, the player returned her to me and said they weren't sure what happened, because they never messed with her equipment and kept it set to the trainer's recommended pairing of Blinkers and Shadow roll for her debut (I sent her to the player with it set as such). Yet, when you look at the race results, it shows her as running in Blinkers and Ear Muffs.
Upon getting her back, I looked at her information page, and the equipment indeed is set at Blinkers and Shadow roll like it's supposed to be.

Because setting equipment is done from the horse's page and is a pretty intentional process, I'm inclined to think that it was an issue on the game's side rather than trainer error, especially given what the person told me. Is that possible?
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