Winx Filly

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Diane Townsend
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Winx Filly

Post by Diane Townsend » 3 months ago

Savabeel Farm
Karaka Smile (TS)
Morning Report (TM)
Sir Pinetree (TR)
Radioactive Man (TR)

Race With Lions (TM) SC winner out on lease
Seismic (TR) out on lease

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Louise Bayou
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Re: Winx Filly

Post by Louise Bayou » 3 months ago

“It’s like I’m driving a Mac truck with the speed of a Porsche and the brain of a rocket scientist,” Gary Stevens on Beholder

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Darcy McBride
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Re: Winx Filly

Post by Darcy McBride » 3 months ago

Both are so beautiful!
Dirt Miler: JUBILATION (Standing in Maryland)
Dirt Miler/Dirt Router: KENTUCKY STORM (Standing in Texas)
Dirt Sprinters: SINISTER MISTER (Standing in Texas)
WRITTENINTHESTARS (Standing in California/Steward bred)

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Nick Gilmore
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Re: Winx Filly

Post by Nick Gilmore » 3 months ago

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Diane!

LA Pepper
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Re: Winx Filly

Post by LA Pepper » 3 months ago

ALL foals are cute, but that mare is GEORGEOUS !!

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