Woodbine June 3

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Karl Smythe
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Woodbine June 3

Post by Karl Smythe » 7 years ago

Who is coming to Woodbine and at what time??
I think we need to have a meeting area so people know where to look :)
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The Steward
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Re: Woodbine June 3

Post by The Steward » 7 years ago

I have the list as:
Karl S
Art V
Bri M
Andrew J
Nick G
Todd L
Chani R
Gerry H

Justin said no... Santino no answer.
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Nick Gilmore
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Re: Woodbine June 3

Post by Nick Gilmore » 7 years ago

Is there a tentative schedule so we know where you'll be when we can meet? Art seems unavailable....mmmm.

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gerry hardie
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Re: Woodbine June 3

Post by gerry hardie » 7 years ago

Hi Guys, I have unfortunately had a change of plans and have to leave to visit a customer in North East PA.

Sorry I am going miss visiting with you all.


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