March 12 Santa Anita

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Mike Springer
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March 12 Santa Anita

Post by Mike Springer » 7 years ago

Is anybody going to be there next weekend? I am thinking about going, just seeing if there will be others.


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Mr. Lord Rich
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Re: March 12 Santa Anita

Post by Mr. Lord Rich » 7 years ago

Mike, I will be there. EM will be there. Most likely Derby and RRH

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The Steward
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Re: March 12 Santa Anita

Post by The Steward » 7 years ago

Darn straight we'll all be there because BIG CAP.
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Louise Bayou
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Re: March 12 Santa Anita

Post by Louise Bayou » 7 years ago

“It’s like I’m driving a Mac truck with the speed of a Porsche and the brain of a rocket scientist,” Gary Stevens on Beholder

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Ali Hedgestone
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Re: March 12 Santa Anita

Post by Ali Hedgestone » 7 years ago

And I will be down in SD a week and a half after this. Because spring break was poorly planned.
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