DRAGONFLY pensioning

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Susie Rydell
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DRAGONFLY pensioning

Post by Susie Rydell » 4 months ago

3 days at $25,000

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The Steward
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Re: DRAGONFLY pensioning

Post by The Steward » 4 months ago

"There's no secret to training a good horse. It's a matter of being fortunate enough to get one."
"Funny how you often regret the stuff you didn't do more than the stuff you did do" - GG

Andrew Davidson
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Re: DRAGONFLY pensioning

Post by Andrew Davidson » 4 months ago

“Andrew if you curse in your signature again I'm banning you from the forum forever.” - someone upstairs
“No tenga miedo, me gusta grande culo chicas ” - Nini Hunter

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Durzo Blint
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Re: DRAGONFLY pensioning

Post by Durzo Blint » 4 months ago

Just sent over two mares as that is all I can afford! I need to start budgeting for these instances

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