Breeding Mares

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Breeding Mares

Post by The Steward » 10 years ago

Breeding Overview
Breeding is one of the most fun aspects of the SIM. When you retire a mare, she is able to be bred breed. Mares can have one foal (0 year old horse) per year. You can breed your mare at any time during the racing year and then for 7 days after the last racing week. Mares must be at least two years old to be retired and bred. The resulting foal cannot race until it is two years old, or three years old if it is an Arabian.

Once a mare reaches the age of 12, she is susceptible to die while foaling due to complications from her age. The chances of her having complications and dying increases with each year. For a hefty sum (starting at $1 million at the age of 12, and doubling every year thereafter), you can guarantee your mare will live to have another foal. For a smaller sum, $20,000 at any age, you can save your mare from dying and pension her to live out her years in your pasture. These options will be presented at the time of breeding.

Breeding and New Players
New Players can't have any idea of the good SIM pedigrees when they first start playing, thus, they cannot breed for the first six weeks of their career. This is to prevent them from breeding a bad mare to a completely wrong stallion and then having to pay for the foal, which drains their money rapidly.

Does my mare have to go to the farm of the stallion I chose?
No, that would take too much time and effort on all of our parts! You can breed your mare to any stallion no matter where it is located.

Do I have to ask permission to use a stallion?
You do not need to ask permission to breed to any of the stallions. The money from the stud fee will be automatically deducted from your account and given to the stallion owner.

Should I breed all of my mares? Do I have to?
You definitely don't have to breed any mares if you don't want, instead you can just buy or claim ready-made racehorses. Some mares aren't very good and probably shouldn't be bred because the foal will not make you any money, however, it is possible for all horses to "strike lightning" and have a good foal in their careers, so even if the first two are duds, don't give up hope!

Who should I breed to?
The simplest rule to remember is to breed turf to turf, sprint to sprint, route to route, and dirt to dirt, etc. Trying to mix a dirt horse with a turf horse won't work and the offspring will have a hard time winning races!

Cross Breeding
As of Year 41, players can breed Quarter Horse mares to Thoroughbred stallions, and breed Paint and Appaloosa mares to Quarter Horse stallions. No other crosses are possible. The foal will be the same breed as the dam.

It costs 250 GP to breed a mare to stallion of a different breed, in addition to the regular stud fee. The 250 GP is therefore going to the game, rather than the stallion owner.

As with traditional breeding, it's best to breed "like to like", so route (870 yd) Quarter Horse will cross best with a dirt route Thoroughbred, etc. Turf and All Weather stallions can be made available for cross breeding, but the results may not be favorable.
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