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About the SIM's History

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The game, fondly called "The SIM," is unique in its attempt to make each horse and each race feel real to the player. All over the world, game players sit glued to their computer monitors during live auctions and live Steward's Cup and Triple Crown race calls. The SIM first opened in 1998 and ended in 2003, then reopened in 2006 and has been running continuously since. You will sometimes hear people refer to the "Old SIM" which means pre-2006.

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Real horses come into the game with their real race records, but this does not necessarily mean that horses sired by Point Given will run best going long on the dirt. It does mean that Point Given comes in as the winner of the Belmont, Travers, and Santa Anita Derby, and is a son of Thunder Gulch.

2. It is not random. ALL horses have a formula - it's your job to figure them out. The formula includes the jockey, equipment, surface, distance, weather condition, and how tired the horse is.

3. Talk to your fellow players. There is a wealth of information to be gained by discussing events with the "pros," especially on the forum.

4. Pedigree is key.

The SIM is a model of real life heroes and real life events sped up and woven together to create a dynamic racing world. Our Secretariat was a noble chestnut named Priceless Forever, our Ruffian came in the form of "the Freak," Forever Risk. Event of the Year came into the game with his real life record as the winner of the Jim Beam Stakes and left as our model of Man o War, and has been consistently voted the best all-around horse in the game.

You should find the sense of community here to be inviting. Few will forget waiting for the live call of the epic match race between The Scarlet Nite and Satelite, and the SIM was alive when after a year of waiting the titans Loki Masterpiece, Walkover, Gaze Unwavering and Conduit finally clashed. Team games dot the intense competition, and contests, prizes, and even real life gatherings are regular.

Above all, keep in mind that it's just a game. While that may seem like obvious advice, one day you may find yourself swallowed up in the dream, joining hundreds of players worldwide who log on for hours every day to experience the thrill of Thoroughbred racing.
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