Auctions and Creating Auctions

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Auctions and Creating Auctions

Post by The Steward » 11 years ago

Anyone can bid in an auction, with the exception of a veteran player bidding in an auction for New Players or Junior Players.

Proxy Bidding vs. Last-Click Bidding
There are two auction styles, Proxy bidding vs. Last-click. In a Proxy auction, you can place a current bid and a maximum bid (which you can increase at any time) and the computer will bid for you by $1 over the second highest bid until your maximum is reached. In a last-click auction, the bidder that submits the highest bid the moment the auction ends is the winner.

To create an Auction

To create an auction, click the Auction link under My Stuff on the My Office page. It will take you to the Create an Auction page. You will then be able to change the settings of your auction, including the following options:

- Name your auction. The title of your auction cannot contain your own name.
- Select a type of auction. The three types of auctions are:

5,000 game points ˆ up to 25 horses.
8,000 game points ˆ up to 50 horses and you may set reserves.
10,000 game points ˆ unlimited horses and you may set reserves.

- Set how many horses a single player can win from your auction. You can allow up to five horses per player.
- Set a minimum bid increment. The options are $1,000, $1,500, $2000, or $3000. (This does not apply for Proxy Bid auctions)
- Decide who can bid on your auction. You can limit your auction to new players, junior players, or SIMperior players, or allow anyone to bid.
- Confirm your order. After clicking View Summary you will be taken to a description of the information you have provided, where you can review your selections. If they are all correct, click Create Auction.

You will then be taken your auction page and gamepoints will be deducted from your account. Here you will find a list of your horses. You can add horses to the auction by clicking the green plus sign by their name, and if you have selected and auction type that allows reserves you can set them here. Any horse that is added to an auction will be scratched from all races and withdrawn from all sales. They will be taken down from the sales page and will no longer be available for private sales.

You do not have to finish your auction all in one sitting. You can return to the auction at any time to finalize it.

If you have added at least one horse to your auction, you will see a link at the top of your auction that says "Click Here to find out about Opening Your Auction to the SIM Public." Clicking this link will reveal an area for you to enter the Start and End date and time of your auction. Once you have opened your auction, you cannot make any further changes to it. To finalize your auction and open it to the public, click Open My Auction.
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