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Shipping Overview
Shipping happens in real time. Imagine when you ship a horse that you are loading it on the trailer, either driving it straight to its destination and unloading it, or driving it to the airport, loading it on the plane, flying it, unloading it, etc. All of that time is programmed in.

Horses get tired from shipping depending on how far they go. Shipping an hour doesn't take too long to recover from, but shipping, say, 10 hours or more takes several days to recover from. The best way to figure out how long it takes to recover from shipping is to check with the vet after the horse is shipped and wait until the "all clear" is given to run again.

Horses must be on their way to the racetrack on the day of the race. If they have not been shipped by 24 hours before post time, even if they are only an hour away, they will be scratched. If the horse is entered in a race and it is race day, they will not be able to ship away from the track.

Auto Shipping TO and FROM the Track for SIMperior Players
As a SIMperior Player, you can go to your profile and set up Auto Shipping. You can set how many days before the race you want your horses to ship. Horses are shipped based on their post time, so if you set 1 day before post time, the horse will ship almost exactly 24 hours before post time. If you select 2 days, it will be 48 hours before post time, etc.

If you have a Home Location set for each horse, and turn on Auto Ship to Home Location, the horse will automatically ship back to their farm as soon as the race has been run. This saves the player from having to ship the horse themselves.
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