Injuries, Pensioning and Death

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Injuries, Pensioning and Death

Post by The Steward » 11 years ago

Race and Workout Injuries
Horses can be injured after running or working out/training if they do it too often. As a strong suggestion, never run horses in back to back weeks (no Week 4 and Week 5, or Week 14 and Week 15, or Week 16 and Week 1) unless you are running in the American or Canadian Triple Crown, or the Two Year Old Turf Triple. Those races have a special affect on a horse's tiredness that accumulates (so they need a long break after) but doesn't cause them to be injured during the event. A horse's racing or workout injury can last from 2 to 6 weeks and range from $1,000 - $20,000 to repair the horse. Sometimes a horse will be retired in the case of a severe injury.

Random Injuries
A trainer can get no more than 2 injuries per year randomly. These happen when a horse is standing in a stall doing nothing but being a horse. These injuries force a horse into retirement, or if a horse is already retired, into being pensioned. The cost of the injury can range from $1,000 - $20,000. These types of injuries do not happen to new players.

Break Injuries
Break injuries, which occur during the break between years, include 250 mares becoming barren for the year, 100 two-year-olds bucking shins, and 20 stallions becoming infertile for the year. These do not count towards your random injury count for the season because these horses recover to fight another day.

Pensioning of Stallions
A stallion can be pensioned by the computer once a stallion has reached 14 years old. Game point stallions will only be removed from game play when they die or are pensioned in real life, or if they are so terrible no one uses them!

Death While Foaling
A mare who is 12 years old or older can die while foaling. The older the mare gets, the more likely it will die. The foal will always live.

Death of Old Age
Elderly horses can die at any time after age 20 and won't live past 30. They will die of "natural causes."
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