Mixerstuds, Stable Z!

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Flizan Hambletonian
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Mixerstuds, Stable Z!

Post by Flizan Hambletonian »

Appy Router

Top Hypoing Dangerous Spider Z https://www.simhorseracing.com/studbook ... ID=1455012 30k- throws mostly A+ with my mares

Sunday Night Z https://www.simhorseracing.com/studbook ... ID=1206757 10k High Allowance-percentage. Mostly A hypos

Arabian Sprinter

Sim Record holder in all sprint distances, one of the best arabian sprinters- Gagarin Z https://www.simhorseracing.com/studbook ... ID=1507582 15 k

Paint Router
Top Hypoing Trassel Z https://www.simhorseracing.com/studbook ... ID=1513836 25k -throws mostly A+ with my mares

Quentin Z https://www.simhorseracing.com/studbook ... ID=1455033 10k- throws a lot of A and A+ with my mares

Quarter Mid

Game created Nilsson https://www.simhorseracing.com/studbook ... ID=1397259 15k, availible for crossbreeding.
Country House Turf Router, AW Router, Steeplechaser
Smoke and Gusto Paint Dirt Router
Flizans Bourbon Steeplechaser
Vicki Johnson
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Re: Mixerstuds, Stable Z!

Post by Vicki Johnson »

Nilsson has twin daughters!!! bred two mares to him with 3 foals!
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