Top 50 Ranked Horses

Rankings are based on points gained by racing. For an explanation on the point system, click here.

Rank Name State Bred Type Owner Sire Points
1 Bhs Kytra WV ch.m.6  Jurgen Ver Tls Immaculate 997
2 Face the Wind JPN bl.h.5  Kent Saunders Lord Black 900
3 Code Red NOR ch.h.10  Lucas Davenport And Be a Doctor 815
4 Avengers Assemble KY bl.h.5  Lucas Davenport Satono Moon 785
5 Some Starry Night AUS ro.h.6  Dave Trainer Under Starlight 769
6 Blackest Night GBR dkb.g.9  Leigh Ann Anderson Nightmarch 750
7 See You in the Dark JPN ro.h.6  Carole Hanson Lord Black 724
8 Swinging Like Ali KY gru.m.6  Jo Ferris Mark of the Beast 720
9 Zibanejad KY ch.h.5  Art K Stables World Gone Mad 695
10 Rayz of Neon CAN dkb.h.7  Lucas Davenport Strong and Free 656
11 Tls Voergaard WV ch.h.5  Tom Lin Tls Captain Jack S 654
12 Lucky Rita NJ gr.m.7  Arthur Cutler Scary Edgar 645
13 Museum Victories FRA bl.h.7  Trastevere Peru Shine Bright 641
14 Tappity Tap Tap AUS gr.m.6  Tom Mudgett Hallmark 629
15 Miss Silver Magic OK gru.m.5  Gen Ravenwood Silver Jet Flash 600
16 Unmerciful MD bl.c.4  Todd Lucas Gladiator 595
17 Japanese Majesty FL ch.h.6  Glenn Escobar Phoenix Argyle 587
18 Tip E Toes AL bl.m.5  Arthur Cutler Demons 578
19 Mean WY bck.h.6  Michael Looker Regression 575
20 Zolara NY gr.m.6  Sherry Crow Oil Turned Gold 569
21 Seth's Resolve FRA b.h.6  Nick Gilmore Seumas 567
22 Racing Pirate KY bl.h.7  Kent Saunders Lalor 557
23 Backstreet Boy ID ch.c.4  Rebecca Rose Hepburn Between the Stars 555
24 Dust Off TX sor.m.6  Lucas Davenport Let's Be Off 553
25 Citron Vert KY dkb.h.7  Christophe Desjardin Distant Dream 552
26 Dark Rose Dance CA bck.m.5  Ken Lind Dark Night Dance 550
27 Kylo Ren FRA dkb.h.5  Danny Derby Like Diamonds 547
28 Fantasy Island TX bl.h.7  Kent Saunders See You Monday 545
29 Phanomaly NY bl.h.6  Tim Matthews Phenomenal One 544
30 Carson KY bl.h.5  Eric Nalbone A Million Dreams 541
31 Trickshot KY gr.h.5  Eric Nalbone Pinatubo 540
32 Impacts AUS b.h.6  Lucas Davenport Saxon Warrior 536
33 Monday Royale TX b.h.6  Karl Smythe See You Monday 535
34 O Dark Thirty GBR dkb.m.5  Luis Polar Only Me 535
35 Morning Glory Z KY gr.h.5  Flizan Hambletonian Lalor 525
36 Lumbreras KY ch.h.6  Rafa Usoz Lalor 519
37 Telling a Story AUS b.m.6  Dave Trainer Under Starlight 519
38 Likely Lass KY b.m.6  Katie Stepanian Lalor 512
39 Count Danilo IRE dkb.h.7  Nick Gilmore Cats in the Cradle 509
40 Born to Breed NY dkb.h.6  Pietro Vella Phenomenal One 502
41 Raven's Claws IL ch.g.8  Jack Meyer Stab Thru the Hart 502
42 Constant Search LA ch.h.7  Kent Saunders Little Constants 497
43 Beau TX bl.h.5  Rochelle Zahacy King Moonracer 495
44 Ivor GBR bl.h.5  Lee Cara Brilliance 495
45 Alsayyad TN dkb.h.6  Christophe Desjardin Mighty Sandstorm 493
46 Leve Lalor KY b.m.5  Lucas Davenport Lalor 493
47 Tell Me a Tale OK dkb.c.4  Pietro Vella Bigg Daddy 493
48 Pledge OH gr.h.5  Pietro Vella Merlin 489
49 Fox the Lalor KY dkb.h.6  Lucas Davenport Lalor 488
50 I Am a Rock WV bl.h.5  Kent Saunders Tls Captain Jack S 488

Must have at least 40 Points to be listed

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