Top 50 Ranked Horses

Rankings are based on points gained by racing. For an explanation on the point system, click here.

Rank Name State Bred Type Owner Sire Points
1 Gladiator NY ch.h.6  Kris Bobby Rambling 1,135
2 Two Tier System NY dkb.h.11  Magic Star Two Toned 1,118
3 Eastern Westside CA gr.g.10  Mark Branch Taste of Shadows 1,086
4 Gecko TX b.g.11  Randell Johnson In the Trench 1,019
5 Gekido CA ch.h.9  Lucas Davenport World Wide Fame 987
6 Only Me FL bl.h.6  Lucas Davenport King of Monsters 953
7 Owl Let You Know PA ro.f.4  Stephen Saratoga James Dean 825
8 Emotions Run High FRA dkb.m.7  Patrick O'Malley Stalingrad 783
9 Written in Stone FRA b.h.9  Lucas Davenport War Lock 769
10 The People's Horse PA ch.c.4  Kris Bobby Happy This Way 710
11 Unexpected Twist CA b.g.8  Randell Johnson Paramount 677
12 What a Feeling NY bl.m.6  Eugene Ferguson Vortex 677
13 All Shades of Blue NY ch.h.7  Carolyn Eaton Electric Blue 672
14 All of Us Dreamers KY b.h.5  Glenn Larson Hartnell 665
15 Nobodybeatsthebeat PA br.m.5  Geir Larsen Always B Miki 663
16 Wei Tri GBR dkb.h.8  Hamish Mcgonaghal Dogfox Apparatus 649
17 Turn An Army KS ch.h.5  James Burns Almighty Status 647
18 Be a Little Proud PA dkb.g.8  Kris Bobby Because I'm Happy 635
19 Love Will Prevail KS ch.m.5  Nikki Everdeen Chromed Twin Moon 628
20 Morethanlifeitself NY ch.c.4  Pepper Carol Asiliveandbreathe 623
21 Do Something Nice FRA b.h.5  Glenn Larson Good Deed 622
22 Capaill Uisce MD b.g.10  Rocki Ryoliza Scorpio Races 619
23 Vampire Night HKG dkb.g.9  Todd Lucas Stefan 609
24 Plenty of Fire MD gr.h.5  Mike Larson St Longinus 608
25 Rift Storm HKG b.h.5  Ricky Stamm Timelord 608
26 Been So Lost FL b.g.9  Todd Whisenant Wild Looking 605
27 Boeing AR dkb.h.6  Erin Erskine Return to Acapulco 603
28 Little Fictions TX bl.c.4  Cindy Saunders Reckoner 600
29 Makers Fire KY dkb.c.4  Karl Smythe Heza Dasha Fire 600
30 Tyrant FL gr.h.11  Dan Gordon Sword 599
31 Atlantis Pride NY b.h.5  Dusty Klatt Tahoe 595
32 Into the Fire CA bl.h.7  Izzy Rafferty Crusader 594
33 The World At Nite ITA bl.h.6  Brandon McNulty Mighty 593
34 Scaredofmyshadow CA dkb.f.4  George Knatz Walk Off Grandslam 590
35 How To Love Again FRA b.m.6  Lucas Davenport Nipote Di Atlante 589
36 Making Wishes HI dkb.c.4  Rachel Sadler Night Broken 575
37 The White Glove CA w.h.5  Pete Vella The Black Glove 570
38 Trill ID dkb.g.11  Loree Ethell Rilian 570
39 Goodnite Goodnite FL bl.h.5  Lucas Davenport Anorak 569
40 Love Without Limit TX b.m.5  Kent Saunders Liam 569
41 Thunder Bay VEN b.h.5  Laura Ferguson Coleman Hell 567
42 Bombs Over Baghdad OK b.h.5  Pete Vella EC Jet One 560
43 Buildyouanempire LA bl.c.4  Xander Zone If Looks Could 560
44 People Get Ready CAN ch.h.7  Glenn Escobar Early Edition 559
45 Alaraz SPN bl.h.7  Rafa Usoz Awtaad 557
46 Watch the Mirror PA bl.h.7  Randell Johnson Because I'm Happy 556
47 Painted Paws WY rro.h.5  Kenzie Larkin Gilmer 553
48 Ride Along CA bl.h.6  Xander Zone Bull Black Nova 551
49 The Best of It CA dkb.h.9  Lucas Davenport Doomsday 551
50 Come Into Being AUS b.h.6  Nikki Everdeen Being Ridiculous 548
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