Top 50 Ranked Horses

Rankings are based on points gained by racing. For an explanation on the point system, click here.

Rank Name State Bred Type Owner Sire Points
1 Two Tier System NY dkb.h.10  Magic Star Two Toned 1,044
2 Eastern Westside CA gr.g.9  Mark Branch Taste of Shadows 1,032
3 Gladiator NY ch.h.5  Kris Bobby Rambling 985
4 Gecko TX b.g.10  Randell Johnson In the Trench 927
5 Cat Named Boots JPN gr.m.5  Brian Leavitt Mr. Grey 914
6 Only Me FL bl.h.5  Lucas Davenport King of Monsters 873
7 Gekido CA ch.h.8  Lucas Davenport World Wide Fame 837
8 Blue Bayou OH gr.h.5  Danny Derby Harry Potter 825
9 Knute IL ch.g.10  Laura Ferguson Fighting Irish 815
10 Dreams Are Horses FRA dkb.m.5  Rachel Sadler War Lock 785
11 Steelheart PA ch.h.7  Michael Looker Man of Mystery 784
12 Weak Strong Heart KY gr.h.5  Amy Atkins Chautauqua 782
13 Tomato GBR ch.g.10  Jon Xett Dogfox Apparatus 773
14 Velocity CA bl.f.4  Mike Bryant Walk Off Grandslam 752
15 Jett CA ch.h.5  Xander Zone If Looks Could 724
16 Admire My Heart MO b.m.6  Dusty Klatt Admire Daio 718
17 Nightmarch JPN b.h.6  Kaine Saracen Kitasan Black 715
18 D's Excape CAN gr.g.11  Laura Ferguson D's Excaping 712
19 Go Royal CO bl.m.5  Lori Hamill Deroyal Gold Dust 708
20 Written in Stone FRA b.h.8  Lucas Davenport War Lock 703
21 Bourbon Heritage TX rd.m.5  Laura Ferguson Distillery 694
22 Vector PA b.h.6  Carolyn Eaton Man of Mystery 693
23 Stride Through Air IL dkb.h.5  Christophe Desjardin Air Spinel 677
24 Will I Seeyouagain AUS b.m.6  Michael Looker Typhoon Bay 672
25 Gunmetal Grey JPN gr.c.4  Regina Moore Mr. Grey 670
26 St. Nicholas Day MD ch.h.5  Pete Vella After the Disco 669
27 Summerland FRA bl.h.5  Nena Olson Stalingrad 667
28 Remember Today KY bl.h.6  Danny Warren Moonist 661
29 Emotions Run High FRA dkb.m.6  Patrick O'Malley Stalingrad 643
30 Night's Quiet FL bl.h.5  Willie Carson Itoko 641
31 Life At Fair Hill FL dkb.g.11  Karl Smythe James Halliday 640
32 Let Me FL bl.h.6  Lucas Davenport Gojira 637
33 Spiritus Invictus CA bl.h.5  Jake Peters If Looks Could 634
34 Curse of the Sun CA b.h.5  Regina Moore Abashiri 631
35 Love You Like That CAN ch.m.5  Fanta Arcadia Early Edition 631
36 Unexpected Twist CA b.g.7  Randell Johnson Paramount 627
37 Faithinasnowstorm LA ch.m.5  Regina Moore Faithful 620
38 Manny's Dogfox GBR b.h.9  Lucas Davenport Dogfox Apparatus 620
39 King of Stars MD bl.c.4  Gigi Gofaster Look Like a King 619
40 Triple Dead Heat IL bl.h.5  Ricky Stamm All Too Real 619
41 Little Constants CA ch.h.5  Laura Ferguson World Wide Fame 613
42 Between the Stars GBR w.h.5  Rebecca Rose Hepburn Distant Dream 609
43 Walking Stick KY b.h.5  Abe Froman Be Prepared 607
44 Midnight Soprano NY gr.h.6  Gerry Hardie Sidney 605
45 Owl Let You Know PA ro.f.3  Stephen Saratoga James Dean 605
46 Hubbler NJ b.h.9  Patrick O'Malley Quarter Hog 602
47 How Long Is a Nite ID dkb.m.5  Tammy Stawicki Rilian 601
48 Capaill Uisce MD b.g.9  Rocki Ryoliza Scorpio Races 597
49 What a Feeling NY bl.m.5  Eugene Ferguson Vortex 597
50 Sinsational CA bl.f.4  Darcy McBride Walk Off Grandslam 596
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