Top 50 Ranked Horses

Rankings are based on points gained by racing. For an explanation on the point system, click here.

Rank Name State Bred Type Owner Sire Points
1 Eastern Westside CA gr.g.11  Mark Branch Taste of Shadows 1,202
2 Only Me FL bl.h.7  Lucas Davenport King of Monsters 1,123
3 Written in Stone FRA b.h.10  Lucas Davenport War Lock 877
4 What a Feeling NY bl.m.7  Eugene Ferguson Vortex 863
5 Scaredofmyshadow CA dkb.m.5  George Knatz Walk Off Grandslam 854
6 Morethanlifeitself NY ch.h.5  Pepper Carol Asiliveandbreathe 843
7 Plenty of Fire MD gr.h.6  Mike Larson St Longinus 822
8 Follow Your Fate NY bl.h.6  Mike Bryant Keep Your Promise 799
9 Little Fictions TX bl.h.5  Cindy Saunders Reckoner 780
10 Goodnite Goodnite FL bl.h.6  Lucas Davenport Anorak 761
11 Buildyouanempire LA bl.h.5  Xander Zone If Looks Could 760
12 Be a Little Proud PA dkb.g.9  Kris Bobby Because I'm Happy 757
13 Unexpected Twist CA b.g.9  Randell Johnson Paramount 735
14 The White Glove CA w.h.6  Pete Vella The Black Glove 702
15 Blindseer KY b.g.8  Rebecca Rose Hepburn Louis the King 701
16 Purified By Flame KY dkb.m.5  Glenn Larson Heza Dasha Fire 689
17 Flymetothemoon NY b.m.6  Matt Feldman Light of the Moon 687
18 Into the Fire CA bl.h.8  Izzy Rafferty Crusader 686
19 If Love Could LA bl.h.5  Fern Thompson If Looks Could 680
20 Time Heist FL bl.m.5  Nena Olson All of Time 679
21 Watch the Mirror PA bl.h.8  Randell Johnson Because I'm Happy 670
22 Dark Prophesy NY gr.c.4  Rachel Sadler Look I'm Hunting 665
23 Ride Along CA bl.h.7  Lucas Davenport Bull Black Nova 663
24 Through the Night NY dkb.h.5  Lee Cara Move On 659
25 Red Balloon TX ch.c.4  Glenn Larson Aerovelocity 654
26 Terminal City IRE ro.h.5  Nikki Everdeen Almighty Pit 650
27 Capaill Uisce MD b.g.11  Rocki Ryoliza Scorpio Races 649
28 Better Than Ever FL bl.g.7  Gavin Guile Leontes 643
29 Castles Crumble CA b.h.5  Erin Sanderson Through the Ghost 635
30 Hear You Me NY gr.h.5  Pete Vella Mint 635
31 Making Wishes HI dkb.h.5  Rachel Sadler Night Broken 635
32 Angels Dream FL bl.m.5  Cindy Saunders All of Time 630
33 Flame Kissed LA dkb.m.5  Laura Ferguson Spread Like Fire 628
34 Jack of All Trades TX gr.h.7  Xander Zone Jacking Around 622
35 Always B Winning PA b.m.6  Pete Vella Always B Miki 621
36 As Loki Ascends ARG gr.h.6  Doug Cuomo As Loki Falls 618
37 Gonzo NY bl.h.6  Pete Vella Cyberman 614
38 Just Pretend FL dkb.m.6  Lucas Davenport King of Monsters 613
39 Ypsirk CA gr.m.5  Art Kage Walk Off Grandslam 612
40 Wish You the Best FL bl.h.6  Xander Zone If Looks Could 605
41 Hollywood Bowl JPN dkb.h.7  Lucas Davenport Abandon Ship 603
42 Mr. White Socks MD bl.h.5  Jack Meyer After the Disco 602
43 Cocoliche IRE dkb.h.6  Rafa Usoz Murmurs 595
44 Room in Your Heart LA ch.g.7  Rocki Ryoliza Harden Your Heart 591
45 Asil PA ch.g.8  Rebecca Rose Hepburn Hold Above 587
46 Kings Stand Aside NM sor.m.5  Ash Tarasin Dragonfire 582
47 Night NY b.h.6  Lucas Davenport Tahoe 579
48 Breaking All Rules IL ch.m.6  Christophe Desjardin Post Modern 577
49 Smith An Wessen TX ch.h.6  Lucas Davenport Jetaway Easy 574
50 Dalek Invasion NY b.h.7  Pete Vella Cyberman 573

Must have at least 40 Points to be listed

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