Top 50 Ranked Horses

Rankings are based on points gained by racing. For an explanation on the point system, click here.

Rank Name State Bred Type Owner Sire Points
1 Catalyst CA b.h.6  Kenzie Larkin Pace of Life 972
2 Eastern Westside CA gr.g.8  Mark Branch Taste of Shadows 830
3 Two Tier System NY dkb.h.9  Magic Star Two Toned 820
4 Spellbound CA dkb.h.8  Lucas Davenport Ender 814
5 Gecko TX b.g.9  Randell Johnson In the Trench 807
6 Lion's Cry LA b.g.10  Rocki Ryoliza Lion of Senet 773
7 Kissin' Frogs NM bro.m.6  Jo Ferris A View to a Kill 772
8 Cowboys Don't Cry TX pal.h.5  Nikki Everdeen Streakin Goldstrip 768
9 I Need to Love SPN b.h.7  George Knatz Somekindofmadness 703
10 Our Very Last Kiss NY ch.m.6  Patrick O'Malley Sidney 702
11 Bright Moon Dust CO pal.m.5  Garret Folsom Deroyal Gold Dust 695
12 I See My Way Home FL gr.h.7  Laura Ferguson Anorak 675
13 Every Little Helps MD b.m.6  Norman Architecture Mickey 661
14 Knute IL ch.g.9  Laura Ferguson Fighting Irish 651
15 Gold Swept CA ch.m.6  Jennifer Klebsch Prospectives 635
16 Air Bourne IL ch.h.5  Ricky Stamm Air Spinel 621
17 Alonzo NY b.h.9  Lucas Davenport Harkness 617
18 D's Excape CAN gr.g.10  Laura Ferguson D's Excaping 610
19 Gekido CA ch.h.7  Lucas Davenport World Wide Fame 609
20 Bengal GBR bl.h.6  Bradley Davis Richard Parker 605
21 Kiss Me Once IRE ch.m.5  Karl Smythe Savage 601
22 Life At Fair Hill FL dkb.g.10  Karl Smythe James Halliday 600
23 Rockefeller MD bl.h.6  Karl Smythe Mickey 593
24 One Look Back CA bl.c.4  Xander Zone Walk Off Grandslam 590
25 Ridgewood PA ch.h.5  Eric Nalbone Man of Mystery 587
26 Saw Red GBR ch.g.9  Laura Smith Looking Alive 586
27 Confession in Blue LA b.h.8  Lucas Davenport Lion of Senet 585
28 Hubbler NJ b.h.8  Patrick O'Malley Quarter Hog 582
29 Ain't Beaten Yet AUS b.c.4  Joseph Depaulo Timelord 576
30 Stand CA ch.h.5  Peihe Sun California Chrome 575
31 Cat Named Boots JPN gr.f.4  Brian Leavitt Mr. Grey 570
32 Kid Twist JPN bl.g.9  Willie Carson Reach for the Moon 567
33 Send Your Regards CA ch.h.5  Sten Rino Haakonsen Old Dan 567
34 End the Charade KY bl.h.9  Kent Saunders Easy On the Eyes 563
35 Fighting Spirit CA bl.h.5  Ryan Whitehead Doomsday 563
36 Bomb Threat KY gr.h.5  Louise Bayou Sportswriter 555
37 Steelheart PA ch.h.6  Michael Looker Man of Mystery 554
38 Just Within Reach JPN ch.h.6  Kent Saunders Reach for the Moon 552
39 Count the Cost AK bl.h.7  Darcy McBride Firestar 550
40 Dubai Touchdown NY b.h.6  Ashley Gibson Touchdown Raiders 545
41 Gladiator NY ch.c.4  Kris Bobby Rambling 545
42 The Mad Man MD b.h.5  Lucas Davenport Madness of Kings 543
43 Rollin In The Deep PA b.h.6  Louise Bayou Man of Mystery 542
44 Encrypted Hello FL b.h.5  Gigi Gofaster Grant 540
45 O Hi O MN d.h.5  Patrick O'Malley Moonfly 535
46 The Tear Slayer GBR gr.h.5  Gerry Hardie The Grey Gatsby 535
47 Tin Dog MD gr.h.6  Susie Rydell Mickey 535
48 Cruel Shade of Red TX ch.h.5  Geir Larsen Toho Jackal 531
49 Deep Sleep KY dkb.h.5  Brandon McNulty Messiah 527
50 Blue Bayou OH gr.c.4  Danny Derby Harry Potter 525
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