Top 50 Ranked Horses

Rankings are based on points gained by racing. For an explanation on the point system, click here.

Rank Name State Bred Type Owner Sire Points
1 Lalor Attraction KY b.h.7  Lucas Davenport Lalor 1,177
2 Jeaux WY gr.h.5  Craig Mcgee Jim Beam 954
3 Run for the Shadow KY ro.m.7  Arthur Cutler Lalor 948
4 Spatula NY gr.h.6  Pete Vella Conquerer 931
5 Fight Town JPN b.h.6  Amy Bahama Maurice 849
6 Roughian CA ch.m.7  Stormy Peak Night's Quiet 830
7 Relampago Lalor KY gr.h.7  Lucas Davenport Lalor 829
8 Celebrate the Date KY dkb.m.7  Dave Trainer Excelebration 807
9 Dubai Politics NY ch.m.6  Xander Zone Dubai Touchdown 797
10 Ziggy Stardust KY dkb.h.5  Laura Ferguson Dave Matthews Band 740
11 Code Red NOR ch.h.8  Lucas Davenport And Be a Doctor 709
12 Lightout FRA ch.h.5  Melissa Mae Light Up Light Up 689
13 Poet's Corner CA gr.h.5  Danny Derby Blue Bayou 685
14 Ray of Thunder NY dkb.g.7  Donnie Hidalgo Prince Louder 681
15 Lalor's Conquest KY b.m.7  Lucas Davenport Lalor 674
16 Lzzy Hale LA ch.m.5  Heather Crawford Red Ferns 663
17 Doctor Approximate TX bl.g.7  RNB Stables See You Monday 658
18 High Strike Zone WV ch.h.5  Kent Saunders Tls Captain Jack S 657
19 Creator of Worlds LA bl.h.7  Randell Johnson Addicted to Chaos 655
20 I Am Inevitable JPN gr.h.5  Danny Derby Gunmetal Grey 644
21 War Like Me NY b.h.5  Erin Sanderson Farseer 637
22 Dash MO bl.c.4  Rochelle Zahacy Many Nights 630
23 Pine for Lalor KY dkb.h.7  Lucas Davenport Lalor 629
24 Ahtohallan KY bl.c.4  Pete Vella Thunder Horse 608
25 Risen Today TX dkb.h.5  Laura Ferguson Kingdom Come 604
26 Brightest Flame SC ch.m.6  Dave Trainer Fullbright 601
27 Lalor Manarize KY dkb.h.6  Lucas Davenport Lalor 595
28 Take By Storm WA ch.h.7  Amy Bahama Time Limit 591
29 Togo KY gr.c.4  Danny Derby Tell Me Why 588
30 Karazhan TX dkb.h.5  Ash Tarasin Kingdom Come 585
31 H.M.S. Albion KY bl.c.4  Glenn Escobar Tell Me Why 578
32 Hedge Da Lalor KY gr.h.6  Lucas Davenport Lalor 570
33 Bhs Kytra WV ch.f.4  Jurgen Ver Tls Immaculate 567
34 Blackest Night GBR dkb.g.7  Leigh Ann Anderson Nightmarch 560
35 The Sky Awaits SC b.m.5  Stephen Saratoga Hallmark 559
36 Rock Bottom IN b.h.6  Michael Looker Catalyst 557
37 Age of Scorpio KS b.f.4  Karl Smythe Buildyouanempire 555
38 Wait for Daylight IRE bl.h.5  Laura Smith Composer 541
39 Katie Lou KY dkb.m.6  Arthur Cutler Lalor 540
40 Turn the Tables LA bl.h.5  Pete Vella Buildyouanempire 538
41 Soren TX sor.c.4  Jennifer Blake Qaletqa 527
42 Fall Up SPN bl.h.7  Trastevere Peru Take Me Up 524
43 Bout Love One NY dkb.m.5  Lucas Davenport Phenomenal One 523
44 Fairie GBR gr.m.5  Randall Allen D's Tapeta 517
45 Lalor Apparatus KY dkb.m.7  Lucas Davenport Lalor 515
46 Amulets WV ch.f.4  Laura Smith Lord Empire 514
47 One for the Girls LA dkb.m.5  Xander Zone Fightflamewithfire 514
48 Good As Hell KY gr.f.4  Rochelle Zahacy All of Us Dreamers 510
49 She Loves Hard MD bl.m.5  Xander Zone After the Disco 507
50 Some Rocky Socket NY dkb.h.5  Tom Mudgett Allonsy 507

Must have at least 40 Points to be listed

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