Top 50 Ranked Horses

Rankings are based on points gained by racing. For an explanation on the point system, click here.

Rank Name State Bred Type Owner Sire Points
1 Get Out TX bl.h.7  Xander Zone Parody 1,062
2 Better Than Ever FL bl.g.10  Randell Johnson Leontes 1,061
3 Buljoos OK sor.m.7  Amy Bahama EC Jet One 1,028
4 Sunday Heartbreak JPN bl.h.8  Lucas Davenport Ishino Sunday 976
5 Velvet Soft GBR bl.m.7  Xander Zone Distant Dream 956
6 Wish You the Best FL bl.h.9  Xander Zone If Looks Could 935
7 Hollywood Bowl JPN dkb.h.10  Lucas Davenport Abandon Ship 875
8 Night NY b.h.9  Lucas Davenport Tahoe 855
9 Eerily Calm VA bl.g.11  Pepper Carol Buttermint 833
10 Go West AK b.h.9  Lucas Davenport Run You Clever Boy 817
11 Leave No Stone NOR b.h.9  Christophe Desjardin Make My Own Path 815
12 Under Stars MO gr.h.5  Pete Vella Keep Us Close 805
13 Universe of Stars LA gr.h.9  Xander Zone California Stars 746
14 Made Lucky GBR bl.h.9  Lucas Davenport Make My Own Luck 695
15 Casual Night CA bl.h.5  Steve Handley Night Scene 694
16 Don't Forget Me PRT bl.h.6  Mike Springer Itoko 689
17 Gallifrey One NY b.g.9  Erin Sanderson Ianto 689
18 Live to Serve TX bl.h.10  Lucas Davenport Liam 686
19 Room in Your Heart LA ch.g.10  Rocki Ryoliza Harden Your Heart 681
20 Pete the Cat LA bl.h.6  Brian Leavitt Addicted to Chaos 679
21 Whisper Soft TX ch.h.6  Gary Prat Mickey 669
22 Eve Six JPN b.h.9  Lucas Davenport Jonti 659
23 Rebel With a Cause FL b.h.7  Lucas Davenport James Dean 658
24 Harlan's World MN dkb.h.10  Lucas Davenport Benjamin 652
25 Ransack FL bl.h.5  Todd Lucas James Dean 652
26 Dirk Provin IRE b.c.4  Pete Vella Composer 644
27 See You Around AUS b.m.5  Mike Larson Cracksman 641
28 Diabolical X MD bl.f.4  Xander Zone King of Stars 640
29 Filled With Stars ID w.m.5  Fanta Arcadia Between the Stars 631
30 Dancin Thru Fire NY bl.h.7  Izzy Rafferty King Michael 629
31 World War Hero FL bl.h.5  Karl Smythe Warpath 629
32 Fair Handsome NY bl.h.8  Kent Saunders Dwight Eisenhower 627
33 Black Wave JPN dkb.h.8  John Slotmon Black Tide 594
34 Million Reasons TX b.m.5  Ash Tarasin Vector 591
35 Dhevyn CA ch.c.4  Pete Vella Walk Off Grandslam 590
36 Esspecially Groovy CA gr.m.5  Art Kage Walk Off Grandslam 590
37 Marvel NY b.c.4  Laura Ferguson Dynamite 590
38 Fearless Spirit KY dkb.h.8  Laura Ferguson Knock Four Times 578
39 Not Over Yet CA ch.m.6  Laura Ferguson Walk Off Grandslam 576
40 Tls Belle Isle WV bl.f.4  Tom Lin Tls Captain Jack S 575
41 Artilleryman GBR bl.h.5  Kaine Saracen Nightmarch 574
42 See This Is Me HKG dkb.h.7  Xander Zone Dark Side of Me 572
43 Heart Gone Steel TX b.h.7  Mike Springer Kingdom of Rust 569
44 Land of Dance NY ch.h.6  Richard Diemand Outlander 561
45 Kingslayer FL ch.h.5  Nick Gilmore James Dean 559
46 Five Moons Over KY dkb.m.6  Emily Mitchell Satono Moon 557
47 Golden Hare TX w.h.7  Laura Ferguson Epaulette 557
48 King Moonracer JPN dkb.h.5  Laura Ferguson Maurice 553
49 Four Day Week TX ch.h.7  Xander Zone See You Monday 551
50 Colossal We Come PRT ch.h.6  Pete Vella Circle of Life 550

Must have at least 40 Points to be listed

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