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A.P. Indy (KY)
b.h.53 - 15.2
Marking: Stripe
Earnings: $0
Total Stats: 0: 0-0-0
Dirt: 0: 0-0-0
Turf: 0: 0-0-0
AW: 0: 0-0-0
Sire: Seattle Slew Dam: Weekend Surprise  
Grand Sire: Bold Reasoning Dam Sire: Secretariat Not for sale
Pedigree Chart Nominated to: None  

Simmy Awards Won: None

Race Information Finish Earnings  
SIM Date Distance Equipment Time
Offspring (Total Progeny Earnings: $ 51,042,240 )
Name Type Dam Earnings My Alerts
A Delicious Shiver b.m.28 Damascus's Joy $0
A Life of Illusion b.m.24 Phipps $23,690
A Miracle Mile ro.m.21 Prospect Affirmed $69,400
A P Dandy b.m.26 Darling Danzig $0
A P Easy b.m.34 Sheepscot $0
A P Gold b.m.22 Miner Forty Niner $6,600
A P Impact dkb.m.26 Aztec Impact II $8,880
A P Indy Lights II b.g.30 Aurora Borealis $31,260
A P Momentous II gr.m.28 Emphasis I $29,380
A P Valentine b.h.46 Twenty Eight Carat $0
A Potato ch.m.13 Blushing Joy $0
A Private Dream II b.g.26 Dream By Day II $12,580
A. J. II b.g.24 Resent $14,100
A. P. Andy b.g.25 Hunt I $21,170
A. P. Callie II ch.g.25 Callie Co I $0
A. P. Colorado b.m.13 Prospect of Joy $0
A. P. Crabby II dkb.m.25 Land Crab II $4,220
A. P. Cruiser b.h.38 Cadillacing $88,225
A. P. Fantasy II b.m.25 Childhood Fantasy $2,640
A. P. Fleet II b.g.25 Fleet Belle II $52,020
A. P. Funny II b.g.25 A Muse $2,750
A. P. Gold dkb.m.21 Northern Gold $11,540
A. P. Lass II b.m.24 Classy Lass $3,480
A. P. Niner b.m.19 Nine Creations $0
A. P. Seanachai II dkb.m.25 Seanachai II $13,130
A. P. Unbridled II b.g.24 Unbridled Love II $0
A. Pretty Girl dkb.m.24 Gryffindor Cup $0
A.B. Prospect b.m.45 Winged Prospect $0
A.P Money dkb.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
A.p Something Here dkb.g.23 Sabrina II $1,080
A.P Surprised bl.m.38 Awesome Surprise $0
A.P's Sassy Lady b.m.38 Real Beautiful $200
A.p's Water Sprite bl.m.22 Alitalia $14,290
A.P. Adventure b.m.41 Nataliano $0
A.P. Adventurous b.h.44 Manistique $30,500
A.P. Airbourne gr.h.44 Miesque $86,000
A.P. Alert gr.m.47 Listen Now $2,227,000
A.P. Amazing ch.m.44 Sharp Cat $61,700
A.P. American dkb.g.37 Secrets Untold $0
A.P. Angel b.m.42 Undercover Angel $14,000
A.P. Apollo II dkb.g.35 Lady Artemis $9,800
A.P. Assay b.m.50 Nice Assay $101,500
A.P. Bella b.m.36 Bella Star $2,000
A.P. Belle b.m.33 Dubai Belle $0
A.p. Belles II ch.m.26 Southern Bells $1,950
A.P. Bird gr.m.24 Storm Joy $0
A.P. Confidential b.m.38 Secrets Untold $17,900
A.P. Cubicspinner b.g.43 Zirconium I $17,900
A.P. Delicacy ch.m.23 Dinner Date $38,900
A.P. Deputy b.m.44 Larkwhistle $0
A.P. Dream b.m.34 Dream Supreme $13,400
A.P. Dreamer b.m.43 Dreams Gallore $61,600
A.P. Driver II b.m.25 Big Bertha II $18,950
A.P. Dubai II bl.g.26 Dubai Kir II $50,140
A.P. Duchess w.m.18 Storm Joy $0
A.P. Extreme b.m.45 Eliza $1,157,200
A.P. Gal gr.m.39 Makadir $0
A.P. Goddess b.m.42 Laughing Look $61,400
A.p. Highlight dkb.m.24 Prospect of Joy $0
A.P. Indy's Lady b.m.49 Islands $0
A.P. Interest b.m.45 Shared Interest $0
A.P. Kitty Cat b.m.33 Double Cat $3,100
A.P. Magic b.m.39 Just Supposin $15,730
A.p. Majestically b.m.29 His Creation $0
A.P. Mamba ch.m.34 Bluemamba $2,650
A.P. Mirage gr.m.36 Misty Mirage $0
A.P. My Way dkb.m.43 Raw Gold $85,200
A.P. Ologetic dkb.m.33 Hoist Goer $39,900
A.P. Ologies dkb.g.33 Diamond City $46,440
A.P. Phoenix b.g.24 Delle Venezie $11,100
A.P. Princess b.m.33 Sunday Miss $16,000
A.P. Quiet II b.m.33 Quiet Fun $74,300
A.P. Repo II dkb.g.23 Proud Of Who I Am $0
A.P. Rubytuesday ch.m.42 Zirconium I $5,250
A.P. Rumble II b.g.33 Fappislew $71,020
A.P. Sarah b.m.41 Secretarial Queen $0
A.p. Secretary gr.m.13 Secret Joy $0
A.p. Secretive b.m.28 Secret Joy $0
A.P. Sensation b.m.42 Holy Roan $22,640
A.P. Sensational dkb.m.37 Slewprise $0
A.p. Showers II dkb.g.26 April Showers II $19,040
A.P. Silver gr.m.42 Silver Gold $21,840
A.p. Slammer bl.m.28 The Nerve $0
A.P. Spy dkb.m.44 Top Secret I $56,940
A.P. Squeak bl.h.40 Squeak II $156,810
A.P. Star bl.m.41 Star of Trieste $61,500
A.P. Taino II bl.g.26 Calamity Jane II $6,200
A.P. Texas Am ch.m.29 Fappiano's Joy $0
A.P. Tigress ch.m.45 Desert Tigress $0
A.P. Timeline ch.h.44 Wait a Minute $70,900
A.P. Victory b.m.25 Victory Ride $9,350
A.P. Warrior b.h.36 Warrior Queen $0
A.P. Woman b.m.38 Makadir $0
A.P.'s Girl dkb.m.43 Fleet Candles $65,300
A.p.'s Rocket II ch.m.24 Our Story I $300
Absinthium b.m.28 Fappiano's Joy $0
Acceleration I ch.m.41 Brulay $56,850
According II b.g.23 Appraise II $9,200
Act Devoted ch.m.43 Alydariel $0
Addai II bl.g.33 Much Too Strong $28,400
Admiral Indy ch.h.39 Fashion Delight $0
Adrunkenshame II gr.g.23 After Thought $9,500
AdvancedPlacement b.m.23 Moist Hoist $17,700
Affair II b.m.29 Sixy Devil $22,990
Affirmed to Be ch.m.28 Affirmed's Joy $0
Aglaea I b.m.24 Prospector's Lady $3,100
Akward Silence bl.m.34 Mintly $17,050
Albizu Campos II dkb.g.23 Secret Garden I $18,390
Alfabet ch.m.28 Prospect of Joy $0
All ch.m.23 Nine Creations $0
All Aflutter II ch.m.24 Everyone's Honour $4,640
All Star Player b.m.26 Northern Darling $0
Alley Catt b.m.18 Affirmed's Joy $0
Alma Angelica II b.m.25 Roseate $0
Alumni Hall ch.h.37 Private Status $0
Always Somewhere bl.m.26 Neverwhere II $1,800
Alydar's Shadow b.g.33 Another One $16,290
Amazed I dkb.m.30 Warrior Queen $7,450
Amazingly Perfect b.m.42 Slip Away I $21,880
American Dream I ch.m.33 Quiet North $12,690
Ameriqve b.m.23 Turko's Thunder $3,800
Amidala b.m.27 Prologue $138,690
Amita gr.m.26 Aly Dare $0
Anasazi II b.m.28 Archeology $21,180
Anasheed ch.h.39 Flagbird $0
Andy Dufresne dkb.g.25 Chartreuse I $34,300
Angel of Mine b.m.23 Eden II $14,980
Annie Potcake bl.m.23 Northern Darling $0
Annual Royalty dkb.m.45 Gal In A Ruckus $0
Another For My Boo b.g.28 Gold Storm II $27,550
Antigone II b.m.33 Chasedancer $1,250
Ap Office ch.m.22 Joy Passer $0
Ap's Secret Cause bl.g.22 Never Too Old $4,340
Apassiveresistive ch.g.24 Assertive II $37,030
Ape II b.g.42 Pleasant Temper $1,750
Apex II gr.g.37 Entente Cordiale $100
Apple Razor II dkb.m.23 Razor II $3,240
Appleby Gardens b.m.36 Larkwhistle $0
Apportunity b.g.24 Good Opportunity $4,690
Approaching Storm b.m.42 Storm Song $321,000
Aptitude dkb.h.45 Dokki $0
Arrogance b.h.44 Pass the Loot $626,800
Art Market gr.m.17 Key to the Joy $0
Artful Look b.m.18 Hoist the Joy $0
Athena I gr.m.47 Miesque $2,400
Atlantis Pride I b.h.42 Silent Bluff $0
Attempt to Evade bl.m.37 Illicit I $38,150
Attendance b.m.34 Head Count $33,530
Audacious One gr.m.33 Platinum Tiara $9,250
Aurora Sky dkb.m.25 Prospect of Joy $0
Aztec Pearl b.m.37 Aurora $0
Bannister dkb.g.28 Bless $17,730
Barbican b.h.36 Colour Chart $0
Bayou Breeze b.m.20 Bayou Storm I $0
Beachbody b.m.22 High Spirited $12,890
Beanblossom Blush b.m.23 A Little Love II $1,680
Beebe b.m.37 Seebe $0
Behave Indy II b.m.23 Behavedon'tpry II $11,000
Bell II bl.m.33 Wild Fager $9,300
Bella Indy II b.m.29 Isola Piu Bella $52,310
Belle of Seattle I dkb.m.25 Belle Of Perintown $2,040
Bernardini dkb.h.35 Cara Rafaela $0
Bertha Butt Boogie bl.m.21 Sunday Prospects $2,190
Bidding on Indy II gr.m.33 Mrs. Bid $27,240
Big Country ch.h.38 Flanders $0
Big Sink Star b.m.33 Simadartha $0
Big Tuna ch.h.33 Starlet Dream $668,950
Bird in Indy b.m.21 Wild Bird $0
Biscayne Bay b.m.39 Flanders $0
Blindedbythelight w.g.28 Sun Shine $10,420
Blue Chip Prospect gr.g.20 National Charm $22,330
Blunt II b.m.25 Trophy Dreamer $240
Board Room dkb.m.25 Northern Darling $0
Boca Grande b.m.34 Country Hideaway $0
Boca Raton II dkb.m.30 Country Hideaway $11,330
Bold Charmer b.m.20 The Nerve $0
Bold Creator dkb.m.19 Bold Creation $0
Bold Frisky dkb.g.23 War Flag $12,690
Bootes dkb.m.27 Dance to the Stars $33,500
Bowl of Emeralds ch.m.47 Northern Emerald $0
Brass Balls II dkb.g.26 Brazzen Brass $11,065
Break Limits b.m.23 Delft Porcelain II $19,990
Brickyard b.g.28 Super Cat II $37,880
Brilliant Disguise b.m.41 Jersey Girl $0
Bucks Girl bl.m.19 Northern Darling $0
Bullwhip II dkb.g.23 Prospective Kitten $19,200
Cactus Flower b.m.27 Halo's Creation $0
Cake and Ice Cream b.g.22 Birthday Present I $0
California b.h.33 Desert Darkness $4,264,000
California Trail ch.g.22 Chinook Pass $202,130
CallingAllAngels I ch.m.34 The Irresistible $11,200
Campeon Guerrero I dkb.g.23 Crashing Hope II $0
Can't Find Myself b.m.26 Northern Darling $0
Care to Share ro.m.38 Serena Storm $606,500
Cari ch.m.12 Nine Creations $0
Caruth Haven ch.m.22 Lasara $1,640
Cat Fancy ch.m.27 Nine Creations $0
Catbaby b.m.37 Catinca $0
Catch the Thrill b.m.34 Catch the Ring $15,880
Catchashootingstar bl.m.29 Secret Joy $0
Celebrae ro.m.42 Bosra Sham $0
Chamberlin II dkb.g.24 Worthy Dream II $1,050
Chapstick ro.m.25 Aly Dare $0
Charming Melinda b.m.21 Rainy Desert $1,640
Cheating Death II dkb.m.22 Skyline $0
Checkered Flag b.h.46 Inside Information $595,700
Cherry Twist b.m.29 Exclusive Creation $0
Chief Wiggum II b.h.33 Bid Quietly $21,300
Christmas Kiss II w.m.24 Perfect Christmas $1,740
Cielo Market II ch.m.23 Color of Love $1,400
Cienfuego II ch.g.23 Pensive Best $0
Cincodemayo b.m.23 Blissful $12,500
Cindy gr.m.28 Prospect of Joy $0
Circle City Cat bl.g.22 Seek the Cat $20,935
Circle City Sis II ch.m.33 Danedance $23,000
Circus of the Sun bl.m.23 Vain $300
Classic Indian b.g.21 Obsidian Butterfly $3,400
Classic Indy II b.m.26 Classic Lady $0
Classical School b.g.33 Classic Elegance $140,250
Classicism b.m.37 Colour Chart $0
Clear Eyes II b.m.28 Alljazz $5,400
Cody's Seacret gr.g.24 Sleeping In II $45,450
Collecting Them ro.m.10 Affirmed's Joy $0
College Girl gr.m.24 Northern Darling $0
Colorado Belle II b.m.33 Physical Girl $2,280
Comanche Moon ch.g.33 Dance That Cat $61,530
Come Monday II b.g.26 Soulful II $5,390
Comfrey b.m.35 Myhrr $269,900
Compose II b.g.38 Be Silent $0
Conditional Gift I b.m.29 Aldiza $34,800
Congrats b.h.40 Praise $0
Copycat II b.m.33 Starlet Girl $9,000
Coral Beach dkb.m.35 Seebe $0
Corrina Corrina II b.m.33 Betty's Secret $20,240
Could Be Great b.m.27 Prospect of Joy $0
Counting the Days gr.m.23 Undone in Sorrow $11,300
Courtly Love gr.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Coy Boy II dkb.g.28 Shut Up $17,700
Crawlinginthedark b.g.38 Autumn Strawberry $165,130
Create a Mare b.m.24 Northern Darling $0
Creekbend Catawba b.g.23 Hidden Vault $2,000
Crosby Scores II ch.g.21 Proud Mom $3,890
Cross Of Coronado ro.m.29 Ecstasy of Gold II $2,240
Crosseyed Blonde I gr.m.33 Mom's Blonde $8,400
Crying in Seattle dkb.m.22 Toussaint $0
Crystal Current b.m.35 Dream Supreme $5,900
Cuban Cigar dkb.m.33 Find II $0
Current Affairs II b.m.28 Whipping Girl $12,650
Cute N Classy gr.m.45 Lady's Secret $0
Damage Plan II bl.m.33 Bagascus $7,700
Damascus Blade gr.m.17 Damascus's Joy $0
Dance With Doves b.m.34 Dancethruthedawn $0
Dance With Ravens dkb.h.41 Dance Smartly $0
Dancer Dances dkb.m.25 Northern Darling $0
Dancing in Indiana dkb.m.24 Northern Darling $0
Dancing Indy b.m.14 Northern Darling $0
Dancing Lanie II gr.m.33 Unbridled Elaine $35,115
Dangerously Pretty dkb.m.23 War of Words I $0
Danica II dkb.m.24 Hidden Vault $0
Dark Legacy dkb.g.40 Dokki $505,400
Darling Boy II gr.g.26 My Baby Girl I $400
Day Lily b.m.37 Eliza $0
Daydreaming b.m.37 Get Lucky $0
Daytripper II dkb.m.33 Never Tell II $0
Dearest Indy II b.g.27 Dearest Gulch $10,430
Deirdre Dear ch.m.21 Golden Shower $0
Delta Decorum dkb.m.19 Halo's Creation $0
Delta Princess dkb.m.31 Lyphard's Delta $0
Derby Reasoning b.g.23 Gold Reasoning $15,600
Desert Classic b.h.26 Desert Spirit II $885,000
Desert God II bl.h.37 Goddess One $0
Design By Indy II bl.g.30 Guilty By Design I $8,400
Devout Saint b.g.20 Original Broadcast $10,080
Disabledvet II ch.g.23 Unbridledinseattle $4,500
Distorted Indy II dkb.m.24 Ketchupontheside I $6,400
Divine Charm b.m.27 Divine Fate II $87,350
Divine Warrior II dkb.g.21 Aleatory $12,000
Dj Beagle dkb.m.26 Secret Joy $0
Do You Mind II b.g.29 Star Struck I $23,450
Double Oh Seven II bl.g.34 Top Secret I $3,975
Dr. Indy ch.m.23 Dr. Joy $0
Dramatic Flair II b.m.24 Dilusions II $0
Dreamingofdiamonds b.m.34 Chasing the Dream $1,800
Dreams of Indy b.m.21 Dreams Of Italy II $7,500
Driven II II bl.h.28 Priscilla's Choice $1,680
Drops of Jupiter I b.m.40 Pleasure Party $0
Dubaimacapper II b.m.29 Dubai Escapade $16,560
Dynadandy II b.m.33 Film Lover $60,400
Dynaslew gr.h.33 Film Maker $437,250
Ectoplasm b.m.22 Cocomo $13,430
El Coyote dkb.m.35 Country Hideaway $0
El Indy Gold II b.g.22 Aspiring $0
Eldaafer dkb.h.27 Habibti $0
Electronic ch.m.12 Valid Joy $0
Ella Bird ch.m.34 Princess Atoosa $0
Emily Rocks II ch.m.33 Sarah Rocks $9,600
Empress Aly ch.m.29 Aly Dare $0
Empress Regnant II b.m.23 Quick As A Cat $5,900
End of Days II b.g.40 Halo America $8,900
Endearment I dkb.m.38 Speedyjetsdaughter $34,750
Ender's Sister b.m.38 Gold Rush Queen $0
Everyday Indy b.m.30 Everyday Dancing $53,600
Evil Butterfly b.m.22 Gift of Battle $0
Ex Housecat b.m.21 Bindi $5,740
Eye Ninety ch.m.21 Second Avenue $600
Eyes for You b.m.28 Prospect of Joy $0
Facebehindtheindy b.m.24 Facebehindthemusic $8,850
Faith in Indy ro.g.21 Divine Faith II $7,500
Fall Leaves dkb.m.22 Northern Darling $0
Fallen I b.m.33 Briliancenevafades $612,500
Favorite Colors b.m.24 Prospect of Joy $0
Field Play ch.m.24 Nine Creations $0
Fighter II II dkb.g.29 Speedyjetsdaughter $29,700
Filli Vanilli b.m.35 Tazoberrywithcream $0
Film Star b.m.34 Miss Du Bois $21,850
Final Try w.m.10 Secret Joy $0
Finding Her Way w.m.21 Silent Slayer $6,400
Findmywayback dkb.m.25 Broad Joy $0
Fiona II ch.m.33 Who's Affirmed $4,980
Fire Pink II w.m.26 May Flowers II $0
Firebird Suite II bl.g.33 Fire Girl $51,100
Five Horizons bl.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Five Hundred b.m.29 Nine Creations $0
Flatter b.h.41 Praise $0
Fleas Galore b.g.20 Queen Tonight $16,440
Fleet A.P. gr.h.36 Fleeting Destiny $0
Fleeting Goddess dkb.m.41 Meni Colors $0
Flimflam II I ch.m.28 Hidden Storm $5,950
Flippant II ch.m.33 Miner's Game $45,450
Flirtatious b.m.41 Grand Charmer $0
Floating Island dkb.m.36 Ballerina Princess $0
Flower Basket b.m.23 Flower Girl II $157,580
Fly By Me b.m.22 Never Give $22,700
Forged Under Fire ch.m.18 Damascus's Joy $0
Found It First II b.g.34 Finder's Fee $62,490
Fourty Carats b.m.23 Nine Creations $0
Freeze w.h.33 Get Lucky $0
Friends Lake ch.h.42 Antespend $0
From Hope dkb.m.23 Secret Joy $0
Fuego Del Sol ch.h.36 Chemical Spill $0
Full Mandate ch.h.46 Clear Mandate $0
Fully Confident b.m.36 Successfully $0
Future Gold b.m.26 Northern Darling $0
G. P. Five Hundred b.m.23 Trolley's Last $300
Gallop Racer b.g.29 Dancethruthedawn $261,890
Garand'e Celebre ro.m.45 Bosra Sham $34,350
Gatornavy b.m.22 Unbridledinseattle $19,330
Gentle Little Indy b.m.22 Gentle Leap $0
Geosganeo II dkb.g.22 Williamsburg Bp II $1,200
Get Amped gr.m.13 Secret Joy $0
Ghost Whisperer I dkb.g.26 Who Ya Gonna Call $22,750
Ghoststew II bl.g.22 Chasing My Ghost $0
Ginger Snapp dkb.m.27 Nine Creations $0
Give a Little bl.m.24 Northern Darling $0
Glenn Quagmire II ch.g.29 Alljazz $5,690
Glia b.m.38 Coup de Genie $0
Gold Rush Fool b.m.26 Prospect of Joy $0
Golden Haven II bl.m.22 Wishing for Gold $1,160
Golden Indian II bl.m.33 Desert Bright $56,600
Golden Indy II b.m.21 Alchemistry $0
Golden Missile ch.h.44 Santa Catalina $0
Golden P.i gr.m.25 Stolen Gold I $0
Golden Slew ch.m.33 Wine and Bread $11,450
Gone Haywire ro.m.12 Affirmed's Joy $0
Good Earth II b.g.23 Summer Sky $9,500
Got The Shaft dkb.m.33 Bob's Dilemma $263,000
Grab Me a Forty ch.m.8 Nine Creations $0
Gran Caribe II b.g.23 Silky Omega $2,940
Gran Torino II dkb.g.23 The Others $24,100
Grand Prix II ch.m.48 Irish Wave $0
Grat b.m.44 Likeable Style $0
Grito De Lares dkb.g.23 American Dancer $27,800
Grunion ro.m.21 Manana I $7,000
Halo Indy dkb.m.41 Glass House $0
Happy Tune ch.m.46 Hum Along $0
Hard Cider II ch.m.23 Astigarraga $0
Hard Currency b.m.26 Northern Darling $0
Harry Warden II dkb.g.23 Mining Cat $7,140
He's Free to Fly I gr.g.33 Pleasantaff $10,290
Hearing the Lies b.m.22 Hear No Evil II $33,350
Her Legacy dkb.m.31 Tafcar $0
High and Dry II b.m.33 Mrs. Halo $6,300
Hilfiger II b.g.25 Fashionista I I $18,950
Hip Kitty bl.m.22 Cat Fighter $0
Hit or Miss gr.m.36 Basedonatruestory $8,430
Hitman Hearns II bl.g.26 Hit $15,030
Holdmybeers ch.h.35 Silverbulletday $545,650
Honor Code dkb.h.11 Serena's Cat $0
Hood gr.m.24 Secret Joy $0
Hoosier Darling bl.m.22 Northern Darling $0
Hoosier Nerve bl.m.22 The Nerve $0
Hooters Girl II ch.m.28 Rain's Freedom II $12,950
HopeandaPrayer I b.g.23 Miss Dynasty II $7,040
Horse in the Money bl.m.20 Affirmed's Joy $0
Hostel II b.m.25 Home Sweet Home $0
Hot Pink Bikini II ch.m.23 Esprit de Corps $3,975
Hunter Killer II b.g.23 Pegasus Rose $400
I Am A Threat II b.m.33 Ackiano $4,250
I'll Never Forget b.m.23 Dream of Victory I $0
Idaho b.h.35 Sahara Gold $0
Idyllic I ch.h.38 Flawless Forever $21,790
Ignorance I b.h.42 Pass the Loot $78,840
Implications ch.m.29 Northern Darling $0
Impressive Dreams b.m.26 Secret Joy $0
In de Scene gr.g.42 Lovely Event $9,400
In My Dreams I bl.m.35 Valiance $400
In Tune b.m.36 Simple Melody II $0
Incurable II b.g.24 Hear No Evil II $4,500
Indaysofold b.g.40 Fresa $169,530
Indefatigable dkb.m.35 Hush I $0
Independent I ch.g.29 Legs Lawlor $26,050
Indian Blanket I b.g.43 Blanket of Roses $12,480
Indian Dancer I b.g.43 Rain Dancer $122,500
Indian Summer bl.g.33 Gold Beauty $388,380
Indian Vale ch.m.37 Marley Vale $0
Indiana I b.g.36 Pass the Loot $13,105
Indiana Prospect dkb.m.26 Prospect of Joy $0
Indiana Star II dkb.m.25 Reflect the Stars $24,790
Indianaman ch.g.33 Yes I'm a Mare $33,100
Indianapolis II bl.g.33 Halo Miss $58,730
Indiangel b.g.43 Angel Fever $22,760
Indie Anna dkb.m.24 Halo's Creation $0
Indigo Bay Lodge I ch.h.29 Metropolitan II $9,140
Indigold II gr.g.23 Passing the Gold $540
Indy Account b.h.33 Primascus $57,000
Indy Baya II dkb.g.21 La Bayadere $0
Indy Black II bl.g.23 Black Ball $300
Indy Bound ro.m.21 Fargo I $8,850
Indy Change b.m.29 Veil $23,400
Indy Class II b.g.27 Found The Class II $5,600
Indy Dearest b.m.23 Prospect of Joy $0
Indy Dreams ch.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Indy Escapade II b.m.27 Dubai Escapade $6,600
Indy Film dkb.m.26 Novel I $0
Indy Five Bills b.g.20 Seeking Stormy $1,750
Indy Five Hundred ch.m.37 Lyphard's Delta $0
Indy Five Thousand gr.m.37 A.P. Apremont $19,500
Indy Fivehundred I b.g.22 Five For Gazing $700
Indy Girl II b.m.25 Fight On Baby II $1,050
Indy Go b.h.46 Open Mind $667,380
Indy Go Go b.m.40 Dixie Accent $0
Indy Gold ch.m.21 Prospect of Joy $0
Indy Gold II b.g.25 Stellar Gold $300
Indy Grand II dkb.g.29 Grand Prize Winner $47,640
Indy Groove b.m.45 Niner's Home $0
Indy Hunter b.g.23 Storm Search $98,000
Indy Inquiry I b.m.24 Inquiry II $48,530
Indy Intrigue II w.g.23 Endless Wave $300
Indy Jones II b.h.33 Another's Gold $14,660
Indy King II ch.g.21 Arch Duchess $6,000
Indy Legacy dkb.m.21 Wanatah $11,080
Indy Legend II dkb.g.22 Legendary Legacy $3,740
Indy Lens II b.g.22 Vee Lens II $0
Indy Love b.g.25 This Must Be Love $0
Indy Machine II ro.g.23 Machine Love II $400
Indy Mood ch.m.25 All Hour $0
Indy Moon dkb.m.24 Goodnite Moonlite $27,450
Indy Pendant b.m.33 Cat Scan $18,200
Indy Photo II ch.m.25 Photograph II $400
Indy Probable II b.g.27 Probable Wonder $2,640
Indy Prospect b.m.28 Prospect of Joy $0
Indy Prospector ch.m.21 Prospect of Joy $0
Indy Queen II b.m.29 Gold Tiara $30,850
Indy Rising II b.g.33 Cara Rafaela $74,100
Indy Rock N Roll I b.m.23 Mystique I $14,230
Indy Safari II dkb.m.24 Moon Safari $15,450
Indy Sarah b.m.44 Roberto's Girl $0
Indy Silence II b.m.25 In Silence I $0
Indy Speed b.m.40 Free For All $400
Indy Star II dkb.m.30 Reach For Stars I $12,550
Indy Style gr.m.45 Love Lock I $8,700
Indy Sun b.m.21 Sundancer I $23,020
Indy Sunshine II b.m.33 Gold Cat Gal $11,565
Indy Tears b.g.20 Crying Kris $1,200
Indy Trophy dkb.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Indy Valley II ch.m.30 Hudson Valley $16,240
Indy Winnerscircle b.m.33 Flirty Girl $66,440
Indy's Bandit II b.m.23 Stolen Gold I $0
Indy's Deputy II b.m.23 Time To Remember $1,050
Indy's Dynasty II dkb.h.24 Golden Dynasty II $0
Indy's Nightengale b.m.24 Nightengale Effect $16,740
Indy's Prospector b.m.23 Prospect of Joy $0
Indy's Radar b.m.24 Under the Radar II $13,140
Indy's Reign II dkb.m.25 Terra Reina II $0
Indy's Saint II dkb.m.24 Living Saint II $12,600
Indyanna b.m.27 Secret Joy $0
Indycar II dkb.g.23 Seeknfind $0
Indycar Series bl.m.26 Higher Than A Kite $20,440
Indydar b.m.28 Aly Dare $0
Indydevil bl.g.40 Devil's Child $2,000
Indyflame II dkb.g.33 Silver Flames II $49,340
Indygo Shiner dkb.h.40 Navarra $0
Indypendantspirit dkb.m.30 Wild Spirit $5,400
Indys Halo dkb.m.29 Halo's Creation $0
Insider Trading II b.g.42 Inside Information $2,940
Intense Suspense gr.m.28 Hoist the Joy $0
Into the Storm II b.g.22 Storm Urgency II $0
Isla Nena II dkb.m.23 Pretty Boundary $1,600
Jarnsaxa b.m.28 Prospect of Joy $0
Jazz Singer II b.g.27 Delta Music $17,100
Jessamine dkb.m.23 Xia I $31,950
Jewellery dkb.m.26 Cameo II $31,690
Jump Start dkb.h.46 Steady Cat $0
Jumpin for Joy b.m.27 Prospect of Joy $0
Kapow II gr.m.24 Dynamic Alliance $1,350
Kiko Jones II b.h.23 El Potosi II $0
Knockout Cat b.m.33 Cat Fighter $20,150
Knockthemdown b.m.29 Affirmed's Joy $0
Kotuku b.m.36 Flagbird $0
Kronos II b.g.29 Unmatched $15,700
La Boca Grande II b.m.33 Nice Place $12,700
La Gloria Cubana dkb.m.21 Prospecting Ally $3,500
La Indy b.m.21 Tuscany I $0
La Reina ch.m.37 Queena $0
La Santa Maria II b.m.23 My Boston Gal $300
Lady Nichola b.m.42 Macoumba $0
Lady of the Week b.m.23 Lady Deputy $700
Lake Bonneville b.h.42 Sideways Glance $7,200
Lalique b.m.45 Manistique $235,500
Lasting Appeal b.m.34 Steady Cat $0
Lasting Power dkb.m.28 Damascus's Joy $0
Lastofthe Mohicans b.m.24 Just Me I $4,100
Launcher II b.m.33 I'm a Alydar Mare $59,550
Le Tigre b.m.33 Fappiano's Hero $154,640
Lemon Dove b.m.22 Prospect of Joy $0
Let dkb.m.41 Net Dancer $0
Life in Indy II dkb.g.20 Light of Life II $0
Life Is Magic I b.m.29 Cox's Joy $0
Lifestyle I b.m.36 Mannerism II $18,500
Like a Spoof II b.m.23 Prospector's Cat $20,700
Like a War Song b.m.29 Halo's Creation $0
Liszy b.m.32 Silent Account $0
Little Hands b.m.21 Tredntroddentrails $0
Little Indy b.m.23 Seeking the Storm $12,600
Lone Angel b.h.23 Domestic Angel II $0
Long Gone II b.m.33 You Again $6,500
Long Term Memory I dkb.m.26 Seeking the Sim II $6,340
Long Way to Go b.m.21 Porro $9,600
Longstreet II dkb.g.30 Southern Sky I $4,880
Looking for A.p. I b.m.23 Fager's Prospector $7,030
Love Field II b.m.22 Blithe $0
Loving the Weather b.m.21 Prospects Affirmed $173,380
Lu Ravi b.m.40 At the Half $0
Madame Indy bl.m.20 Madame Curie $7,500
Made to Serve b.g.23 Made to Worship $17,090
Madelyn Grace b.m.26 Blazing Legacy II $0
Madrona Pride ch.m.41 Open Mind $490,000
Magnificent Honour dkb.m.36 Better Than Honour $7,040
Majestic Warrior b.h.24 Dream Supreme $0
Malibu Moon b.h.46 Macoumba $0
Manjula ro.m.24 Northern Darling $0
Mantha and Kk dkb.m.21 Parade of Finery $1,800
Maori Independance ch.g.28 Maori Dance $17,380
Maria Pistolas II b.m.23 One Fit Lady $0
Mariana Bracetti I b.m.23 Exing $6,240
Marsalis II b.g.33 You There $12,600
Master of Puppets bl.g.33 Secret Goer $375,800
Matienzo II b.g.23 Serena Sport $0
Mayah dkb.m.27 Acid Washed II $2,000
Mega Muchacha b.m.25 Benevolent II $6,100
Melinda H ch.m.21 Sixth Floor Nurses $6,000
Melos U Longtime I b.g.25 Melos II $6,960
Memories of Me b.h.41 Memories of Silver $17,500
Mesa w.m.21 Secret Joy $0
Mesmeric b.m.40 Toussaud $0
Miley Fager bl.m.9 Dr. Joy $0
Mineshaft b.h.43 Prospectors Delite $0
Mingun b.h.40 Miesque $0
Miss Blue Devil b.m.27 Prospect of Joy $0
Miss Hellie ch.m.38 Puestera $0
Miss Indie b.m.25 Prospect of Joy $0
Miss Indy b.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Miss Lopez b.m.23 J Low $15,190
Miss Malibu b.m.30 Macoumba $70,550
Miss Maryland b.m.33 Pleasant Temper $59,900
Miss Midwest b.m.29 Northern Darling $0
Mistral I b.m.35 Mistique $59,140
Misty Memory II ch.m.23 Amberlita $9,300
Money Money b.m.27 Prospect of Joy $0
Monstar b.m.26 Always Classy II $74,000
Mont Royal b.g.23 Maria's Prayer $727,380
Moon Shot Spot bl.m.26 Secret Joy $0
Moonstruck II b.m.29 Tiz Crazy II $1,400
More Than Enough dkb.m.29 The Fall of Night $377,040
Mr Indys Mrs bl.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Mr. High Roller II dkb.g.23 Look What I Found $0
Ms Leelee gr.m.7 Prospect of Joy $0
Ms. Blue Blood dkb.m.33 Regal Band $1,650
Ms. Charmer dkb.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Muchacha II b.m.33 Seeking Sarah $13,250
Muscle Car b.g.33 Dixie Accent $161,050
My Black Diamond I bl.m.25 Diavik Diamond II $10,650
My Blue Moon bl.m.28 Affirmed's Joy $0
My Cat's Claws b.m.33 My Trusty Cat $377,400
My Dream Career dkb.g.32 My Baby Doll $404,000
My Fair Princess ro.m.25 Secret Joy $0
My Halo dkb.m.27 Halo's Creation $0
My Joy dkb.m.29 Halo's Creation $0
My Little Baby ro.m.14 Galileo's Daughter $0
My Tough Gal dkb.m.33 My Baby Doll $354,000
My Treasure b.m.28 Gold Seeker II $79,540
Naptown Ride I ch.m.28 The Ride II II $54,370
Nata's Dream gr.m.46 Cambury Angel $200
National Holiday b.m.22 Flag Flown Fondly $21,450
National Symbol b.m.26 Secret Joy $0
Native Indian b.m.29 The Nerve $0
Naughty But Nice I dkb.g.28 Flying Blind II $16,720
Nerve Ending b.m.24 The Nerve $0
New Harmony b.m.42 Battle Creek Girl $0
Newton b.g.33 Dixieland Girl $181,720
No Knocks b.m.36 Never Knock $0
No Solutions ch.m.26 Secret Joy $0
Northern Indian b.m.26 Northern Darling $0
Northern Indy b.m.28 Northern Darling $0
Oblivious Girl bl.m.33 I'madamascusmare $8,520
Obsession I ch.m.27 Better Than Honour $131,150
Ochoa II dkb.m.25 Si Se Puede $23,750
Ol'e gr.m.25 Seeking Summer II $21,380
Old Trieste ch.h.49 Lovlier Linda $727,000
On a Dime bl.m.22 Damascus's Joy $0
Onapedestal II b.g.21 Win Me An Oscar II $0
One Day Too Late bl.m.21 Halo's Creation $0
Opus X b.m.30 Bob's Dilemma $92,200
Orate ch.m.34 Preach $11,850
Our Gal dkb.m.43 Gal In A Ruckus $0
Out of Dineros dkb.m.24 Prospect of Joy $0
Pacific b.h.30 Desert Darkness $1,458,000
Pacific Slew dkb.g.21 Ms.chin II $28,370
Painted Desert I ch.m.29 Shimmering Palette $67,350
Panorama City ro.m.26 Prospect of Joy $0
Pantera bl.m.33 Devil's Bag Mare $186,600
Parade Queen b.m.59 Spanish Parade $0
Parody I dkb.m.30 Hidden Storm $31,280
Pasadena b.m.29 Desert Darkness $658,500
Pass The Ammo gr.g.33 Fortyariat $99,150
Passin' the Buck bl.m.25 Joy Passer $0
Passing Joy b.m.27 Joy Passer $0
Passing Shot b.m.38 Aucilla $0
Pathfinder b.m.39 Jewel Princess $1,540,000
Peaceful Sea dkb.m.23 Pacificus $16,000
Perfect Mate ch.m.43 Mr. P's Star $0
Personal Request dkb.g.20 West Coast Style $12,080
Pie O My II b.m.25 Carmella $0
Pileup I b.m.25 Crashing Hope II $16,200
Pine Castle II b.g.29 Pleasant Home $69,650
Plantation Dame dkb.m.28 Prospect of Joy $0
Poofheads Army II b.g.24 Shining Star I $0
Port Indy II bl.g.25 Port Authority II $0
Possibility b.m.41 Personal Ensign $0
President Madonna b.m.22 Referendum I $0
Pressing dkb.m.13 Prospect of Joy $0
Prime Suspect b.m.48 Primarily $156,100
Princess Halo dkb.m.29 Halo's Creation $0
Prospecta b.m.25 Prospect of Joy $0
Prototype dkb.g.33 Key to My Heart $211,800
Pulla Surprise b.m.49 Ampulla $0
Pulpit b.h.50 Preach $1,456,000
Purple Graze dkb.m.9 Nine Creations $0
Pyrenees b.m.27 South of France II $3,230
Qu' Appelle ch.m.51 Aly's Adita $0
Quaint Getaway II dkb.g.23 Bananadine II $1,800
Quebrada Arena gr.m.29 Affirmed's Joy $0
Queen of Indy II dkb.m.22 Zien Queen $0
Queen's Appeal ch.m.7 Halo's Creation $0
Quench My Heart ch.h.37 Valentine $710,800
Quiet Bid II gr.m.33 Quiet Sarah $6,060
Quiet Indy II b.g.33 Quiet Hours $22,600
Quiet Roar II dkb.g.25 Quiet Decline II $1,050
Racetrack Groupie w.m.25 Girls at the Bar $240
Racey Player b.m.38 Freesia $0
Rags to Riches ch.m.34 Better Than Honour $0
Rain Shadow b.m.29 In The Shadows I I $337,070
Rainy Daze II dkb.m.28 Window Gazing $1,400
Rea Machine II bl.g.33 Cartegna $56,010
Realistic Dream II gr.m.33 Slewiat $22,100
Recently b.m.29 Yellow Roses $361,400
Recess I b.m.38 Relaxing $18,760
Red Indy w.m.20 Secret Joy $0
Reddish Dawn ch.m.23 The Proletariat $17,390
Redux II ch.m.30 Encore II $1,050
Reeling II b.m.25 La Conseillante $13,400
Regal Majesty b.m.11 Lyphard's Creation $0
Remember Love dkb.m.35 First Night $5,600
Rhapsody I ch.m.38 My Flag $52,800
Rhew Seren II bl.m.24 Ice Cold I $0
Rich N Famous ch.m.28 Dutchess Mojo $10,080
Riches To Riches b.m.28 Darling My Darling $39,400
Rin Tin Tin b.g.22 Gold Seeker II $14,920
Rio Doce ch.m.25 Prospect of Joy $0
Riven's Timelapse b.g.45 Bonnie's Poker $41,140
Road to Damascus ro.m.22 Damascus's Joy $0
Roadtrip II bl.m.21 Well Hail $0
Rock Slide b.h.45 Prospectors Delite $0
Rocky Top II b.g.27 Film Maker $8,340
Roman Fountain II gr.g.33 Storm Comes $8,500
Root Beer dkb.m.27 The Nerve $0
Rooting King b.g.35 Here Comes Glamour $0
Row Boat II b.m.22 Gondola II $540
Royal Karma ch.m.40 Flanders $25,650
Royal Plot bl.m.13 Aly Dare $0
Run Indy Run II b.g.22 Oban II $0
Runup the Colors gr.m.50 Up the Flagpole $8,700
Rushed II ch.m.22 Tread Lightly II $0
S. S. Indy II b.g.25 Sesame Street $0
Sack Her b.m.19 The Nerve $0
Safe Haven dkb.m.36 Missed the Storm $0
Saga Slew bl.g.21 Inertia II $8,040
Sagging Indy II dkb.m.22 Miss Saga II $2,000
Sahara b.m.29 Desert Spirit II $1,576,000
Sameasiteverwas bl.m.33 Apollo Cat $23,540
Saturdayatthebay ro.m.34 Mischief Managed I $35,980
Scoot b.m.35 Chute $261,220
Scream Queen bl.m.26 Northern Darling $0
Seattle Aptitude I b.m.25 Inspired Aptitude $1,500
Seattle Bound II dkb.m.25 Seeking Seattle II $13,485
Seattle Creek II b.m.27 Modena Creek $17,940
Seattle Gold ch.m.33 Bread and Wine $0
Seattle Rose II dkb.m.25 Laconia $0
Seattle Skiff II dkb.m.23 Gondola II $1,500
Second Offence ch.m.23 Dixie Dynasty $31,940
Secret Status ch.m.46 Private Status $0
Seek and Destroy I dkb.g.33 Profit Column $30,440
Seek Independance dkb.m.21 Seeking the Money $240
Seeking A Match II bl.g.28 Seeking Success $18,490
Seeking Diamonds I b.m.22 War Flag $0
Seeking Indy bl.g.33 Seeking the Sarah $78,500
Seeking the Indy I ch.m.33 Sarah's Song $8,300
Seesilencesubside b.m.42 Silent Bluff $19,000
Serena Spy b.m.43 Serena Sleet $179,700
Serenading II dkb.m.35 Daijin $0
Sespe Creek dkb.g.33 Road Mare $78,490
Shadowrun bl.h.33 Prosperariat $154,270
Shamali II ch.m.33 She's Nice $25,240
She Said So b.m.25 Storm Joy $0
She So Fast dkb.m.18 Nine Creations $0
She's A Winner b.m.46 Get Lucky $0
Sheet Metal II b.m.28 Sheza Blusher $20,550
Shelter of Storms gr.g.33 Desert Drama $40,700
Shepickedupadance gr.m.46 Miesque $3,897,000
Shes A Scarlet Too b.m.37 Courtship I $7,840
Shine I dkb.m.37 Metropolitan II $83,950
Shipofdreams II b.m.22 Worthy Dream II $0
Shoogle ch.m.41 Dokki $0
Shrique ch.m.28 Pique $0
Silence Speaks II dkb.m.27 Lyricsandlaughter $10,950
Silent Dream II gr.g.33 Quietariat $22,000
Silver Success II bl.h.33 Success Again $26,340
Simply Sunday ch.m.28 Affirmed's Joy $0
Skeptical of Indy dkb.m.24 Skeptical I $10,460
Sky Chariot II b.m.24 Fortyniner Fever $10,680
Slicks b.g.36 Mysty Weather $0
Smart Glow ch.m.45 Flanders $0
Smokey Eyes II dkb.m.33 Spectacularcopelan $0
Smokinghot b.g.21 Wedding Ringtone I $3,040
So Far So Bad ch.m.17 Secret Joy $0
Soar On Wings bl.m.28 Wild Spirit $31,315
Soliquary II dkb.g.25 Shut Up $0
Soul Searching I gr.m.35 Serena Soul $19,540
Southern Nights II bl.m.24 Southern Sky I $0
Spectacular Moment dkb.m.33 Spectacular Time $21,220
Speedway b.g.27 Farewell Legacy $206,750
Spoken Wheel II b.g.21 Well Spoken $400
Sponsor I ch.m.27 Ifuwantraintofall $9,000
Spoof ch.m.33 Hidden Storm $1,820,000
Spoof's Bro II b.g.23 Lookin for Gold $16,890
Springfield II w.m.27 Aristacats II $0
Squeaks bl.m.8 Halo's Creation $0
Stand By You ch.m.26 Exclusive Creation $0
Star in the Skys b.m.16 Prospect of Joy $0
Star of Indy dkb.m.28 Prospect of Joy $0
Staring b.m.30 Stare III $3,100
Starling w.m.22 Northern Darling $0
Stars II bl.m.30 Stars Come Out $45,050
Steal The Gold bl.h.29 Summerly $297,350
Stephen Got Even b.h.46 Immerse $0
Sterling Indy b.m.21 Sterling Crown $0
Still Got the Whip gr.g.25 A Royal Star II $0
Storming Free bl.m.33 Danceitariat $155,600
Stormy A.p. gr.m.24 Storm Joy $0
Story Of A Girl gr.m.36 My Event $200
Strategic Dancer I b.m.24 Bindi $8,670
Strategy b.m.41 Educated Risk $0
Stunning Beauties ch.m.27 Bold Creation $0
Suave b.h.36 Urbane $0
Suminka II b.m.23 Ima Cutie II $3,550
Summer Mood II I ro.m.22 Acts Like Summer I $0
Summer Morning ch.m.7 Secret Joy $0
Sunshine Express I ch.m.33 Hum Faster $15,100
Sweet App bl.m.26 Halo's Creation $0
Sweet Indy b.m.26 Sweet Redemption I $0
Sweet Lullaby gr.m.33 Desert Again $221,000
Sword of Heroes dkb.m.22 American Dancer $13,680
T Js Indy Dream b.m.21 Prospect of Joy $0
Tahoe Rose II dkb.m.29 Divine Dixie $5,300
Tap The Keg II b.g.27 Murphalurphadoo $24,900
Tempera b.m.40 Colour Chart $0
Ten Things II ch.m.40 Ask the Cat $0
Thai ch.m.13 Secret Joy $0
Thanksgiving b.m.30 Broadway Gold $227,140
That American Song b.g.39 This Slew Can Run $0
The Cartel II b.g.23 Ms Universe $6,200
The Cotton Club II ch.m.23 Twist Afleet $0
The Fandango II gr.g.33 Classic Crown $25,590
The Gray North gr.m.24 Northern Darling $0
There Goes Indy bl.m.26 She Goes There II $50,900
Thesunshinesbright ch.m.24 Affirmed's Joy $0
Thetruegentleman I gr.g.26 Be Chosen $30,660
Thoughtful I b.m.41 Miesque $11,100
Thunder Beast bl.h.33 Devil's Bag's Girl $655,500
Ticket To Indy gr.m.28 Lottery Ticket $14,100
Tipsy In Indy ro.m.27 Intoxicating $16,660
Tomiesues Delight ch.m.15 Prospect of Joy $0
Tomisue's Delight b.m.47 Prospectors Delite $0
Top Speed Indy ch.g.39 Infinite Fun $20,500
Traffic Cop II b.m.25 Everyone's Honour $840
Triple This II ch.m.33 Not Very Nice $49,040
Triple Treat II dkb.m.33 Secretfirm $3,000
Tropical Haze ch.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Troupe gr.m.36 Tap Dances $204,900
Truffle Shuffle II b.m.26 Sky Legend $27,100
Truthful I dkb.m.33 Desert Leaves $21,530
Tweet b.m.24 Storm Joy $0
Twelve Rounds ch.m.29 Northern Darling $0
Two Step Bayou bl.m.25 Northern Darling $0
Unbridled Indy II b.m.33 Unsarahed $13,710
Under the Dome dkb.m.22 Damascus's Joy $0
Unending II gr.m.33 Much Too Gold $12,780
Unheard of Indy b.m.23 Acts Like Summer I $25,540
University II w.m.29 Adversity II $16,540
Unstoppable I dkb.g.28 Pennant Champion $77,400
Up In Flames II gr.g.37 DanceWithMeNow I $52,700
Urn bl.m.22 Northern Darling $0
Valiant I dkb.h.36 Courageous Effort $64,700
Vazy Ed b.g.21 Maria Mitchell $9,240
Venusberg w.m.28 Secret Joy $0
Violaine I b.m.33 Fappiano's Honey $115,520
Vitis Rotundifolia dkb.m.20 Wine Club $4,990
Vote Yes II b.g.34 Dogwood Lane $62,500
War Broker dkb.g.23 Clouds Of War $10,320
War Song b.m.45 Glorious Song $2,664,800
Watch A. P. II b.m.25 Watch It Now II $10,550
Wedding Ring II bl.m.23 Silence's Legacy $1,050
Weekend in Indy ch.m.49 Whow $0
What a Mare b.m.27 Prospect of Joy $0
Whatever You Need ro.m.25 Northern Darling $0
Wicked Indy II b.g.22 Wicked Black Cat I $0
Wild Indy gr.m.27 Wild Heather $48,900
Will's Tribute b.g.33 Cat the Gold $78,200
Wind At Your Back gr.g.29 Lady Tak $13,800
Wind Chill I b.m.35 Singing of Sorrow $0
Wonderful Dreams dkb.m.22 She's Content $39,370
World in My Eyes I b.m.24 All That I See $22,980
Worth the Effort dkb.h.31 Was It Worth It $1,308,500
Wow It's Indy b.m.45 Whow $0
Yell dkb.m.39 Wild Applause $0
Yorkshire Dales ch.m.33 Daneshan $2,200
Youre Speeding Luv ch.m.49 Lovage $0
Zanardi II b.g.25 Fight With Valor $19,520
Zeltweg gr.m.29 Prospect of Joy $0
Zest For Life II ch.m.33 Sunday Goer $46,200
Y27-W7-D7 Deceased
Y27-W7-D7 Died of natural causes.


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