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The Feature Race is a newsletter updated whenever there is news to report at SIMHorseRacing.com. Check back often for stakes results, auction news, and all the excitement leading up to the Triple Crown and Steward's Cup races! We encourage all players to write articles for The Feature Race; it is a great way to keep up with SIM news and earn SIM dollars!

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You may submit 4 articles each week.

Love You Forever - Y46 NA Champion 2 Year Old Female - by Isabella Acres
Recently Retired: All of Time - by Isabella Acres
SIMmetry by Glenn --- Rich SIM, Poor SIM - by Glenn Escobar
Who to Watch in the Classic this Firiday - by Lily Wilkins
A Quick Guide to Betting - by Lily Wilkins

Aka Assassin - by Irving Faulkner
Steeplechasers - A Good Bet Or A Big Gamble - by Robbie Dee
Year 45 Record Setters - by Scott Hortness
Under Steward's Orders - Chasing Questions Answered! - by Gigi Gofaster
Centauros Wins the Steward's Cup Steeplechase - by Amanda Haderthauer

SIMmetry by Glenn --- The Visionary - by Glenn Escobar
Hot New Mamma: Titanic - by Lily Wilkins
Hall of Fame - Cherish - by Avery Genna
SIMmetry by Glenn -- SvoF Value for Appy Routers - by Glenn Escobar
SIMmetry by Glenn -- SvoF Value for Appy Mids - by Glenn Escobar

More nice details - by Irving Faulkner
Some details this week - by Irving Faulkner
Doubt or certainty - by Irving Faulkner
Opening of the year 47 - by Irving Faulkner
Week 16 - by Irving Faulkner

Auction The Steward - by Irving Faulkner
(Relattively New) Sire Analyzation: Bourbon - by Shiloh Grevertz
Why was this great auction unsuccessful? - by Randall Allen
Desert World Cup Preview and Picks - by Shiloh Grevertz
Shopping the Auctions - by Glenn Escobar

New Player Interview: Paul O'Neill - by Ryan Whitehead
An Interview With Glenn Escobar - by Jared Radley
An Interview With Irl Smith - by Jared Radley
An Interview With Vincent Barratt - by Jared Radley
New Player Interview: MICHAEL FELDMAN - by Ryan Whitehead

Previewing the Year 47 Triple Crown Trail - by Dan Kauffman
That well a new triple crowned - by Irving Faulkner
Third of the Triple Crown - by Irving Faulkner
Running to Make History: Dragonfly - by Isabella Acres
A look at The Long Island Classic - by Avery Genna

Turf Sprint SC: Turf Sprint - by Laura Smith
The Cup Winner ThatI Almost Didn’t Enter - by Randall Allen
Turf Sprint SC: Filly & Mare Turf Sprint - by Laura Smith
Turf Sprint SC: Turf Dash - by Laura Smith
Turf Sprint SC: Filly Turf Dash - by Laura Smith

SIMmetry by Glenn -- Lifespan in a Custom Barn - by Glenn Escobar
Idea Concerning SIM Finances - by Ryan Whitehead
Things I would like to see in the game - by Irving Faulkner
What the Heck is a Catalog Page? - by Regina Moore
You Can’t Avoid America’s Wager!! - by Glenn Escobar
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