Cambodia (CAN)
Maiden Steeplechaser
ro.m.5 - 16
Marking: Star/Snip
Earnings: $0
Owner: Barb Stearns
Breeder: Jess Dowson
Location: Wandering Moonrise Farm (WA)
Total Stats: 1: 0-0-0
Dirt: 0: 0-0-0
Turf: 0: 0-0-0
AW: 0: 0-0-0
'Chasing: 1: 0-0-0
Sire: Play Leapfrog Dam: Failed Layer  
Grand Sire: Dam Sire: Royal Centurion Not for sale
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Nominated to: None  

Simmy Awards Won: None

Race Information Finish Earnings  
Year-54 Week-9 Day-1 Chaser Downs (MD) Condition: Firm. Race 12 - 2 miles. Turf. Steeplechase. Thoroughbred. 3 year olds. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. Purse $25,000 (10 points) Finish Time 3:25.92 *,sw Jockey: Aaron Sparks
Adelation 1 1/2 Off the Lalor 1 Space Oddity G 2 Started with the field approached jumps in settled manner smoothly over all jumps late interest (8)
7 $0  
SIM Date Distance Equipment Time
Y56-W9-D6 Jogged
Y56-W9-D4 Jogged
Y56-W8-D1 Moved to Wandering Moonrise Farm via airplane
Y56-W7-D7 Jogged
Y54-W9-D2 Jogged
Y54-W8-D2 Moved to Chaser Downs
Y54-W7-D7 Sold to Barb Stearns for $2,000
Y54-W7-D5 Jogged
Y54-W7-D4 Jogged
Y54-W7-D2 Jogged
Y54-W6-D7 Jogged
Y54-W6-D5 Jogged
Y54-W6-D3 Jogged
Y54-W5-D6 Jogged
Y54-W5-D2 Jogged
Y54-W4-D6 Jogged
Y54-W4-D2 Jogged
Y54-W3-D6 Trained to Jump
Y54-Preseason Trained to Jump
Y53-W16-D1 Jogged
Y53-W15-D6 Jogged
Y53-W15-D2 Jogged
Y53-W14-D4 Jogged
Y53-W13-D6 Jogged
Y53-W13-D4 Jogged
Y53-W13-D2 Jogged
Y53-W12-D2 Jogged
Y53-W11-D5 Jogged
Y53-W11-D1 Jogged
Y53-W10-D5 Trained to Jump
Y53-W10-D5 Became a Steeplechaser
Y53-W10-D5 Jogged
Y53-W10-D3 Jogged
Y53-W9-D7 Jogged
Y53-W3-D7 Jogged
Y53-W3-D4 Jogged
Y53-W3-D3 Jogged
Y53-W3-D1 Galloped
Y53-W2-D7 Jogged
Y53-W2-D6 Jogged
Y53-W2-D4 Jogged
Y53-W2-D2 Jogged
Y53-W1-D7 Jogged
Y53-W1-D5 Jogged
Y53-W1-D3 Jogged
Y53-Preseason Jogged
Y53-Preseason Sold to Karie McBrian for $1
Y53-Preseason Trained to Jump
Y52-W16-D2 Galloped
Y52-W4-D5 Galloped
Y52-W3-D3 Galloped
Y52-Preseason Galloped
Y51-Break Renamed Horse 1546608052 to Cambodia
Y51-W16-D5 Bred for $25,000 Fee
Y51-W16-D5 Bred by Jess Dowson
Y54-W7-D7 Sold to Barb Stearns for $2,000
Y53-Preseason Sold to Karie McBrian for $1
Y51-W16-D5 Bred by Jess Dowson


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