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The Feature Race is a newsletter updated whenever there is news to report at SIMHorseRacing.com. Check back often for stakes results, auction news, and all the excitement leading up to the Triple Crown and Steward's Cup races! We encourage all players to write articles for The Feature Race; it is a great way to keep up with SIM news and earn SIM dollars!

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Sale Auction – Trial by summer two year olds in training sal - by Max Bourke
Sale Auction - steward bred blue hen star and formidable mar - by Max Bourke
Flat Allowance and Chase Stakes No Reserve Auct - by Max Bourke
Just About Total Barn Clearout - by Max Bourke
Friday night - by Irving Faulkner


SIMmetry by Glenn -- The Thunderdome - by Glenn Escobar
thinking a bit about my future stable - by Irving Faulkner
Blood and Champion - Gilmer - by Tammy Marstam
Blood and Champion - Rostov - by Tammy Marstam
Shetalkstovillains: an amazing mare - by Shiloh Grevertz


Friday night W12 - by Irving Faulkner
Friday alerts W12 - by Irving Faulkner
walking through week 12 - by Irving Faulkner
Cut That Negative Self Talk! - by Lily Wilkins
SIMmetry by Glenn -- Buttons Make it Easier - by Glenn Escobar

Hall of Fame

A thought by Scott Eiland - by Irving Faulkner
Goodbyes Are Not Forever - by Fanta Arcadia
Centauros - by Irving Faulkner
Cash Money Honey - by Irving Faulkner
Cash Lobell - by Irving Faulkner


Racing’s Most Promising Trotters Vie for the 25th Emotonian - by Lance Macisaac
2 best stallion of the sim games confront for Steward's Cup - by Marc Plouffe


Walking the Shedrow with Randall Allen - by Michael McGuire
Nick Gilmore: Insights From An Expert - by Fern Thompson
Walking the Shedrow with Regina Moore (Part 2) - by Michael McGuire
Walking the Shedrow with Regina Moore - by Michael McGuire
Walking the Shedrow with Garret Folsom - by Michael McGuire

New Players

Acquisition vs Ability - by Tracy Marcer
Training Yearlings- Continually Learning - by Katie Macpherson
Searching For Gold - by Katie Macpherson
New Player Perspective - by Edward Stambulic
Quality vs Quantity for New Players - by Tracy Marcer


comments of the small Derby Midsummer Classic - by Irving Faulkner
Take A Long Look - by Josh Bordeaux
Year 48 Turf Route Times — Week 12 Grade 1 review - by Dan Kauffman
Paramour - by Heather Crawford
Cool Turf Sprint(ers) of the (Year): Pre-SC Power Rankings - by Laura Smith

Site Updates

And then they were gone... - by Katie Macpherson
Gallop Comments-Best New Addition - by Fern Thompson
SIMmetry by Glenn -- Set It and Forget It - by Glenn Escobar
Once Upon a Time.... - by Regina Moore
Custom Barns are Awesome. Period. - by Lily Wilkins


Under Steward's Orders - Chasing Questions Answered! - by Gigi Gofaster
Centauros Wins the Steward's Cup Steeplechase - by Amanda Haderthauer

Triple Crown

Gladiator Topples L.I. Classic Record - by Anne Conradt
Long Island Classic Y48 - by Irving Faulkner
Erin & Her Prince Sweep To 48th Baltimore Crown Win - by Anne Conradt
Baltimore Crown result - by Irving Faulkner
Baltimore Crown - by Irving Faulkner
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