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The Feature Race is a newsletter updated whenever there is news to report at SIMHorseRacing.com. Check back often for stakes results, auction news, and all the excitement leading up to the Triple Crown and Steward's Cup races! We encourage all players to write articles for The Feature Race; it is a great way to keep up with SIM news and earn SIM dollars!

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TBS Excitement Year 52 - by Sophia Stevenson
Slow Your Roll (It’s more fun that way) - by Emmie Kay
Are Steward Auctions Worth It? - by Kim Plausible
Voldemort Filly Tops TBS Sale - by Kia Dawn
Y35 Trial By Summer Two Year Olds in Training Notables - by Three Crowns Racing


Stallion Profile: Ashwinder - by Hazel Anthony
The People's Horse - by Hazel Anthony
On Safari - by Hazel Anthony
Turf Sprint Talk: Grumpy Old Men - by Laura Smith
Broodmare of the Year: Sword and Shield (KY) - by Michael McGuire


Trust The Process: Routine Oriented - by Eric Hamme
Trust The Process: The Long Downhill - by Eric Hamme
Math Versus Emotion - by Regina Moore
Trust The Process: A Busted Pipeline - by Eric Hamme
Turf Sprint Rising - by Glenn Escobar

Hall of Fame

Where Am I - by Douglas Marley
Pillar of Creation - by Douglas Marley
Sayitsyurbirthday - by Douglas Marley
Bobbie Girl - by Douglas Marley
Hall of Fame - Boone - by Jo Ferris


Saunders Sweeps Emotonian and Emo Mile - by Anne Conradt
Drinks Are On Me - by Douglas Marley
Igetmoney Stakes Preview - by Joe Bengston
Y51 Week 1 Waffle Park Racing - by Jurgen Ver


Interviewing Dylan Christensen - by John Christensen
New Player Interview – Dylan Christensen - by Emmie Kay
An Interview with Glenn Larson - by Regina Moore
An Interview with Tom Lin - by Regina Moore
Tips For Simsters - An Interview With Eric Nalbone - by Nicole Daniels

New Players

Sponsoring Races - Other Notes - by Regina Moore
Sponsoring Races - How to Sponsor - by Regina Moore
Sponsoring Races - What and Why - by Regina Moore
The SIM dilemma: Play it safe or take a shot - by Brandon Schultz
An Overview of Post Times - by Regina Moore


52.9.5 - Louisville Classic (G1) - by Rochelle Zahacy
G1 Long Island Acorn - by Neil Hill
G1 London Oaks - by Neil Hill
The Blue Krynica Crystal Mile - by Zero Smith
G1 Tulsa Juvenile Fillies - by Neil Hill

Site Updates

Techie Thoughts - Vol. 3 - by Emmie Kay
Techie Thoughts – Vol. 2 - by Emmie Kay
Techie Thoughts - Vol. 1 - by Emmie Kay
SIM 6.5 is Coming in Year 44! - by Regina Moore
Is Simflation Really a Problem? - by Kim Plausible


Chase Sire-Epaulette - by Jess Dowson
Race Preview – "Spoon and Fork Chase." - by Emmie Kay
Race Preview – "Prix Gustave Handicap Chase" - by Emmie Kay
An alternative perspective - The Emotions are real! - by Hamish Mcgonaghal
Under Steward's Orders - Chasing Questions Answered! - by Gigi Gofaster

Triple Crown

Idiot's Guide to Handicapping: Louisville Derby - by Eric Hamme
Year 52's Louisville Derby Field - by Hazel Anthony
The Two Year Old TB Turf Triple - by Hazel Anthony
Holy Blood - by Douglas Marley
Lifeaholic - by Douglas Marley
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