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The Feature Race is a newsletter updated whenever there is news to report at SIMHorseRacing.com. Check back often for stakes results, auction news, and all the excitement leading up to the Triple Crown and Steward's Cup races! We encourage all players to write articles for The Feature Race; it is a great way to keep up with SIM news and earn SIM dollars!

Article submissions are closed for the break. They will open again During Week 1


A Look at the G1 "East Coast Gold Cup" - by Dylan Christensen
Are Steward Auctions Worth It? - by Kim Plausible
Voldemort Filly Tops TBS Sale - by Kia Dawn
Y35 Trial By Summer Two Year Olds in Training Notables - by Three Crowns Racing
SENSATION-AL! - by The Steward


Thoroughbred GP Stallion Guides: Kingman-Lord Kanaloa - by Belle Gifft
Thoroughbred GP Stallion Guides: Joshua Tree-Kementari - by Belle Gifft
Pedigree Roulette: Deep Sleep - by Tamara Vess
Thoroughbred GP Stallion Guides: Hunter’s Light-Isla Bonita - by Belle Gifft
Thoroughbred GP Stallion Guides: Haradasun-Honor Code - by Belle Gifft


Sim Addiction - Is it real ? - by Tony Baker
The power of the “Search” function - by Belle Gifft
Trust The Process: Run What You Brung - by Eric Hamme
Purse Structure Needs to Change - by Lance Macisaac
Trust The Process: Showing Restraint For Once - by Eric Hamme

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame - Distillery - by Avery Genna
Hall of Fame: Sword and Shield - by Avery Genna
Hall of Fame - St Longinus - by Gavin Guile
Writethisdown - by Douglas Marley
Cherish - by Douglas Marley


Prix de Ratatouille @ Parc Ratatouille - by Jurgen Ver
Y53 The Emotonian (G1) - by Rochelle Zahacy
Parc Ratatouille, Trotter track France - by Jurgen Ver
Top Two Sophomore Pacers Clash in the Big Blue Bucket - by Lance Macisaac


An Interview with Glenn Larson - by Regina Moore
An Interview with Tom Lin - by Regina Moore
Tips For Simsters - An Interview With Eric Nalbone - by Nicole Daniels
A Conversation With The Steward - by Andy Gol
Playing The Name Game with The Steward - by Kelley Wachter

New Players

Trial Park Week 16 The Good,Bad and Ugly - by Tony Baker
Trial Park's big $500K Week 16 race - by Tony Baker
Do you run your stable like a business - by Tony Baker
Stakes Review and a Big Week 16 - by Tony Baker
Tired Stakes and Past Performance musing - by Tony Baker


Y53 Big Race Recap - by Rochelle Zahacy
Margaux - by Nicholas Johnson
Y53 Melbourne Trophy (G1) - by Rochelle Zahacy
Y53 Two Year Old Sprint Championship (G1) - by Rochelle Zahacy
Y53 Magellan Stakes (G1) - by Rochelle Zahacy

Site Updates

SIM 6.5 is Coming in Year 44! - by Regina Moore
Is Simflation Really a Problem? - by Kim Plausible
How the Sim Tools Trick You - by Kim Plausible
Roberto Prieto: My Friend and Brother - by Luis Polar
A Complete History of the SIM - Year 6 - by The Steward


Steward’s Cup Marathon Chase - by Dylan Christensen
Gothenburg Horsepark - Week 5 - by Polk Buffalo
Gothenburg Horsepark Week 4 - by Polk Buffalo
Gothenburg Horsepark - Week 3 - by Polk Buffalo
Gothenburg Horsepark - Week 2 - by Polk Buffalo

Triple Crown

A Statistical Analysis of the Baltimore Crown - by Tamara Vess
A Statistical Analysis of the Louisville Derby - by Tamara Vess
A Statistical Analysis of Week 1 TCT Races - by Tamara Vess
Claiming your way to the blanket of roses - by Paul Sellers
Triple Crown Heroine: Owl Let You Know - by Diane Townsend
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