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The Feature Race is a newsletter updated whenever there is news to report at SIMHorseRacing.com. Check back often for stakes results, auction news, and all the excitement leading up to the Triple Crown and Steward's Cup races! We encourage all players to write articles for The Feature Race; it is a great way to keep up with SIM news and earn SIM dollars!

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secure for accounts without connection time - by Irving Faulkner
Desert World Cup Y49 - by Irving Faulkner
shopping and sales - by Irving Faulkner
Race Stars- weekly newsletter - by Junstud Race
Glass Houses - by Glenn Larson


American Valor - by Dakota Taylor
Examining Kilgrave as a sire - by Shiloh Grevertz
Magnificent Mares - Skeleton Witch - by James Ryan
Magnificent Mares - Walnut Belle - by James Ryan
Time Calling - Looking Alive - by James Ryan


Trust The Process: What's The Rush? - by Eric Hamme
important week for all - by Irving Faulkner
Jurgen Ver stable Y49 Week 3, 4 and 5 - by Jurgen Ver
start from scratch again - by Irving Faulkner
Week 5 Y49 - by Irving Faulkner

Hall of Fame

B Ball Sass-A Name to Remember - by Dakota Taylor
Ashara - by Dakota Taylor
Cherish - by Irving Faulkner
Change the Stars - by Irving Faulkner
A thought by Scott Eiland - by Irving Faulkner


Grade 1 Australian Pacing Vase - by James Ryan
Tis Special Lady - by Irving Faulkner
Racing’s Most Promising Trotters Vie for the 25th Emotonian - by Lance Macisaac


Walking the Shedrow with Alysse Peverell - by Michael McGuire
A Talk With A Horse: Gold From The Sky - by Anne Conradt
Lucas & Titanium Heart: A Deadly Duo - by Anne Conradt
Walking the Shedrow with Laura Smith - by Michael McGuire
Walking the Shedrow with Madelene Gilbert - by Michael McGuire

New Players

Having A Mentor = Success! - by Izabella Matticks
From One Beginner to Another - by Dakota Taylor
An Overview of Equipment - by Regina Moore
My Advice for New Players! - by Shiloh Grevertz
An Overview of SIM Racing Divisions - by Regina Moore


Arc de Triomphe: It’s Not A Race, It’s A SIM-Monument - by Michael McGuire
another surprise at the DWC - by Irving Faulkner
Chi-Rock: A Chicago Million - by Michael McGuire
Idiot's Guide to Handicapping: Louisville Oaks - by Eric Hamme
Desert Heat: The Desert World Cup - by Michael McGuire

Site Updates

Claimer, Solid, and Something More - by Irving Faulkner
the end is coming - by Irving Faulkner
And then they were gone... - by Katie Macpherson
Gallop Comments-Best New Addition - by Fern Thompson
SIMmetry by Glenn -- Set It and Forget It - by Glenn Escobar


Centauros winning the SC - by Jess Dowson
Under Steward's Orders - Chasing Questions Answered! - by Gigi Gofaster
Centauros Wins the Steward's Cup Steeplechase - by Amanda Haderthauer

Triple Crown

first step TC - by Irving Faulkner
Year 49 TCT -- Louisville Derby preview - by Dan Kauffman
Derby Y49 - by Irving Faulkner
New Orleans Derby Race Replay - by Isabella Acres
Year 49 TCT — Week 4 Friday review/Week 5 Monday preview - by Dan Kauffman
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