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Name Current Balance
440 Racing Barn $1,490,856
440 Racing Barn
A. Mukkerji Private
A.jack Joyner $126,162
A.R. Roberts $19,586,034
A.R. Roberts
Aaron West $102,174
Abby Ard $100,000
Abe Froman Private
Abe Froman
Addi $98,685
Adison Gl $99,960
Adonis Dionisopoulos $232,786
Aeon Knight Private
Aidan O Brien Private
Aidan O Brien
Akai Hawke $101,000
Alex Jr $129,285
Alex Trout $321,058
Alex Trout
Alexandra Jaysman $106,379,044
Alexandra Jaysman
Alexandra Redwood $51,520
Alexis Coy $95,170
Alexis De Tocqueville Private
Alexis Z $266,072
Ali Hedgestone Private
Ali Hedgestone
Aline Gray $95,544
Alisander Lebeau $81,520
All England Racing $22,634
All England Racing
Alleyne Torres $26,734,220
Alleyne Torres
Aloretta Dethly Private
Aloretta Dethly
Alyssa Lapa Private
Alyssa Lapa
Alyssa Meyers $110,405
Alyssa Meyers
Alysse Peverell Private
Alysse Peverell
Amanda Barnes Private
Amanda Barnes
Amanda Gallop $1,029
Amanda Sue $99,940
Amber Mcvay $101,730
Amoura Belle $100,730
Amy Atkins $1,066,064
Amy Atkins
Amy Bahama Private
Amy Bahama
Andie Montrose $155,955
Andrea Bouwkamp Private
Andrea Bouwkamp
Andrea Del Pozo $99,770
Andres Guerrero $99,980
Andrew James $3,010,163
Andrew James
Andy Hadden $98,340
Angela Chase $291,455
Angela Chase
Angelo $102,730
Anna Leroux $2,883,933
Anna Leroux
Anna Nowak $220,074
Anthony Badger $516,348
Anthony Elio $99,880
Anthony L Carder Private
Anthony L Carder
Anthony Newman $5,729,926
Antonnia $32,328
Anya Drouin $99,940
Anzu Mccann $1,325,353
Anzu Mccann
Aofie Von Roth $100,750
April Eddy $123,220,121
April Eddy
Ara Davies $8,816,723
Ara Davies
Arabella Touchstone Private
Art Kage Private
Art Kage
Arthur Cutler Private
Arthur Cutler
Ash Bash $99,800
Ash Tarasin Private
Ash Tarasin
Ashley Gibson Private
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Hunt $2,454,413
Ashley Hunt
Audrey Bell Private
Augustus Co $30,100
Augustus Co
Autumn $190,800
Autumn Blackmill $59,307
Ava Simpson $97,630
Avery Genna Private
Avery Genna
Awesome Karl $102,474
Awesome Karl
Bailey Burris $177,980
Balthazar Balthazar $178,225
Barb Stearns $1,315,613
Barb Stearns
Barbara Arthur $299,918
Bella Valkhoff $99,980
Belle Gifft Private
Ben Hibbs Private
Ben Hibbs
Ben Stover Private
Ben Stover
Benedict Martorano $254,030
Bernhard Prill $72,935
Bernhard Prill
Bertie Bassett Private
Bertie Bassett
Beth Nunes Private
Bethany Parnham $99,025
Billy Anderson Private
Billy Anderson
Black Knight $102,630
Black Type LLC Private
Black Type LLC
Blue Jay Private
Blueberryqueen $99,860
Bluepolarbear $102,549
Bob Allensworth $749,447
Bob Allensworth
Bob Green $3,034,134
Bob Green
Bob Probert $2,153,989
Bob Probert
Bobby Bonilla $86,604
Bobby Glantzberg $3,170,872
Brad Fabman $1,235,093
Brad Fabman
Brad Gainfort I $39,960
Brad Searcy $1,336,923
Brad Searcy
Brad Smith $69,554
Brad Smith
Bradley Davis $4,713,961
Bradley Davis
Brainstew Stables $101,730
Brandon McNulty Private
Brandon McNulty
Brandon Schultz Private
Brandon Schultz
Brayan Perez $-14,567
Breannarenedooley $57,512
Brett Stier Private
Brian Chunn Private
Brian Chunn
Brian Clarke $44,176
Brian Clarke
Brian Leavitt Private
Brian Leavitt
Briana Kearney Private
Briana Kearney
Brianna Maree $191,195
Brianna McKenzie Private
Brianna McKenzie
Brittany'ann Fontana $75,226
Brooke Ketron Private
Brooke Ketron
Bryan Carter $268,420
Bryan Carter
Bryan O'Steen $4,440,593
Bucky Barns $-248,946
C.S. Werth Private
C.S. Werth
Cal Mundell Private
Cal Mundell
Cam $99,960
Cappa Cap Private
Captain Haymaker $27,065
Caren Gloomhand $102,730
Carly $99,960
Carole Hanson Private
Carole Hanson
Carolyn Eaton Private
Carolyn Eaton
Carter Taylor $634,698
Carter Taylor
Cate Lynn Private
Cate Lynn
Cathie Morris $-44,649
Cathie Morris
Cecilie Lunderskov $63,880
Celine Granetin $131,881
Cesar Raez Private
Cesar Raez
Champ Bailey $383,434
Champ Bailey
Cheque Rios $219,710
Chip Woolley $98,520
Chippy Chippers Private
Chris $100,470
Chris Barber Private
Chris Barber
Chris Bresnahan Private
Chris Bresnahan
Chris Clark $637,699
Chris Clark
Chris Fielder Private
Chris Fielder
Chris Reed Private
Chris Reed
Chris Simpson Private
Chris Simpson
Christin Shadowcage $-55,967
Christine Knight Private
Christophe Desjardin $17,354,489
Christophe Desjardin
Christy Sloan Private
Christy Sloan
Christy Williams Private
Christy Williams
Ciano Colly Private
Ciano Colly
Cinda Leigh Private
Cindy Saunders Private
Cindy Saunders
Clarehaven Stables Private
Cleo Patra Private
Cleo Patra
Colin Allen $99,960
Colten Brown $136,196
Corey Brown $91,316
Corey Lange $290,350
Corey Lange
Craig Mcgee Private
Craig Mcgee
Craig Nevill $76,028
Crisjay Bellosillo Private
D's Racing Stable Private
D's Racing Stable
D.m Henderson Private
D.m Henderson
Dahil Emata $1,190,560
Daisie Rose $208,758
Dakota Lagoon $99,880
Dan Chartier $173,962
Dan Chartier
Dan Gordon $2,008,328
Dan Gordon
Danger Zone Private
Danny Derby Private
Danny Derby
Darcy McBride Private
Darcy McBride
Darky Wolf $102,010
Darren Rook Private
Darren Rook
Dave Trainer Private
Dave Trainer
David Gray $636,524
David Gray
David Hayes $4,050
David John Symes $218,904
David John Symes
David Stinson $659,315
David Velasquez $51,204
Dawn Palka Private
Dawn Palka
Dawn Ward $100,690
Dennis Peterson $6,010,885
Dennis Peterson
Dennis Trusty $3,515,715
Dennis Trusty
Derek Bisson $975,680
Dianarose $95,050
Diane Townsend Private
Diane Townsend
Divina $99,130
Dmo $68,912
Dom Behan $2,602,676
Dom Behan
Don Adams $180,340
Donavan Horie $143,506
Donnie Hidalgo $3,193,246
Donnie Hidalgo
Doug Cuomo Private
Doug Cuomo
Doug Kidwell Private
Doug Kidwell
Douglas Marley $227,718
Douglas Marley
Duke Homegoods $244,199
Durzo Blint Private
Durzo Blint
Dusty Glenn $3,234,323
Dusty Klatt $9,404,367
Dusty Klatt
Dylan Christensen Private
Dylan Christensen
Dylan John $92,029
Dylan Price $524,984
Dylan Price
Echo Silver $227,949
Ed Malloy $565,412
Ed Malloy
Edgar Williams $1,110,395
Edward Brian* $2,942,375
Edward Brian
Edward Glaum $178,180
Eli Tan $76,675
Elisabeth Meldgaard $99,880
Elisse Hackett Private
Elisse Hackett
Elitenati $76,730
Elizabeth Hart $11,798
Ella Herschak $100,750
Ella Morran Private
Elle Cannes $34,710
Elle Frost $852,496
Elle Frost
Elle Marcs Private
Elwood Dowd Private
Elwood Dowd
Em Eff $427,982
Em Eff
Emily Ingram $31,253
Emily Klein Private
Emily Klein
Emily Mitchell $442,398
Emily Mitchell
Emma Lochran Private
Emma Lochran
Emmie Kay Private
Emmie Kay
Emmy Walcher $101,630
Enpea Racing $165,223
Enpea Racing
Eric Deco Private
Eric Deco
Eric Hamme $1,611,736
Eric Hamme
Eric Nalbone $16,135,543
Eric Nalbone
Erica Olson Private
Erica Olson
Erin Erskine Private
Erin Erskine
Erin Sanderson Private
Erin Sanderson
Essie $102,690
Eugene Ferguson $21,560,548
Eugene Ferguson
Eva Fennema $89,760
Fallon Neely $7,000
Fanta Arcadia Private
Fanta Arcadia
Felicia Paulsson $99,770
Fern Thompson Private
Fern Thompson
Fleetwood $100,000
Flizan Hambletonian $10,754,505
Flizan Hambletonian
Francis Filart Private
Francis Filart
Frank Chilton* $46,170
Frank Chilton
Frank Costanza $99,980
Frank Nracco Private
Frank Nracco
Frank Wiley $4,669,632
Frank Wiley
Frankie Pacious $175,960
Franziska Schneider $99,880
Garret Folsom Private
Garret Folsom
Gary Mannion $1,977,505
Gary Mannion
Gary Prat Private
Gary Prat
Gary Stewart Private
Gary Stewart
Garylynn Farms Private
Garylynn Farms
Gavin Guile Private
Gavin Guile
GEARs Racing Private
GEARs Racing
Geir Larsen $5,560,414
Geir Larsen
Gemma Maher $100,540
Gen Ravenwood $52,830
Gen Ravenwood
George Knatz Private
George Knatz
Gerry Hardie $18,337,295
Gerry Hardie
Get the Puck Out Private
Gigi Gofaster Private
Gigi Gofaster
Gina Cork Private
Gina Porter Private
Gina Porter
Glenn Culver $116,763
Glenn Culver
Glenn Escobar Private
Glenn Escobar
Glenn Larson Private
Glenn Larson
Grace Billington $173,810
Grace King Private
Grace King
Greg Mey Private
Greg Mey
Grimm Hollow $93,460
Gwayne Mike Private
Gwayne Mike
Gypsy Janison $99,650
Hailey Black $99,050
Hamish Mcgonaghal Private
Hamish Mcgonaghal
Hannah Reeke $74,918
Hazel Anthony Private
Hazel Anthony
Heather Crawford $2,658
Heather Crawford
Heather Ritchie Private
Heather Ritchie
Heikki Eerola $99,880
Henri Sciberras $99,920
Hillview Stud Private
Hillview Stud
Holly Oaks $74,656
Holly Tams $170,380
Horsey Mchorseface Private
Horsey Mchorseface
Howard Cake $3,913,494
Howard Cake
Ilyas Macit $96,630
Imperial Thoroughbreds LLC Private
Imperial Thoroughbreds LLC
Inca Stables $331,865
Inca Stables
Inka Smith $99,960
Irl Smith $172,989
Irl Smith
Isabella Acres Private
Isabella Acres
Isabella Archer $80,878
Izabella McNamee Private
Izabella McNamee
Izzy Rafferty Private
Izzy Rafferty
J K Rowling Private
J K Rowling
J.P Dogood $146,767
J.r. La Deist $98,510
J.r. Lewis Private
J.r. Lewis
Jack Ball $81,754
Jack Ball
Jack Meyer* Private
Jack Meyer
Jack Ryder $127,239
Jackson Pearce $99,770
Jacob Herman $14,603,068
Jacob Herman
Jambo $84,040
James a Roush $206,264
James Riley $160,480
James Selby Private
James Selby
Jamie Bates Private
Jamie Bates
Janna Evans $39,641
Jared Holland $40,599
Jasmine Grimm Private
Jason Barlock $305,182
Jason Bourne $94,900
Jason Bourne
Jay Trotter $1,985,503
Jazmyn Mcewan Private
Jazmyn Mcewan
Jeffrey Clauser $1,132,390
Jeffrey Clauser
Jennifer Blake Private
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Johnson $85,450
Jennifer Klebsch Private
Jennifer Klebsch
Jens Fup $188,135
Jens Paul $99,920
Jeremy Janitz $165,119
Jeremy Janitz
Jes $94,890
Jess Dowson Private
Jess Dowson
Jill Brennen $111,106
Jim Cassie $731,495
Jim Cassie
Jo Ferris* $3,620,162
Jo Ferris
Jodind Behtarta Private
Joe Bengston $210,738
Joe Davis $54,607
Joe Hernandez $165,841
Joe Hernandez
Joe Shaw Private
Joe Shaw
Joh Ohj Private
Johanna Stk Private
Johanna Stk
John Bonhomme $217,824
John Buzz Private
John Buzz
John Christensen $37,157
John Christensen
John Farrell $466,439
John Farrell
John Gaither $50,238
John Gotti $-65,297
John Jichi $174,780
John Karczewski $150,395
John Nicholson* $1,809,060
John Nicholson
John Sloan Private
John Sloan
John Slotmon $23,595,555
John Slotmon
John Smith Private
John Smith
Johnnie Romance $155,713
Jolene Danner Private
Jolene Danner
Jon Xett Private
Jon Xett
Jonathan Fisher $168,011
Jonathan Fisher
Jordan Miller $27,842
Joseph Depaulo $10,066,052
Joseph Depaulo
Jpl Farms $60,972
Juan Hernandez $128,320
Juli Stettler Private
Juli Stettler
Julia $123,573
Juniorthemorganhorse $88,040
Junstud Race $-8,940
Jurgen Ver Private
Jurgen Ver
Justin Turner Private
Justin Turner
Kaine Saracen Private
Kaine Saracen
Kal $100,630
Kara Burke $99,930
Kara Kramer $451,289
Karie McBrian Private
Karie McBrian
Karl Smythe $2,820,504
Karl Smythe
Kasie Gillespie $1,293,976
Kasie Gillespie
Kat $95,680
Katelyn $-13,580
Kath Sylvia Private
Kath Sylvia
Kathleen Ressepora $70,103
Kathleen Ressepora
Katie Lynn $171,955
Katie Stepanian Private
Katie Stepanian
Katy Turner Private
Katy Turner
Keith Maidlow Private
Keith Maidlow
Keith Place* Private
Keith Place
Keith Wall $2,255,847
Keith Wall
Keivan Serrano $100,650
Kelley Wachter Private
Kelley Wachter
Kelly Law $102,650
Ken Doe Private
Ken Doe
Ken Harrison $344,129
Ken Lind $17,110,105
Ken Lind
Kendra Brewster $-20,585
Kendra Fullerton $-26,285
Kendra Lilley $100,630
Kenneth Prater Private
Kenneth Prater
Kent Saunders Private
Kent Saunders
Kenzie Larkin Private
Kenzie Larkin
Kerin Rosalie $154,909
Kevin Ater $250,677
Kevin Rivers Private
Kevin Rivers
Kevin Wynn Private
Kevin Wynn
Khalifa $99,670
Killy Rose $92,367
Kim Bouten $100,000
Kimyowolf $82,443
Kinclaire Farm $51,020
Kinclaire Farm
Knights Racing $351,530
Kootenay Stables Private
Kootenay Stables
Kris Bobby Private
Kris Bobby
Kris Krueger Private
Kris Krueger
Kris Rain Private
Kris Rain
Kristen Lexcen $69,916
Kristen Lexcen
Kristi Elaine $194,359
Kursat $99,820
Kyasuriin Matsumoto Private
Kyasuriin Matsumoto
Kyle Fleming $-7,017
LaDonna King Private
LaDonna King
Lance Macisaac $65,866
Lance Macisaac
Larsson $99,460
Laura $99,880
Laura Ferguson* Private
Laura Ferguson
Laura Mcdaniel Private
Laura Mcdaniel
Laura Smith* Private
Laura Smith
Laura Wagner $120,119
Lauren Agee $101,730
Lauren Sharp $174,130
Lea Anderson $99,985
Lea Kroner $101,650
Lea Rehberg $100,000
Lee Cara Private
Lee Cara
Lee Key Shipyard Private
Lee Key Shipyard
Lee Tuttle Private
Lee Tuttle
Left Coast Racing LLC Private
Leigh Ann Anderson Private
Leigh Ann Anderson
Les Bowden $289,524
Letecia Symes $84,750
Lethal Prodigy Private
Lethal Prodigy
Lilli $174,370
Lily Walker $84,880
Lily Wilkins Private
Lily Wilkins
Linda $90,530
Lino Duran Private
Lino Duran
Lisa Bennert $11,999,796
Lisa Bennert
Lisa Strummer $16,905,473
Lisa Strummer
Littel Bulldog Private
Lloyd Williams $188,788
Loree Ethell $7,398,116
Loree Ethell
Lorenzo $102,710
Lori Hamill Private
Lori Hamill
Louise Bayou* Private
Louise Bayou
Lucas Davenport Private
Lucas Davenport
Lucas Durant $1,950
Lucas Muniz $900
Lucy Loveyear $62,606
Luis Polar Private
Luis Polar
Luna Southnight $101,400
Ma Springs Private
Mac Taylor $82,311
Maccor Racing $176,360
Madelene Gilbert Private
Madelene Gilbert
Madison Elizabeth Carbine $191,624
Mady Hillian $197,625
Maggie Wood $99,960
Magic Star Private
Magic Star
Magrathia Pacing Private
Magrathia Pacing
Malory Temples $101,149
Maple Water Stable $118,306
Marc Diemand $132,988
Marc Plouffe Private
Marc Plouffe
Mare Lenart $101,630
Maria Ogren $-4,893
Marie Mcamis $84,200
Marineille Sweeney $1,626,181
Marineille Sweeney
Marissa $99,880
Mark Atienza $2,801
Mark Branch $103,885
Mark Branch
Mark Garner $100,690
Mark Geukens $76,075
Mark Geukens
Mark Markson Private
Mark Markson
Mark Nowak $54,929
Mark Robson $170,990
Mark Scheu $247,080
Mark Wallace $257,554
Mark Wallace
Marley Oaken $235,116
Marley Oaken
Married Mayhem $357,050
Mary Redman $101,670
Mary Whalen $680,579
Mary Whalen
Matt Feldman $3,679,197
Matt Feldman
Matthew $100,650
Matthew Kveragas $143,076
Matthew Kveragas
Matthew McMahon $758,746
Matthew McMahon
Mckinley Storer Private
Megan Whitmore $99,900
Mel Lankford Private
Mel Lankford
Melalex Ashbay Private
Melissa Mae Private
Melissa Mae
Melody Everheart Private
Melvin Vrhel $102,858
Mentor Program Private
Michael Alevras Private
Michael Alevras
Michael Kissane $259,462
Michael Kissane
Michael Looker Private
Michael McGuire Private
Michael McGuire
Michael Taylor $98,965
Michelle Calderoni $7,627,684
Michelle Calderoni
Mike Bryant Private
Mike Bryant
Mike Eaton $5,383,840
Mike Eaton
Mike Larson Private
Mike Larson
Mike Makinster $98,150
Mike Prevost Private
Mike Prevost
Mike Springer Private
Mike Springer
Mike Stevens Private
Mike Stevens
Mimi Land $100,000
Mira Hallwirth $99,110
Misty Hills Private
Misty Hills
Mixed Up Program Private
Monster Moon $154,129
Montana Fitzpatrick $187,500
Morgan Barnes $173,642
Moui $99,980
Mountain Man Private
Mountain Man
Murray McNickle $146,479
Murray McNickle
NA Stables $2,320,822
Nabori Daca $127,051
Nabori Daca
Natalie Machova $101,690
Natasha Yar Private
Natasha Yar
Nathan Klein $305,980
Nathan Klein
Natsha Gates $755,689
Nelsonsog Fierheller $134,102
Nemesis $99,980
Nena Olson Private
Nena Olson
Nestor Gonzalez $21,486
Nicholas Johnson $3,146,894
Nicholas Johnson
Nick Gilmore Private
Nick Gilmore
Nick Mansbridge $100,770
Nikki Everdeen Private
Nikki Everdeen
Nina D. Hollyngton $102,690
Nina Henne $299,740
Nini Hunter Private
Nini Hunter
Noel Collins $624,768
Noel Collins
Noel Richards $107,494
Noel Richards
Norman Architecture $627,405
Norman Architecture
Northern Park Private
Noth $98,980
NYTO LLC Private
Olivia $101,370
Olstpswuaam $138,604
Oncu Kaan Private
Oncu Kaan
Pam Maier Private
Pam Maier
Pat Lowe $137,918
Pat Mcgowan Private
Pat Phillips $164,926
Pat Phillips
Pat Schenk $204,231
Patrick O'Malley $11,879,863
Patrick O'Malley
Patrick Ray $100,570
Patrik Diemand $1,135,160
Patrik Diemand
Paul Ficuzza $354,642
Paul Ficuzza
Paul Howard $102,730
Paul Sellers $231,991
Paul Sellers
Paul Swint $519,807
Pavel Miksatko $99,519
Pedro Pastinio Private
Pedro Pastinio
Penny Lynch $568,060
Pepper Carol Private
Pepper Carol
Pernille Andersen $100,000
Pete Vella Private
Pete Vella
Peter Gleason $283,211
Peter Gleason
Peter Moody $32,020
Peter Quill $242,302
Peter Quill
Peter Savage $33,648
Peter Savage
Phil Hoeflich Private
Phil Hoeflich
Philip Crawford $510,438
Philip Homann Private
Philip Homann
Polk Buffalo $1,147,995
Polk Buffalo
Polska $101,650
Prince Of Adflavi Private
Puzzle Piece $99,820
Rachael Menke $1,357,788
Rachael Menke
Rachel Sadler Private
Rachel Sadler
Rachel Sowinski $173,340
Radio Face Private
Radio Face
Rafa Usoz $4,891,973
Rafa Usoz
Ramon Akoa $157,416
Randall Allen* Private
Randall Allen
Randell Johnson* Private
Randell Johnson
Randy Bauer $98,220
Randy Graham $435,757
Randy Graham
Ranjie Budhoo Jr $163,550
Rasputitsa $192,420
Raven Grevertz $567,739
Raven Grevertz
Ray Gudgeon $100,000
Rebecca Cass Private
Rebecca Cass
Rebecca Laine Private
Rebecca Lavelle Private
Rebecca Rose Hepburn Private
Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Regina Hagert Private
Regina Hagert
Regina Moore $90,795,777
Regina Moore
Richard Breedlove Private
Richard Breedlove
Richard Diemand Private
Richard Diemand
Richard Powell $102,190
Richard Smith Private
Richard Smith
Rick Ack $2,026,332
Rick Ack
Rick Gene $513,687
Ricky Spanish $5,739
Ricky Stamm $19,135,792
Ricky Stamm
River Everett $152,477
Roan $93,500
Rob Solmundson $12,541
Robert Damato $49,538
Robert Forston Private
Robert Forston
Robert Goldsmith $122,794
Robert Mertz $5,128,549
Robert Mertz
Robert Reed $1,052,983
Robert Reed
Robert Spender $-53,934
Rochelle Zahacy Private
Rochelle Zahacy
Rocki Ryoliza $8,566,898
Rocki Ryoliza
Rocky Strambler $77,565
Roman Reigns $587,507
Ron Emmons $99,960
Ron Emmons
Ron Fleming $96,239
Ron Fleming
Ron Pearson $101,690
Ronald Mathers $176,280
Ronnie Dee Private
Ronnie Dee
Ross Cohem $143,110
Ross Koenig Jr $15,734
Ross Koenig Jr
Royal Celestine Private
Royal Celestine
Royalty Racing LLC $413,816
Rune Ankjell $114,825
Ryan Whitehead* Private
Ryan Whitehead
Rylan Signalness $100,040
Sally Hawks $99,980
Sam $101,730
Sam Leveste $9,538
Samantha Tane $211,380
Samiamidi $83,360
Samuel Tilley Private
Samuel Tilley
Sanjana Mukherjee $131,527
Sara Julin $1,338,918
Sara Julin
Sara Michalikova $100,670
Sara Murphy $43,951
Sarah Chase Private
Sarah Chase
Sarah Enos $100,000
Satan Toast $204,997
Savanna Remington Carette $1,519
Savannah Conner $100,750
Sean $105,470
Sean Gallagher $28,180
Sean Gallagher
Seize The Summer LLC Private
Seize The Summer LLC
Serg Moroz $32,199
Shannon Hunt Private
Shannon Rossi $75,000
Sherry Crow $8,508,590
Sherry Crow
Shiadra Cattari $1,594,868
Shiadra Cattari
Sho Kobayashi $112,178
Sierra Henderson $99,770
Siiri Peltola $99,880
Sir Fiddo $176,660
Slick Bertman $-17,951
Sophia Stevenson Private
Sophia Stevenson
Sophia U $99,360
Spencer Howell $100,000
Sten Rino Haakonsen $149,378
Sten Rino Haakonsen
Steph Lonhro $2,717,046
Steph Lonhro
Stephen Cleveland Private
Stephen Cleveland
Stephen Saratoga $25,892,619
Stephen Saratoga
Steve Handley Private
Steve Handley
Steve Hubert IIi $99,980
Steve Leavitt Private
Steve Leavitt
Steve Martyn $176,199
Steve Rogers Private
Steve Vitall $99,900
Steve Wildermuth $146,557
Steve Wildermuth
Stormy Peak $2,038,932
Stormy Peak
Stuart Scott $167,502
Stuart Scott
Susan Smith $99,960
Susie Rydell $30,295,883
Susie Rydell
Svein Andersen $69,890
Sycamore Farms Private
Sydney Niemann $34,775
Sydney Niemann
T.D. Palm Private
T.D. Palm
Tabitha Sanders Private
Tabitha Sanders
Talia Emma Martens $101,710
Tamara Estes Private
Tamara Estes
Tamara Vess Private
Tamara Vess
Tammy Marstam Private
Tammy Marstam
Tammy Stawicki Private
Tammy Stawicki
Tamsin Pa Te Rangi $138,254
Te Akau Downs Private
Te Akau Downs
Team Keanna $486,874
Team Keanna
Ted Thorn $1,790,421
Ted Thorn
Terry Barnes $655,493
Terry Hanson $7,625
Terry Hoffman $185,102
The Admin Private
The Admin
The Four Horsemen $786,107
The Four Horsemen
The Steward Private
The Steward
Thomas Collins Private
Thomas Collins
Thomas Fallon $134,780
Thomas Fallon
Thomas Fleming $446,689
Tim Kaesler $159,960
Tim Matthews Private
Tim Matthews
Tim Vaughn $96,495
Tiny Nole $59,441
Tiyoun Long Private
Tiyoun Long
Todd A. Pletcher Private
Todd A. Pletcher
Todd Lucas Private
Todd Lucas
Todd Whisenant $4,100,607
Todd Whisenant
Tom Lin Private
Tom Lin
Tom Mudgett $814,994
Tom Mudgett
Tom Waterhouse $64,259
Tony Baker Private
Tony Baker
Tony Dion $77,092
Tony Montana $37,027
Tony Pos $799,815
Tony Williams $20,775
Tory Egerton $-39,320
Tory Egerton
Tory Powell $120,969
Tracy Marcer Private
Tracy Marcer
Trastevere Peru $12,767,227
Trastevere Peru
Trevor Ralph $79,027
Trevor Ralph
Trickey Trickster $8,024
Tristan Ashford $26,451
Troy Gallant Private
Troy Gallant
Turf Marvels Private
Turf Marvels
Tyler Stein $113,444
Tyler Stein
Tyrone Nation $99,880
USA Racing LLC Private
USA Racing LLC
Vampirejunky $101,699
Vanille Reynolds Private
Vanille Reynolds
Varina Steeplehope $138,765
Veritas Stables $998,949
Veronica Holmberg $70,000
Veronica Thomas Private
Violet King $100,710
Vontae Mack $102,570
Walter Moquin $807,285
Walter Moquin
Wayne Slee $171,040
William Cintron Private
William Cintron
William Fields $270,720
Willie Carson Private
Willie Carson
Willie Winsome $101,709
Xander Zone Private
Xander Zone
Xxofficialsoulxx $99,940
Yepperfy Noperfy $102,710
Yoanna Hemligt Private
Zero Smith Private
Zero Smith
Ziggy Wallace $102,170
Ziperation Danvers $187,336
Ziperation Danvers
Zoe Aven $83,532
Zoe Rosenthal $99,900
Zoey Opalgate $100,000
Zosia Witkowska Private
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