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Name Current Balance
440 Racing Barn $4,194,000
440 Racing Barn
A. Mukkerji Private
A.R. Roberts $27,813,714
A.R. Roberts
Aaron Martin $99,960
Abbie James $99,840
Abby $99,940
Abe Froman Private
Abe Froman
Adam Preaton $5,043
Adele Mistfoll $99,900
Adrienne Tanner $74,080
Aeon Knight Private
Agnes Teinmar $172,298
Aidan O Brien Private
Aidan O Brien
Ailsa Smith $100,000
Albane Mow $99,920
Alessia Westsister $99,900
Alex Diamond $99,460
Alex Fischer $101,440
Alex Sandberg $100,000
Alexander $3,011
Alexandra Jaysman $244,401,195
Alexandra Jaysman
Alexandra Larson $173,820
Alexandra Redwood $-2,261
Alexis De Tocqueville Private
Alexya Caucie $99,400
Ali Hedgestone Private
Ali Hedgestone
Ali Mahomed $99,920
Alice Johnson $173,524
All England Racing $328,384
All England Racing
Alleyne Torres $25,771,350
Alleyne Torres
Aloretta Dethly $2,214,496
Aloretta Dethly
Alyssa Lapa Private
Alyssa Lapa
Alyssa Meyers $182,234
Alyssa Meyers
Alysse Peverell Private
Alysse Peverell
Amanda Barnes Private
Amanda Barnes
Amanda Gallop $1,129
Amy Atkins $2,619,685
Amy Atkins
Amy Bahama Private
Amy Bahama
Amy Griff $100,000
Amy Pond Private
Amy Pond
Andie Montrose $155,955
Andrada Samoila $99,900
Andrea Bouwkamp Private
Andrea Bouwkamp
Andrej Angelovski $99,900
Andrew Bjork $99,690
Andrew James $2,337,196
Andrew James
Andrew Smith Private
Angela Chase $255,683
Angela Chase
Angela Perry $17,556
Angela Perry
Angelita Jackie $99,960
Anna Leroux $3,751,363
Anna Leroux
Annabeth Gatz $98,900
Anne Conradt Private
Anne Conradt
Anthony L Carder Private
Anthony L Carder
Anthony Name Private
Anthony Name
Anthony Newman $578,501
Anzu Mccann $1,673,654
Anzu Mccann
April Eddy $100,862,247
April Eddy
Ara Davies $93,120,248
Ara Davies
Arrowheadz $100,040
Art Kage Private
Art Kage
Arthur Cutler Private
Arthur Cutler
Asena $100,200
Aseria Ovec $99,890
Ash Tarasin Private
Ash Tarasin
Ashley Gibson Private
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Hunt $3,843,973
Ashley Hunt
Aster Sear $100,640
Athaha Hokuna $84,524
Audrey Bell Private
Augustus Co $1,120
Augustus Co
Aura $102,640
Austin Cox $100,190
Austin Perrins $99,920
Avery Genna Private
Avery Genna
Avis $100,000
Awesome Karl $134,332
Awesome Karl
Azrie Oxton $101,200
Azure Sapphire $176,265
Azure Sapphire
Balthazar Balthazar $209,680
Barb Stearns $2,274,203
Barb Stearns
Barbara Arthur $99,925
Bauboorally Wakeel $166,675
Bella Quinn $171,027
Belle Gifft Private
Bellona Ryder $99,850
Ben Solo $99,920
Ben Stover Private
Ben Stover
Benedict Martorano $296,217
Beth Stewart $96,879
Bill Bobby $100,950
Bill Giannini $99,920
Bill Ibong $99,960
Bill Outsilver $2,609,589
Bill Outsilver
Billy Anderson Private
Billy Anderson
Black Type LLC Private
Black Type LLC
Bless Your Heart $1,548,358
Bless Your Heart
Bob Allensworth $829,234
Bob Allensworth
Bob Green $1,069,338
Bob Green
Bob Kunz $173,160
Bob Probert $2,627,189
Bob Probert
Bobby Bonilla $257,577
Bobby Fissure $224,680
Bobby Glantzberg $4,378,682
Bonade $99,900
Brad Fabman $276,288
Brad Fabman
Brad Searcy* $281,695
Brad Searcy
Brad Smith $95,938
Brad Smith
Bradley Davis $4,921,676
Bradley Davis
Braeside Private
Brandon McNulty Private
Brandon McNulty
Brandon Schultz Private
Brandon Schultz
Branwen Rune Darkmoor $99,900
Brayden Davis $99,920
Breannarenedooley $136,743
Brett Stier* Private
Brian Chunn Private
Brian Chunn
Brian Clarke $6,888
Brian Leavitt Private
Brian Leavitt
Briana Kearney Private
Briana Kearney
Brianna McKenzie Private
Brianna McKenzie
Brittany'ann Fontana $75,226
Brooke Ketron* Private
Brooke Ketron
Bryan $101,010
Bryan Carter $147,655
Bryan Carter
Bryan Helmer $369,366
Bryan Helmer
Bryan Martin $100,280
Bryan O'Steen $4,109,914
Bryan Price $2,774,594
Bryan Price
Bryce Martin $99,920
Bucky Barns $159,505
Bujio $99,790
C.S. Werth Private
C.S. Werth
Cade Parks $99,940
Canarios Amarillo Private
Canarios Amarillo
Cappa Cap Private
Carinaxwelt $99,920
Carly Marchbank $99,900
Carol Baxter $-174,181
Carole Hanson* $4,151,458
Carole Hanson
Carolyn Eaton Private
Carolyn Eaton
Carrol Herzing $100,140
Carter Taylor $971,303
Carter Taylor
Casey Warburton $133,904
Cass $99,920
Cate Lynn Private
Cate Lynn
Cathie Morris $245,951
Cathie Morris
Celestyal $99,920
Champ Bailey $287,369
Champ Bailey
Chandra Hailstone $-2,580
Charlie Keglovitz $99,920
Charlotte $100,000
Charlotte Taylor $123,202
Chippy Chippers $504
Chloe Vessell $152,840
Chris Barber Private
Chris Barber
Chris Bresnahan Private
Chris Bresnahan
Chris Fielder Private
Chris Fielder
Chris Reed Private
Chris Reed
Chris Schneider $105,085
Chris Simpson Private
Chris Simpson
Christin Shadowcage* $27,973
Christine Knight Private
Christophe Desjardin $13,458,590
Christophe Desjardin
Christopher James $99,900
Christy Sloan Private
Christy Sloan
Christy Williams Private
Christy Williams
Ciano Colly Private
Ciano Colly
Cindy Saunders Private
Cindy Saunders
Clarehaven Stables Private
Clay Place $45,201
Cleo Patra Private
Cleo Patra
Colten Brown $38,561
Corey Brown $15,313
Corey Lange $6,682
Corey Lange
Cory Danielle $99,200
Cory Letain $56,850
Cosmic Soul $144,287
Craig Mcgee* Private
Craig Mcgee
Craig Nevill $101,354
Cretu Ionut $101,030
Crisjay Bellosillo Private
D's Racing Stable Private
D's Racing Stable
D.m Henderson Private
D.m Henderson
Dahil Emata* $2,446,568
Daisy Kelly $100,640
Dan Chartier $22,698
Dan Chartier
Dan Gordon $5,530,708
Dan Gordon
Dan Kauffman $6,162,639
Dan Kauffman
Danger Zone Private
Daniele Laucelli $29,692
Danny Derby Private
Danny Derby
Danny Warren $273,781
Danny Warren
Darcy McBride Private
Darcy McBride
Darla Darlrymple $-21,669
Darren Rook Private
Darren Rook
Dave Laser Private
Dave Laser
Dave Trainer Private
Dave Trainer
Dave Zilla $532,594
David Catsimbras Private
David Gray $1,259,089
David Gray
David Lee Swain II $61,047
David Lee Swain II
David Stinson $380,518
Dawn Palka* Private
Dawn Palka
Dawnell Louthan $-215
Deltas Sim Private
Dennis Fouch Private
Dennis Peterson $4,886,533
Dennis Peterson
Dennis Trusty $2,639,282
Dennis Trusty
Dian Faux $100,000
Diane Hoover $7,844
Diane Townsend Private
Diane Townsend
Dom Behan $926,068
Dom Behan
Donald Thomas $168,065
Donavan Horie $143,506
Donnie Hidalgo $2,477,575
Donnie Hidalgo
Dorothy Mann $154,706
Dorothy Mann
Doug Cuomo* $2,176,871
Doug Cuomo
Doug Kidwell Private
Doug Kidwell
Douglas Marley $159,625
Dove Thompson $101,400
Drew Rockwell $99,920
Durzo Blint Private
Durzo Blint
Dusty Glenn* Private
Dusty Klatt $10,340,895
Dusty Klatt
Dylan Christensen Private
Dylan Christensen
Dylan Price $103,729
Dylan Price
E.o $101,440
Echo Silver $224,640
Ed Malloy $645,148
Ed Malloy
Edgar Williams $430,678
Edward Brian $1,216,943
Edward Brian
Eka Zolotoy $100,280
Eli Winston $155,075
Elijah Reyes $99,000
Elisse Hackett Private
Elisse Hackett
Elivember $101,500
Elizabeth Damery $99,900
Elizabeth Hart $77,622
Elle Cannes $37,560
Elle Frost $132,185
Elle Frost
Ellie May Best $99,980
Elsa Frozen $92,200
Elwood Dowd Private
Elwood Dowd
Emily Beethoven $98,920
Emily Klein $2,994,688
Emily Klein
Emily Meachum Private
Emily Meachum
Emily Mitchell $421,892
Emily Mitchell
Emma Leis $-4,682
Emma Lochran Private
Emma Lochran
Emma Malm $101,950
Emma White $173,820
Emmie Kay Private
Emmie Kay
Enpea Racing $226,573
Enpea Racing
Eole $99,940
Eric Deco Private
Eric Deco
Eric Hamme $1,153,317
Eric Hamme
Eric Larrow $908,108
Eric Larrow
Eric Maltser $99,920
Eric Nalbone $15,260,438
Eric Nalbone
Erica Olson Private
Erica Olson
Erin Erskine Private
Erin Erskine
Erin Sanderson Private
Erin Sanderson
Ermias Ashgedom $99,900
Essi Koho $99,690
Esther Winters $439,520
Esther Winters
Eugene Ferguson $21,919,411
Eugene Ferguson
Eve Mackenzie $99,920
F Ste $99,419
Fallon Neely $7,650
Fanta Arcadia Private
Fanta Arcadia
Farren Mortikan $99,920
Felix Blear $102,040
Fern Thompson Private
Fern Thompson
Flizan Hambletonian $1,628,790
Flizan Hambletonian
Francis Filart Private
Francis Filart
Frank Nracco Private
Frank Nracco
Frank Wiley $3,615,337
Frank Wiley
Franky Dam $295,695
Franky Dam
Frv $99,900
Gabriel $99,690
Garret Folsom Private
Garret Folsom
Gary $99,920
Gary Mannion $1,445,810
Gary Mannion
Gary Prat Private
Gary Prat
Gary Stewart Private
Gary Stewart
Gary Wolf $99,420
Garylynn Farms Private
Garylynn Farms
Gavin Guile Private
Gavin Guile
GEARs Racing Private
GEARs Racing
Geir Larsen $6,786,793
Geir Larsen
Gen Ravenwood $472,053
Gen Ravenwood
George Knatz Private
George Knatz
George Scott $126,943
Gerry Hardie $13,826,234
Gerry Hardie
Get the Puck Out Private
Gigi Gofaster Private
Gigi Gofaster
Gina Cork Private
Gina Porter Private
Gina Porter
Glenn Culver $302,673
Glenn Culver
Glenn Escobar Private
Glenn Escobar
Glenn Larson Private
Glenn Larson
Grace King Private
Grace King
Greg Mey $38,965
Greg Mey
Guru $99,920
Gwayne Mike* Private
Gwayne Mike
Haciak Mr. Jr $732,538
Hamish Mcgonaghal Private
Hamish Mcgonaghal
Hanna Popa $99,900
Hannah Reeke $56,725
Hannah Smithton $37,967
Hannah Smithton
Hazel Anthony Private
Hazel Anthony
Heather Crawford $27,634
Heather Crawford
Heather Reinhart $100,260
Heather Ritchie Private
Heather Ritchie
Hector.w Alvarado Vargas $174,360
High Octane Stables $258,932
Horsey Mchorseface Private
Horsey Mchorseface
Horseyamber $97,878
Houston Neeves $139,379
Howard $100,920
Howard Cake $875,130
Howard Cake
Hyperactive Brain $82,685
Ian Clayton $291,463
Ian Clayton
Imperial Thoroughbreds LLC Private
Imperial Thoroughbreds LLC
Inca Stables $543,091
Inca Stables
Inked Lynx $99,710
Iridessa Carlisle $98,940
Iris Wiedorfer $99,940
Irl Smith $136,675
Irl Smith
Isabella Acres Private
Isabella Acres
Isla Rose $100,240
Itshali $99,920
Izabella Matticks Private
Izabella Matticks
Izzy Rafferty Private
Izzy Rafferty
J K Rowling Private
J K Rowling
J.P Dogood* $208,245
J.r. Lewis Private
J.r. Lewis
Jack Ball $178,664
Jack Ball
Jack Meyer* Private
Jack Meyer
Jackie Gottsche Private
Jackie Gottsche
Jackie Ten $42,955
Jacob Herman $14,128,266
Jacob Herman
Jake Peters Private
Jake Peters
Jakub Kocman Private
Jakub Vaverka I $54,553
Jakub Vaverka I
James Baker Private
James Baker
James Blackstone $99,920
James Burns Private
James Burns
James Livi $99,880
James Riley $202,367
James Selby Private
James Selby
James Telford $99,900
Jamie Bates Private
Jamie Bates
Janna Evans $97,125
Jared Holland $80,251
Jasmine Grimm Private
Jason Bourne $99,322
Jason Bourne
Jaxson Yeh $100,970
Jay Rockman $99,920
Jay Trotter $2,034,808
Jayden Lee $99,920
Jazmyn Mcewan Private
Jazmyn Mcewan
Jcasino $99,920
Jd Yates $102,950
Jeff Scott $171,100
Jeffery Kowitzke $457,312
Jeffery Kowitzke
Jeffrey Becker $100,000
Jeffrey Clauser $1,102,437
Jeffrey Clauser
Jenna Kaiser $99,420
Jennifer Blake Private
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Klebsch Private
Jennifer Klebsch
Jennifer Oliveira $94,430
Jens Fup $213,755
Jeremiah Rockemore $99,980
Jeremy Janitz $53,796
Jeremy Janitz
Jess Boyer Private
Jess Boyer
Jess Dowson Private
Jess Dowson
Jesse David Sturdivant $175,040
Jill Brennen $107,371
Jillian Dort $91,300
Jim Cassie $482,450
Jim Cassie
Jim Mccoy $125,614
Jim Yanok $122,681
Jimmy Said $59,286
Jo Ferris $10,544,037
Jo Ferris
Jodind Behtarta Private
Joe Bengston $94,776
Joe Horton $179,815
Joe Keenan $99,920
Joe Shaw Private
Joe Shaw
Joh Ohj Private
Johanna Stk Private
Johanna Stk
John Arzuaga Private
John Arzuaga
John Buzz Private
John Buzz
John Christensen $10,140
John Christensen
John Farrell $853,549
John Farrell
John Nicholson $643,654
John Nicholson
John Sloan Private
John Sloan
John Slotmon $23,342,400
John Slotmon
John Smith Private
John Smith
Johnnie Romance $103,063
Johny Stewart $50,220
Jolene Danner Private
Jolene Danner
Jon Telford Private
Jon Telford
Jon Xett Private
Jon Xett
Jordan Miller $16,125
Jordan Wright* $34,850
Jordan Wright
Joseph Depaulo $7,214,212
Joseph Depaulo
Joshua Haynes $99,920
Jpl Farms $749,175
Juan Carlos Valencia $157,435
Jules $99,920
Juli Stettler Private
Juli Stettler
Jurgen Ver Private
Jurgen Ver
Justin Turner Private
Justin Turner
Justine $168,800
Justinmon Navarrete Private
Justinmon Navarrete
Kaine Saracen Private
Kaine Saracen
Kara Kramer $371,430
Karie McBrian* Private
Karie McBrian
Karl Smythe $11,017,814
Karl Smythe
Karp Nieryba $102,040
Kasie Gillespie $2,524,681
Kasie Gillespie
Kat Wikstrom Private
Katarah Simones $22,213
Katarah Simones
Katelyn $89,183
Kath Sylvia Private
Kath Sylvia
Kathleen Ressepora $15,578
Kathleen Ressepora
Kathryn Ulric $98,920
Katie Stepanian Private
Katie Stepanian
Katy Turner Private
Katy Turner
Katya Mattel $99,420
Kay Kramer $91,720
Kay Taggart $31,035
Keila Sierra $165,980
Keith Johnson $99,900
Keith Maidlow Private
Keith Maidlow
Keith Place Private
Keith Place
Keiti Polma $174,820
Kelley Wachter Private
Kelley Wachter
Ken Doe Private
Ken Doe
Ken Harrison $267,972
Ken Lind $15,056,000
Ken Lind
Kendra Brewster $-2,557
Kendra Fullerton $-9,048
Kenneth Prater Private
Kenneth Prater
Kent Saunders Private
Kent Saunders
Kenzie Larkin Private
Kenzie Larkin
Kevin Ater $60,468
Kim Helley $627,432
Kim Helley
Kimberly Brown $99,880
Kimberly Manning $99,920
Kimyowolf* $12,478
Kinclaire Farm $326,450
Kinclaire Farm
Kira Leigh $90,441
Kira Leigh
Klementynkart $174,920
Knights Racing $140,441
Kootenay Stables Private
Kootenay Stables
Kraken $99,940
Kris Bobby Private
Kris Bobby
Kris Krueger Private
Kris Krueger
Kris Rain Private
Kris Rain
Krissy Moore $99,920
Kristen Lexcen $13,036
Kristen Lexcen
Kristen Moore $97,065
Kristina Budd $282,091
Kyasuriin Matsumoto Private
Kyasuriin Matsumoto
Kyle Alexander $99,920
Kyle Collins $152,455
Kyle Fleming $4,563
Kyriakos Koutroulakis $80,214
LaDonna King Private
LaDonna King
Lampothedog $99,800
Lance Macisaac $17,701
Lance Macisaac
Lara Winters $99,420
Laura Ferguson Private
Laura Ferguson
Laura Mcdaniel Private
Laura Mcdaniel
Laura Smith Private
Laura Smith
Lauren Jones $100,830
Lauren Whykes $928,092
Layla Blue $54
Lee Cara Private
Lee Cara
Lee Key Shipyard Private
Lee Key Shipyard
Lee Price $108,690
Lee Tuttle Private
Lee Tuttle
Left Coast Racing LLC Private
Leigh Ann Anderson Private
Leigh Ann Anderson
Lena Arthur $99,920
Leo $103,200
Leonard Beagle $3,405,098
Leonard Beagle
Leonie Schubert $101,240
Letecia Symes $157,630
Lethal Prodigy Private
Lethal Prodigy
Light Out Private
Lilly $99,960
Lillyan Ravendale $100,240
Lily Wilkins Private
Lily Wilkins
Linn Hamilton $93,519
Lino Duran Private
Lino Duran
Lisa Bennert $5,011,187
Lisa Bennert
Lisa Duchenet $178,405
Lisa Strummer $15,279,069
Lisa Strummer
Lissyflecky $99,590
Littel Bulldog Private
Logan Thompson $99,920
Loree Ethell $3,960,413
Loree Ethell
Lori Hamill Private
Lori Hamill
Louise Bayou Private
Louise Bayou
Louise Bratt $88,120
Lovehorse $110,716
Lucas $100,540
Lucas Davenport Private
Lucas Davenport
Lucas Durant $450
Lucas Muniz $1,500
Lucee Mcquistan $94,020
Lucy Loveyear $118,932
Luis Polar Private
Luis Polar
Luise Eichhorn $100,000
Lydia Rolison $99,920
Mac Taylor $67,351
Maddie Casey $100,770
Madelene Gilbert Private
Madelene Gilbert
Madison Elizabeth Carbine $207,275
Mady Hillian $212,161
Mae Roscoe $142,630
Magic Man $250,756
Magic Star Private
Magic Star
Magrathia Pacing Private
Magrathia Pacing
Malou Borna $100,240
Marc Asencioparadis $17,484
Marc Plouffe Private
Marc Plouffe
Marcus Mcgladray $100,870
Margaret Jones $241,127
Mariah Pringle $84,329
Marie Mcamis $99,920
Marieartz $99,920
Marineille Sweeney $552,526
Marineille Sweeney
Mark Atienza $-22,249
Mark Branch $50,367
Mark Branch
Mark Geukens $76,075
Mark Geukens
Mark Markson Private
Mark Nowak $29,074
Mark Pavlak Private
Mark Pavlak
Mark Scheu $247,080
Mark Wallace $264,474
Mark Wallace
Marnecia $98,339
Married Mayhem $150,574
Martin Black $-49,676
Mary Whalen $1,467,836
Mary Whalen
Matt Feldman $2,667,216
Matt Feldman
Matthew $97,000
Matthew Berg $99,900
Matthew Kveragas $6,034
Matthew Kveragas
Matthew McMahon $526,531
Matthew McMahon
Maura Reilly $97,317
Mayva Marple $-249
Meagan D'Amoure Private
Meagan D'Amoure
Mel Lankford Private
Mel Lankford
Melalex Ashbay Private
Melanie Waters $329,335
Melanie Waters
Melissa Mae Private
Melissa Mae
Melody Everheart Private
Melvin Vrhel $93,129
Mentor Program $99,980
Mia Winterspoon $100,000
Michael Alevras Private
Michael Higgins $117,259
Michael Kissane $218,494
Michael Kissane
Michael Looker Private
Michael McGuire Private
Michael McGuire
Michael Mercieca $99,980
Michelle Calderoni $7,243,360
Michelle Calderoni
Mike Bryant Private
Mike Bryant
Mike Eaton $3,062,624
Mike Eaton
Mike Larson* Private
Mike Larson
Mike Prevost Private
Mike Prevost
Mike Springer Private
Mike Springer
Mike Stevens Private
Mike Stevens
Misty Hills $127,086
Misty Hills
Mixed Up Program Private
Mona P $99,960
Monster Moon $204,703
Morgan Richards $99,920
Mountain Man Private
Mountain Man
Murray McNickle $75,638
Murray McNickle
NA Stables* $2,149,900
Naomi T $99,460
Natalia Youngsmith $99,920
Natalie Miller $99,960
Natasha Yar Private
Natasha Yar
Natsha Gates $794,779
Neil Hill $271,062
Neil Hill
Neil Thorne $35,324
Neil Thorne
Nelsonsog Fierheller $59,252
Nena Olson Private
Nena Olson
Nestor Gonzalez $2,349
Nicholas Johnson $1,575,689
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas R Bennett $100,540
Nick Gilmore Private
Nick Gilmore
Nick Goblirsch $254,902
Nick Tsalikidis $95,658
Nicola $99,700
Nikki Everdeen Private
Nikki Everdeen
Nina Henne $299,740
Nini Hunter Private
Nini Hunter
Noa Levesque $183,312
Noel Collins Private
Noel Collins
Noel Richards $35,544
Noel Richards
Norman Architecture $1,096,851
Norman Architecture
Northstar Racing LLC $84,082
Northstar Racing LLC
Nova Shade $99,420
NYTO LLC Private
Oliver Queen $13,254
Oliwia Jak $80,660
Oliwia Marek $102,560
Olstpswuaam $68,500
Omar Perez $100,100
Oncu Kaan* Private
Oncu Kaan
One Darkmoon $100,200
Paige Montomery $99,970
Pam Maier Private
Pam Maier
Pat Mcgowan Private
Pat Phillips $169,931
Pat Phillips
Patrick O'Malley $15,607,632
Patrick O'Malley
Patrik Diemand $908,868
Patrik Diemand
Paul Heinrich Private
Paul Heinrich
Paul Sellers $21,138
Paul Sellers
Paul Swint $297,152
Pawsplash $100,950
Pedro Pastinio Private
Pedro Pastinio
Peel Peyl $99,960
Pepper Carol Private
Pepper Carol
Pete Vella Private
Pete Vella
Peter Gleason $283,211
Peter Gleason
Peter Quill $77,610
Peter Savage $102,426
Peter Savage
Peter Vollbrecht $99,900
Phil Hoeflich Private
Phil Hoeflich
Philip Crawford $400,037
Pia $100,200
Pj Krawczynski $213,244
Polk Buffalo $1,416,435
Polk Buffalo
Ponyrider $100,950
Poppy Wilkes $91,017
Presley Barton $99,960
Prince Of Adflavi Private
Rachel Sadler Private
Rachel Sadler
Radio Face Private
Radio Face
Rafa Usoz $5,922,935
Rafa Usoz
Rafael Herrera $94,939
Rafael Herrera
Rami Al Qassem $173,740
Randall Allen Private
Randall Allen
Randell Johnson* Private
Randell Johnson
Randy Booth $-52,365
Randy Booth
Randy Graham $256,924
Randy Graham
Rasputitsa $261,934
Raven Grevertz $651,130
Raven Johnson $100,000
Rebecca Cass Private
Rebecca Cass
Rebecca Laine Private
Rebecca Lavelle Private
Rebecca Rose Hepburn Private
Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Rebecca Wishman $-40,021
Rebekah Mc $100,890
Reed Rodson $99,900
Regina Hagert Private
Regina Hagert
Regina Moore $80,932,807
Regina Moore
Remington Leith $99,940
Renal Kidney $100,420
Richard Breedlove Private
Richard Breedlove
Richard Carlton $69,930
Richard Diemand Private
Richard Diemand
Richard Smith Private
Richard Smith
Richard Spender $98,820
Rick Ack $2,654,924
Rick Ack
Rick Feirstine $91,205
Rick Rogerson Private
Ricky Stamm $3,423,365
Ricky Stamm
Riley Angel $99,900
Riley Shepherd $-39,815
Rob Hill $164,339
Rob Hill
Rob Solmundson $35,938
Robert Cole $31,544
Robert Cole
Robert Damato $19,726
Robert Forston Private
Robert Forston
Robert Goldsmith Private
Robert Hackman I $101,230
Robert Mertz $3,059,711
Robert Mertz
Robert Reed $493,047
Robert Reed
Roberto Ciccotelli $-20,010
Roberto Ciccotelli
Roberto J Serrano $103,220
Robin King $99,160
Rochelle Zahacy Private
Rochelle Zahacy
Rocki Ryoliza $8,286,288
Rocki Ryoliza
Rocky Strambler $44,019
Roger Carlo $247,023
Roman Reigns $163,134
Romanova $99,940
Ron Fleming $67,629
Ron Fleming
Ronnie Dee Private
Ronnie Dee
Ross Koenig Jr $76,817
Ross Koenig Jr
Royal Celestine Private
Royal Celestine
Royalty Racing LLC $313,741
Rudy Ashburn Private
Rusty Shakelford $4,617
Ryan $99,900
Ryan Dem Private
Ryan Whitehead Private
Ryan Whitehead
Rylee Nelson $134,485
Salla Leppanen $99,960
Sam Drough $100,000
Sam Leveste $11,698
Sam Warren $110,483
Samantha Stanton $99,920
Sami Deon $102,940
Samuel Tilley Private
Samuel Tilley
Sanjana Mukherjee $133,447
Sara Julin $1,232,171
Sara Julin
Sarah Chase Private
Sarah Chase
Sarah Jones $-34,283
Sarah Nordway $99,800
Sarra Ullman $173,908
Sarra Ullman
Scott Hotaling Private
Sean Gallagher $11,770
Sean Gallagher
Seize The Summer LLC Private
Seize The Summer LLC
Serge Johnson $99,880
Shannon Hunt Private
Shannon Rossi $75,000
Sherry Crow $6,508,279
Sherry Crow
Shiadra Cattari $1,796,435
Shiadra Cattari
Sho Kobayashi $112,178
Sierra Wang $100,140
Simon Lake $33,954
Simon Lake
Sky Song $89,365
Skyler Timberlake $174,980
Sophia Stevenson $1,139,825
Sophia Stevenson
Stefanie Silverback $100,000
Sten Rino Haakonsen $1,178,688
Sten Rino Haakonsen
Steph Lonhro $3,899,069
Steph Lonhro
Stephen Cleveland Private
Stephen Cleveland
Stephen Saratoga Private
Stephen Saratoga
Sterre $99,960
Steve Handley Private
Steve Handley
Steve Leavitt* Private
Steve Leavitt
Steve Wildermuth $291,094
Steve Wildermuth
Stormy Peak* $524,522
Stormy Peak
Stuart Scott $-30,682
Stuart Scott
Studley Doright $100,200
Susie Rydell $14,449,247
Susie Rydell
Sydney $100,890
Sydney Niemann $128,986
Sydney Niemann
T.D. Palm Private
T.D. Palm
Talia Ichinari Private
Talia Ichinari
Tamara Estes Private
Tamara Estes
Tamara Vess $96,439
Tammy Marstam Private
Tammy Marstam
Tammy Stawicki Private
Tammy Stawicki
Tan Gent Private
Tan Gent
Tator Kator $112,048
Te Akau Downs Private
Te Akau Downs
Team Keanna $497,824
Team Keanna
Ted Moore $-81,115
Ted Thorn $1,814,346
Ted Thorn
Tee Lukinz $70,370
Terry Barnes $108,730
Terry Hanson $24,556
Terry Lee $99,940
The Admin Private
The Admin
The Steward Private
The Steward
Thea Musso $99,960
Thomas Shelby $99,980
Thomasagilt $100,000
Tice Hannemann $100,220
Tim Matthews Private
Tim Matthews
Tim Vaughn $92,980
Timo Townsend $99,820
Timothy Higglesbottom $100,950
Tiny Nole* $132,108
Tiyoun Long* Private
Tiyoun Long
Todd A. Pletcher* Private
Todd A. Pletcher
Todd Lucas Private
Todd Lucas
Todd Mcclease $83,470
Todd Whisenant $6,332,403
Todd Whisenant
Tom Buchanan $99,980
Tom Lin* Private
Tom Lin
Tom Mudgett $1,124,753
Tom Mudgett
Tommy Lloyd Jnr $99,900
Tony Pos $852,285
Tonya Lee Shipton $176,518
Torsten Schramm $85,530
Tory Egerton $124,583
Tory Egerton
Tory Powell $120,969
Tracy Marcer Private
Tracy Marcer
Tracy Whetstine $1,877,824
Trastevere Peru Private
Trastevere Peru
Trevor Cook $166,916
Trevor Ralph $90,327
Trevor Ralph
Trickey Trickster $-27,935
Tristan Ashford $21,141
Troy Gallant Private
Troy Gallant
Tyler Stein $113,444
Tyler Stein
Ulisses Junior $99,840
Umbrella Corp Private
Umbrella Corp
USA Racing LLC Private
USA Racing LLC
Valentine Bourgeois $89,840
Vance Childers $99,900
Vanille Reynolds Private
Vanille Reynolds
Veritas Stables $23,007
Veronica Thomas Private
Vick $99,900
Victoria Thorn $99,133
Virgil Flowers $278,098
Vivien Burdenski $103,200
Wade Poole Private
Wakeel Sheik $129,203
Walter Moquin $304,658
Walter Moquin
Weston Snyder $99,420
Whitetail $167,310
Whitney Almaraz $85,570
Wild Magnum $45,150
Wilder Brill $145,412
Willie Carson Private
Willie Carson
Xander Zone Private
Xander Zone
Xavier San Dimas $99,900
Xiao Shen Private
Xiao Shen
Yoanna Hemligt Private
Yui $99,940
Yvette Pelletier $84,773
Zag Stables Private
Zahbreyna $99,900
Zero Smith Private
Zero Smith
Zoe Aven $84,842
Zosia Witkowska Private
Zyane Caselli $99,980
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