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Name Current Balance
440 Racing Barn $2,101,827
440 Racing Barn
A. Mukkerji Private
A.R. Roberts Private
A.R. Roberts
Aaron Adcock $580,922
Aaron Jacobson $49,840
Aaron Tonning $481,060
Aaron Tonning
Aaylah Jones $3,410
Abby Sek $99,900
Abe Froman Private
Abe Froman
Abigail Movmyga $99,920
Adalind May $99,980
Adele Peterson $87,457
Adonis Dionisopoulos $149,938
Aeon Knight* Private
Agata G $99,980
Agus Vodo $100,670
Agustina Summerstar $99,940
Aidan O Brien Private
Aidan O Brien
Aiden Hill $216,895
Alex Trout $302,583
Alex Trout
Alexander $88,792
Alexandra Heinemann $105,480
Alexandra Jaysman $168,722,458
Alexandra Jaysman
Alexandra Redwood $25,046
Alexis Coy $-4,531
Alexis Willow $102,130
Alexis Z $190,738
Alexx Doxx $99,780
Ali Hedgestone Private
Ali Hedgestone
Ali Shore $147,726
Ali Shore
Alice Shepherd $100,630
Allen Essary Private
Alleyne Torres $26,023,319
Alleyne Torres
Allie Archer $18,805
Ally S $99,570
Aloretta Dethly Private
Aloretta Dethly
Aly Carmen $99,900
Alyssa Lapa Private
Alyssa Lapa
Alyssa Nej $91,960
Alysse Peverell Private
Alysse Peverell
Amanda Barnes Private
Amanda Barnes
Amanda Gallop $6,029
Ambrogino Buttitta $99,750
Ambyr Clement $94,420
Amelia Dunn $99,440
American Colour $99,200
Amy Atkins $1,049,788
Amy Atkins
Amy Bahama Private
Amy Bahama
Andie Montrose $155,955
Andrea B $99,920
Andrea Bouwkamp Private
Andrea Bouwkamp
Andrew Davidson* Private
Andrew Davidson
Andrew James Private
Andrew James
Andrew Michael Johnson I $152,461
Andy Rouse $101,730
Andy Villanueva $162,150
Angela Chase Private
Angela Chase
Angela Field $102,670
Angela Perry Private
Angela Perry
Angela Wittmer $97,719
Angeline $100,000
Ann Rosina Jenkin Private
Anna Cate $101,650
Anna Leroux $1,435,481
Anna Leroux
Anna Nowak $29,386
Anna R. $99,920
Anthony L Carder Private
Anthony L Carder
Anthony Newman $9,440,684
Antonnia Private
April Eddy $122,638,487
April Eddy
Ara Davies $9,820,987
Ara Davies
Arabelle Loon $99,980
Ariana Llyod $99,960
Arlo Highland $99,980
Art Kage Private
Art Kage
Arthur Cutler Private
Arthur Cutler
Ash Tarasin* Private
Ash Tarasin
Ashley Bullock $99,980
Ashley Gibson Private
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Hunt $567,934
Ashley Hunt
Ashlyn M Lee $100,000
Astrid Springflower $99,940
Audrey Bell Private
Audrey Mitchell $98,920
Augustus Co $7,460
Augustus Co
Autumn Blackmill $21,795
Autumn Glenn $170,290
Autumn Hill $105,440
Avery Genna Private
Avery Genna
Awesome Karl $-107,099
Awesome Karl
Barb Stearns $782,212
Barb Stearns
Belle Gifft Private
Ben Hibbs Private
Ben Hibbs
Ben Stover Private
Ben Stover
Benedict Martorano Private
Benedict Martorano
Benjamin Segota $101,249
Bernhard Prill $332,040
Bernhard Prill
Bertie Bassett Private
Bertie Bassett
Biff Tannen $2,373,944
Biff Tannen
Bill Deitch $277,494
Bill Deitch
Bill Kelble $76,685
Billy Anderson Private
Billy Anderson
Billy Bob $95,890
Blanka Molnar $102,670
Bob Allensworth $1,145,180
Bob Allensworth
Bob Green $244,359
Bob Green
Bob Probert $699,915
Bob Probert
Bodie Johnson $99,980
Brad Fabman* $639,501
Brad Fabman
Brad Gainfort I $47,115
Brad Smith $178,713
Brad Smith
Bradley Davis $4,533,890
Bradley Davis
Brandon McNulty Private
Brandon McNulty
Brandon Schultz Private
Brandon Schultz
Brandt Frey $78,062
Brayan Perez $141,506
Brett Stier Private
Brian Chunn Private
Brian Chunn
Brian Clarke* $18,979
Brian Clarke
Brian Fort $74,168
Brian Leavitt* Private
Brian Leavitt
Briana Kearney Private
Briana Kearney
Brianna McKenzie Private
Brianna McKenzie
Brittany'ann Fontana $75,226
Brooke Ketron Private
Brooke Ketron
Brooklyn Mistwolf $99,880
Brooks Andersson $98,130
Bruno Pesqueira $115,197
Bryan O'Steen $4,594,364
Canarios Amarillo Private
Canarios Amarillo
Cappa Cap Private
Carole Hanson* Private
Carole Hanson
Carolyn Eaton Private
Carolyn Eaton
Cate Lynn Private
Cate Lynn
Chance Cyprian $60,175
Charleigh Smith $102,710
Charlene $99,980
Charles Brown $120,018
Charles Brown
Charlotte Bradley $100,000
Charlotte Holloway $245,598
Chloe Bell $100,000
Chloe Hanson $35,102
Chloe Torode $85,246
Chris Barber Private
Chris Barber
Chris Bresnahan* Private
Chris Bresnahan
Chris Clark Private
Chris Clark
Chris Fielder Private
Chris Fielder
Chris Reed Private
Chris Reed
Chris Simpson Private
Chris Simpson
Christin Shadowcage $-38,011
Christine Knight Private
Christophe Desjardin $13,441,748
Christophe Desjardin
Christopher Robertson $127,129
Christy Sloan Private
Christy Sloan
Christy Williams Private
Christy Williams
Ciano Colly Private
Ciano Colly
Cinda Leigh Private
Cindy Saunders* Private
Cindy Saunders
Clarehaven Stables Private
Clementine $100,710
Cleo Patra Private
Cleo Patra
Cody Brown $100,610
Cody Todds $99,754
Cody Todds
Colt White $135,029
Colton Duke Private
Cool Runnings $646,200
Craig Mcgee* Private
Craig Mcgee
Craig Nevill $86,097
Crisjay Bellosillo Private
D's Racing Stable Private
D's Racing Stable
D.m Henderson Private
D.m Henderson
Dahil Emata $671,921
Dakota $99,419
Dalton Winzy $99,291
Dalton Winzy
Dan Chartier* $52,721
Dan Chartier
Dan Doherty $101,710
Dan Gordon $1,041,712
Dan Gordon
Dan Kauffman $4,032,758
Dan Kauffman
Danger Zone Private
Daniel Kopp $100,000
Danny Derby Private
Danny Derby
Danny Warren $122,915
Danny Warren
Darcy McBride* Private
Darcy McBride
Darren Rook Private
Darren Rook
Dave Trainer Private
Dave Trainer
David Baldwin $163,591
David Gray $253,212
David Gray
David John Symes $59,526
David John Symes
David Lozada $2,445,126
David Lozada
David Stinson $1,337,564
David Velasquez Private
David Velasquez
Davide Mancuso $103,466
Dawn Palka Private
Dawn Palka
Dennis Trusty $2,750,105
Dennis Trusty
Derek Bisson $694,414
Destini Mills $99,980
Dez Private
Diane Townsend Private
Diane Townsend
Dillon Newcomb I $106,791
Dom Behan $1,084,551
Dom Behan
Donavan Horie $143,506
Donnie Hidalgo $5,219,109
Donnie Hidalgo
Doug Cuomo Private
Doug Cuomo
Doug Kidwell Private
Doug Kidwell
Douglas Marley $376,767
Douglas Marley
Durzo Blint Private
Durzo Blint
Dusty Glenn $1,643,774
Dusty Klatt $5,964,129
Dusty Klatt
Dylan Christensen Private
Dylan Christensen
Dylan John $-9,358
Dylan Mcgovern $31,983
Dylan Price $949,761
Dylan Price
Ed Malloy $647,051
Ed Malloy
Edgar Williams $874,658
Edith Gore $99,900
Edward Brian* $4,451,666
Edward Brian
Eli Sutton $98,980
Elirah Rose $99,920
Elisse Hackett* Private
Elisse Hackett
Elizabeth Hart $41,736
Eloise Macewest Private
Elwood Dowd Private
Elwood Dowd
Emanuele Mereu $100,630
Ember Thorne $100,730
Emilee B $105,380
Emilie Svensen $99,980
Emily Ingram $85,551
Emily Klein Private
Emily Klein
Emily Mitchell* $619,921
Emily Mitchell
Emma Lionheart $101,690
Emma Lochran Private
Emma Lochran
Emma Rose $100,000
Emmie Kay Private
Emmie Kay
Enpea Racing $565,383
Enpea Racing
Erdnussbutter $99,860
Eric Deco Private
Eric Deco
Eric Gray* $77,740
Eric Gray
Eric Hamme $1,195,769
Eric Hamme
Eric Lau $100,670
Eric Nalbone Private
Eric Nalbone
Erica Olson Private
Erica Olson
Erin Erskine Private
Erin Erskine
Erin Sanderson Private
Erin Sanderson
Ernie Hallas $95,460
Eugene Ferguson $21,955,207
Eugene Ferguson
Evan Coonrod $99,910
Fallon Neely $-20,339
Fanta Arcadia Private
Fanta Arcadia
Fern Thompson Private
Fern Thompson
Flizan Hambletonian $10,342,195
Flizan Hambletonian
Francis Filart Private
Francis Filart
Frank Nracco Private
Frank Nracco
Frank Wiley* $1,740,425
Frank Wiley
Freddie Fry $99,860
Gabby Shmeltzer $72,120
Gabby Shmeltzer
Gabifr $168,160
Gabrielle Black $171,316
Gareth Thomas $105,460
Garret Folsom Private
Garret Folsom
Gary Giacalone* $192,828
Gary Giacalone
Gary Mannion $1,266,141
Gary Mannion
Gary Prat Private
Gary Prat
Gary Stewart Private
Gary Stewart
Gary W Bocard $99,860
Garylynn Farms Private
Garylynn Farms
Gavin Guile Private
Gavin Guile
Geir Larsen $6,444,940
Geir Larsen
Gen Ravenwood $122,054
Gen Ravenwood
Geoff Roberts $1,671,697
Gerry Cheng $100,630
Gerry Hardie $16,240,827
Gerry Hardie
Gigi Gofaster Private
Gigi Gofaster
Gina Cork Private
Gina Porter Private
Gina Porter
Glenn Culver $508,603
Glenn Culver
Glenn Escobar* Private
Glenn Escobar
Glenn Larson* Private
Glenn Larson
Grace King Private
Grace King
Gracie Johnson $101,710
Greg Korngut $99,980
Greg Mey Private
Greg Mey
Gregory Hermann $100,730
Grey Lawson $68,905
Gwayne Mike Private
Gwayne Mike
Gwen Morse Private
Gwen Morse
Hamish Mcgonaghal Private
Hamish Mcgonaghal
Hanna Everglade $99,920
Harry Rice Private
Hazel Anthony Private
Hazel Anthony
Heather Crawford $8,792
Heather Crawford
Heather Ritchie Private
Heather Ritchie
Hen Hen $174,740
Henry Frey $204,723
Henry Frey
Henry Morton $146,081
Horsey Mchorseface Private
Horsey Mchorseface
Howard Cake $2,289,137
Howard Cake
Ida Marie Bjerg $5,212
Iman Private
Ina Eriksson $49,206
Inca Stables* $358,587
Inca Stables
Inis Pinis $99,920
Ira Roseman $67,585
Irl Smith $25,048
Irl Smith
Isa Equestre $98,400
Isabella Acres Private
Isabella Acres
Isabella Archer $101,727
Isabelle Montville $100,000
Israel Negron $99,780
Izzy Rafferty Private
Izzy Rafferty
J K Rowling Private
J K Rowling
J.P Dogood $345,898
J.r. Lewis Private
J.r. Lewis
Jack Christensen $188,439
Jack Christensen
Jack Meyer Private
Jack Meyer
Jack Ryder* $926,263
Jack Ryder
Jackson Willming $175,195
Jaco Ebersohn I $179,649
Jacob Herman $15,328,623
Jacob Herman
Jade Robinson $18,515
Jake Broussard $30,138
James Criddle $100,000
James Elliott* Private
James Marley $49,982
James Pascoe $99,739
James Riley $101,498
Jamie Bates Private
Jamie Bates
Jana Lyon Moon $99,900
Jared Holland $74,765
Jasmine Grimm Private
Jason Bourne $175,239
Jason Bourne
Jason Cooper $100,000
Jason Huffman $99,380
Jay Trotter $1,956,183
Jazmyn Mcewan Private
Jazmyn Mcewan
Jeffrey Clauser $855,344
Jeffrey Clauser
Jemma Mae $99,980
Jennifer Blake* Private
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Klebsch Private
Jennifer Klebsch
Jeremy Carson $88,683
Jeremy Janitz $-43,071
Jeremy Janitz
Jerome Defelice $99,900
Jes $94,575
Jess Dowson Private
Jess Dowson
Jessica Martin $81,730
Jessica W Hensley $89,080
Jim Bosco $99,960
Jimmy Jewell $485,650
Jo Ferris $2,638,158
Jo Ferris
Joe Bengston $338,372
Joe Hernandez $314,737
Joe Hernandez
Joe Peploe $100,670
Joe Shaw* Private
Joe Shaw
Johanna Stk Private
Johanna Stk
John Buzz Private
John Buzz
John Farrell* $356,270
John Farrell
John Lieblang $36,590
John Nicholson $944,584
John Nicholson
John Robert Lucas $218,121
John Sloan Private
John Sloan
John Slotmon $23,720,785
John Slotmon
John Tilton $99,960
Johnnie Romance Private
Jolene Danner Private
Jolene Danner
Jon Snyder* Private
Jon Xett* Private
Jon Xett
Jonathan Blades $316,996
Jordan Miller $30,528
Joseph Depaulo $3,597,813
Joseph Depaulo
Joseph Griffitt $-1,266,664
Joseph Griffitt
Jpl Farms $37,993
Jpl Farms
Juan Carlos Valencia $207,365
Juan Hernandez $330,522
Julia Trainer $4,868
Jun Boon $175,290
Junstud Race $3,485
Jurgen Ver Private
Jurgen Ver
Justin Turner Private
Justin Turner
Kaine Saracen Private
Kaine Saracen
Kara Kramer $124,217
Karie McBrian Private
Karie McBrian
Karl Martin $383,601
Karl Martin
Karl Smythe Private
Karl Smythe
Kasie Gillespie $730,547
Kasie Gillespie
Kassidy $246,280
Katarah Simones Private
Katarah Simones
Kath Sylvia Private
Kath Sylvia
Katherine Jacobson $176,020
Kathleen Devilbiss $102,690
Katie Lynn $80,869
Katie Lynn
Katie Prewitt $183,402
Katie Stepanian Private
Katie Stepanian
Katy Turner Private
Katy Turner
Kayda Black $98,580
Keith Maidlow Private
Keith Maidlow
Keith Place Private
Keith Place
Keith Wall Private
Keith Wall
Kelley Wachter Private
Kelley Wachter
Kelly L Haggerty Private
Kelly L Haggerty
Kelsey L Nelson $99,960
Kelsey Lee $99,969
Ken Chickit $174,900
Ken Doe Private
Ken Doe
Ken Harrison $323,729
Ken Lind $26,514,208
Ken Lind
Kendra Fullerton $144
Kenneth Prater* Private
Kenneth Prater
Kent Saunders Private
Kent Saunders
Kenzie Larkin Private
Kenzie Larkin
Kevin Ater* $142,638
Kevin Hern Private
Kevin Spencer $14,706
Kevinsmith $101,360
Kilen Davidson $174,392
Kim Helley $1,086,214
Kim Helley
Kinclaire Farm $-235,750
Kinclaire Farm
Kirree Gilbert $100,910
Kitty Private
Knights Racing $698,087
Kody Budd $105,380
Kortni Baker $101,710
Kris Bobby Private
Kris Bobby
Kris Krueger Private
Kris Krueger
Kris Rain Private
Kris Rain
Kristen Lexcen $28,406
Kristen Lexcen
Kristin Subrt $85,575
Kurt Engleman* Private
Kurt Engleman
Kyasuriin Matsumoto Private
Kyasuriin Matsumoto
Kyle Fleming $298
LaDonna King Private
LaDonna King
Lance Macisaac $76,285
Lance Macisaac
Lara Larson $222,035
Lara Larson
Larry Choy Private
Laura Ferguson Private
Laura Ferguson
Laura Mcdaniel Private
Laura Mcdaniel
Laura Smith Private
Laura Smith
Laurel Addams Private
Laurel Addams
Lauren Haggerty $12,917,793
Lauren Haggerty
Lauren Kaiser $99,650
Lauren Sharp $220,250
Leah Hollern $174,340
Lee Cara Private
Lee Cara
Lee Tuttle Private
Lee Tuttle
Leigh Ann Anderson Private
Leigh Ann Anderson
Les Bowden $786,310
Lethal Prodigy Private
Lethal Prodigy
Levi Peloquin $168,979
Light Out Private
Lily J $99,900
Lily Wilkins Private
Lily Wilkins
Linda Massimini* $62,478
Linda Massimini
Linn Hamilton $58,808
Lino Duran Private
Lino Duran
Lisa Bennert $5,765,933
Lisa Bennert
Lisa Strummer $3,444,464
Lisa Strummer
Littel Bulldog* Private
Lochie Coles $99,960
Loree Ethell $7,669,630
Loree Ethell
Lori Hamill Private
Lori Hamill
Lotta Kauppinen $99,880
Lou Reste $197,924
Louise Bayou* Private
Louise Bayou
Lucas Davenport Private
Lucas Davenport
Lucy Johnson Private
Lucy Loveyear* Private
Luis Polar Private
Luis Polar
Lukas Heyduk $99,980
Luna $99,900
Lynda Johnson $99,800
Ma Springs Private
Ma Springs
Mac Silver $461,150
Mac Silver
Mac Taylor $39,761
Madelene Gilbert Private
Madelene Gilbert
Madison Elizabeth Carbine $227,687
Mady Hillian $136,024
Magic Star Private
Magic Star
Makayla $100,680
Maple Water Stable* $149,003
Mara Jade Vess Private
Mara Jade Vess
Marc Diemand $82,675
Marc Plouffe* Private
Marc Plouffe
Marcus Mutt Private
Maria Ogren $2,107
Marie Vs $89,000
Marineille Sweeney $701,234
Marineille Sweeney
Mario a Roachford $35,906
Mario a Roachford
Mark Atienza $-1,399
Mark Branch $1,016,919
Mark Branch
Mark Markson Private
Mark Markson
Mark Wallace $257,554
Mark Wallace
Marlon Roberts $99,900
Mary Whalen $597,274
Mary Whalen
masa plirro stable* $341,792
Matt Harris $98,934
Matthew Kveragas $340,840
Matthew Kveragas
Matthew McMahon $827,021
Matthew McMahon
Matthew Parr $85,215
Matthew Williams $129,301
Matthias Rath $85,650
Mckenna Riley $99,840
Mckinley Storer Private
Megan Whitmore $99,860
Mel Lankford Private
Mel Lankford
Melalex Ashbay Private
Melissa Mae Private
Melissa Mae
Melody Everheart Private
Mentor Program Private
Meredeth Sanders $43,698
Michael Alevras Private
Michael Alevras
Michael Baptista $99,880
Michael Dickson $15,219
Michael Kissane $226,612
Michael Kissane
Michael Looker Private
Michael McGuire Private
Michael McGuire
Michael Swinford $553
Michael Taylor $116,095
Michelle Calderoni $9,386,955
Michelle Calderoni
Michelle Mapleport $100,690
Mika Verrall Private
Mike Belanger $99,940
Mike Bryant Private
Mike Bryant
Mike Eaton $361,674
Mike Eaton
Mike Larson Private
Mike Larson
Mike Prevost Private
Mike Prevost
Mike Springer Private
Mike Springer
Mike Stevens Private
Mike Stevens
Millilight $97,280
Misty Hills Private
Misty Hills
Monster Moon $141,119
Montana Fitzpatrick $157,750
Morgane $100,690
Mountain Man Private
Mountain Man
Murray McNickle $329,727
Murray McNickle
NA Stables* $1,715,128
Nastassia Igorevna $101,690
Natalie Spring $-9,933
Natasha Massey $99,940
Nathan Adam Carter $99,900
Nathan Klein $717,572
Nathan Klein
Nathan Sellers $5,183,419
Nathan Sellers
Nena Olson Private
Nena Olson
Nestor Gonzalez $13,956
Nestor Makhno Private
Nicholas Johnson Private
Nicholas Johnson
Nick Gilmore Private
Nick Gilmore
Nick Segota $14,630
Nicky Morgan $236,528
Nicky Morgan
Nicole Marie $25,891
Nicole Reynolds $88,140
Nikki Everdeen Private
Nikki Everdeen
Nina $100,710
Nina Henne $299,740
Nini Hunter Private
Nini Hunter
Nini Hunter Lives $100,000
Noel Collins $106,151
Noel Collins
Norman Architecture $717,891
Norman Architecture
North Ruadh $101,650
November Taylor $99,920
Obijuan Kenobi $166,433
Oli Olwell $98,799
Oncu Kaan Private
Oncu Kaan
Pablo Finochietti $99,960
Pacific Classic $185,210
Paige Smith $99,960
Pat Lowe $97,114
Pat Mcgowan Private
Pat Phillips $157,116
Pat Phillips
Pat Schenk $285,251
Patrick O'Malley $13,890,721
Patrick O'Malley
Patrick Thomas $98,800
Patrik Diemand $901,280
Patrik Diemand
Paul Boyington Private
Paul Ficuzza $278,548
Paul Ficuzza
Paul Heinrich Private
Paul Heinrich
Paul Sellers* $551,589
Paul Sellers
Paul Stickland $97,170
Paul Swint $477,673
Pedro Pastinio Private
Pedro Pastinio
Penny Lynch $157,738
Pepper Carol Private
Pepper Carol
Pete Vella* Private
Pete Vella
Peter Franchi $99,980
Peter Gleason $217,685
Peter Gleason
Peter Quill Private
Peter Quill
Peter Savage $249,744
Peter Savage
Phil Hoeflich Private
Phil Hoeflich
Piper Seaman $100,650
Pipsqueak $199,356
Polk Buffalo $3,529,951
Polk Buffalo
Prince Of Adflavi Private
Queenie York $97,258
Racheal $174,199
Rachel $173,588
Raelyn Yeager $102,650
Rafa Usoz $6,415,506
Rafa Usoz
Ramon Akoa $90,954
Randall Allen Private
Randall Allen
Randell Johnson $3,286,272
Randell Johnson
Randy Graham $541,156
Randy Graham
Rasputitsa $104,003
Raven Grevertz $853,935
Raven Grevertz
Rebecca Cass Private
Rebecca Cass
Rebecca Rose Hepburn Private
Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Regina Moore* $69,351,071
Regina Moore
Revv Arie $102,670
Rhys Roberts $173,330
Richard Breedlove Private
Richard Breedlove
Richard Diemand Private
Richard Diemand
Richard Smith Private
Richard Smith
Richard Thompson $35,852
Rick Ack $3,116,442
Rick Ack
Rick Sandino $91,299
Ricky Spanish $111,830
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Stamm $329,527
Ricky Stamm
Rising Times $92,141
Rob Hill $34,603
Rob Hill
Rob Miller $168,425
Rob Solmundson $53,361
Robert Bruce $78,309
Robert Damato $57,566
Robert Forston Private
Robert Forston
Robert Goldsmith $191,231
Robert Mcg $96,425
Robert Mcg
Robert Mertz $4,983,268
Robert Mertz
Robert Reed $1,322,565
Robert Reed
Rochelle Zahacy Private
Rochelle Zahacy
Rocki Ryoliza $5,339,805
Rocki Ryoliza
Roger Carlo $247,023
Roman Reigns $607,830
Ron Fleming* $104,559
Ron Fleming
Ronald Hogan Private
Ronnie Dee Private
Ronnie Dee
Ross Koenig Jr $69,393
Ross Koenig Jr
Royal Celestine* Private
Royal Celestine
Rufus Almighty $102,475
Ryan Whitehead Private
Ryan Whitehead
Rylee Nelson $112,595
Rynn Hart $119,144
Sam Adkins $166,174
Samanta $100,610
Samantha James $145,552
Samantha James
Sammy Roseman $420,645
Sammy Roseman
Samuel Tilley Private
Samuel Tilley
Sanjana Mukherjee $101,219
Sara Julin $879,316
Sara Julin
Sarah Chase Private
Sarah Chase
Sarahc $97,430
Sasha Timber $100,000
Satan Toast $48,136
Savanna Remington Carette $117,553
Schafer Kraemer $102,730
Scott Hudson $202,908
Scott Likeanexpresstrain $120,843
Sean Gallagher $16,071
Sean Gallagher
Sean Mallon $100,610
Sequoia Hopkins $99,879
Shaina Frolik $95,681
Shanaea Baker $85,590
Shane Hill $92,220
Shannon Hunt Private
Shannon Rossi $75,000
Shante Grant $100,000
Sherry Crow $7,184,944
Sherry Crow
Shiadra Cattari $748,117
Shiadra Cattari
Sho Kobayashi $112,178
Shrugs O'connor $101,710
Shyain Christopher $117,447
Sibyl Anderson $-3,121
Silver Frostfang $100,460
Sir Bohica $188,170
Skye Curtis Scott $97,130
Slick Bertman $-85,705
Sofia Luss $174,850
Solar Stag $100,710
Soleil Magique $100,000
Sonja Kickinger $94,170
Sophia Stevenson Private
Sophia Stevenson
Spencer Poulin $99,000
Sten Rino Haakonsen* $919,470
Sten Rino Haakonsen
Steph Lonhro $1,378,421
Steph Lonhro
Stephan $99,900
Stephen Cleveland Private
Stephen Cleveland
Stephen Daugherty $99,780
Stephen Robles* $88,303
Stephen Saratoga Private
Stephen Saratoga
Sterling Hugh $99,397
Steve Handley Private
Steve Handley
Steve Leavitt* Private
Steve Leavitt
Steve Rogers Private
Steve Wildermuth Private
Steve Wildermuth
Steven Harrison $140,425
Stiff Uper Lip $99,920
Stinky Stonky $101,630
Stormy Peak $1,650,825
Stormy Peak
Striker Flies Private
Stuart Scott $226,758
Stuart Scott
Sukhairi Charman $101,690
Sunny $82,740
Susie Rydell $15,536,186
Susie Rydell
Sycamore Farms Private
Sydney Niemann $20,155
Sydney Niemann
T.D. Palm Private
T.D. Palm
Tamara Estes Private
Tamara Estes
Tammy Marstam Private
Tammy Marstam
Tammy Stawicki Private
Tammy Stawicki
Tasha M $102,670
Te Akau Downs Private
Te Akau Downs
Team Keanna $408,899
Team Keanna
Ted Thorn* $1,667,321
Ted Thorn
Terry Hanson $7,843
Terry Hoffman $133,211
Terry Pickhaver $48,354
Terry Pickhaver
The Admin Private
The Admin
The Four Horsemen $1,043,490
The Four Horsemen
The Harlequins $281,506
The Harlequins
The Steward Private
The Steward
Thomas Fallon $86,548
Thomas Fallon
Thomas Fleming $1,490,159
Thomas Fleming
Tim Matthews Private
Tim Matthews
Tim the Trainer $122,605
Tim Vaughn $89,045
Timo Townsend $154,430
Tiny Nole $-1,881
Tiyoun Long Private
Tiyoun Long
Todd A. Pletcher Private
Todd A. Pletcher
Todd Lucas Private
Todd Lucas
Tom Grace $102,710
Tom Lin Private
Tom Lin
Tom Mudgett* $400,173
Tom Mudgett
Tony Mccarthy $243,953
Tony Pos $766,271
Tory Egerton $114,652
Tory Egerton
Tory Powell $120,804
Trastevere Peru* $3,291,647
Trastevere Peru
Trent Mcevoy* $377,923
Trickey Trickster $34,515
Tristan Ashford $5,966
Tristyn Meeks $99,980
Tuckleg $105,380
Turf Marvels Private
Turf Marvels
Unknown Lass $128,741
Val Georgiev $101,730
Vanille Reynolds Private
Vanille Reynolds
Varina Steeplehope $61,851
Veritas Stables $551,104
Veronica Thomas Private
Vincent Barratt Private
Vincent Barratt
Vizak Irani $65,389
Walter Moquin $1,345,294
Walter Moquin
Wayne Slee $14,883
Weston Quam $205,711
Wicked Zypher $79,199
William Atteberry* $314,800
William Atteberry
William Bender $99,980
William Cintron* Private
William Cintron
William Pitt $158,320
William Pitt
Willie Carson Private
Willie Carson
Willow Nash $99,940
Willowcreek Farms Private
Willowcreek Farms
Windhope $99,840
Winzy Racing $103,855
Wolfie $174,019
Xander Zone Private
Xander Zone
Yibram Perez $71,095
Yigit Tezcan $100,930
Zach $101,630
Ziperation Danvers $51,920
Ziperation Danvers
Zoe Bow $98,861
Zoe Russell $176,630
Zyklon Mord Private
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