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Name Current Balance
440 Racing Barn $1,817,748
440 Racing Barn
A. Mukkerji Private
A.jack Joyner $146,197
A.R. Roberts $21,174,694
A.R. Roberts
Aaron Mceachran $101,710
Aaylah Jones $2,030
Abe Froman Private
Abe Froman
Addison $98,390
Adonis Dionisopoulos $153,746
Aelenium $102,670
Aeon Knight Private
Aidan O Brien Private
Aidan O Brien
Alainya Dedrick $98,550
Alex Jr $55,225
Alex Trout $341,051
Alex Trout
Alexa $101,690
Alexander $75,744
Alexandra Jaysman $59,994,444
Alexandra Jaysman
Alexandra Redwood $21,265
Alexis De Tocqueville Private
Alexis Delzer $101,610
Alexis Z $255,342
Ali Hedgestone Private
Ali Hedgestone
Alice Highwave $99,900
All England Racing $153,254
All England Racing
Alleyne Torres $26,855,395
Alleyne Torres
Aloretta Dethly $1,785,055
Aloretta Dethly
Alyssa Lapa Private
Alyssa Lapa
Alyssa Maria Welsh Green $99,940
Alysse Peverell Private
Alysse Peverell
Amanda Barnes Private
Amanda Barnes
Amanda Gallop $71,029
Amy Atkins $3,490,655
Amy Atkins
Amy Bahama Private
Amy Bahama
Andie Montrose $155,955
Andrea Bouwkamp Private
Andrea Bouwkamp
Andrew James $2,618,840
Andrew James
Andrew Smith Private
Andy Hadden $99,000
Ane Heathens $94,800
Angela Chase $309,115
Angela Chase
Anjan Winters $97,240
Anna Leroux $4,074,496
Anna Leroux
Anna Nowak $321,952
Anthony Badger $440,138
Anthony Elio $100,000
Anthony L Carder Private
Anthony L Carder
Anthony Newman $3,320,140
Antonnia $124,945
Anzu Mccann $1,375,280
Anzu Mccann
April Eddy $115,432,206
April Eddy
Ara Davies $8,467,121
Ara Davies
Aria Clint $54,338
Aria Hemmings $99,920
Art Kage Private
Art Kage
Arthur Cutler Private
Arthur Cutler
Arthur Wellington $102,710
Ash Kaiser $99,880
Ash Tarasin* Private
Ash Tarasin
Ashley Gibson Private
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Hunt $2,489,988
Ashley Hunt
Asinzhang $99,980
Aspen Gaines $100,730
Audrey Bell Private
Augustus Co $10,295
Augustus Co
Autumn $181,530
Autumn Blackmill $84,600
Ava Simpson $101,730
Avery Genna Private
Avery Genna
Awesome Karl $89,942
Awesome Karl
Azure Sapphire $50,995
Azure Sapphire
Balthazar Balthazar $196,735
Barb Stearns $1,363,133
Barb Stearns
Barbara Arthur $298,413
Barbie Durrel $185,504
Bella P $113,260
Belle Gifft Private
Ben Hibbs Private
Ben Hibbs
Ben Stover Private
Ben Stover
Benedict Martorano $743,930
Bernhard Prill $90,235
Beth Nunes Private
Billy Anderson Private
Billy Anderson
Black Type LLC Private
Black Type LLC
Bob Allensworth $418,999
Bob Allensworth
Bob Green $2,005,264
Bob Green
Bob Probert $2,054,789
Bob Probert
Bobby Bonilla $112,058
Bobby Glantzberg $3,335,302
Brad Fabman $3,148,959
Brad Fabman
Brad Smith $68,856
Brad Smith
Bradley Davis $4,740,259
Bradley Davis
Brandon Cashell $1,056,455
Brandon Cashell
Brandon McNulty Private
Brandon McNulty
Brandon Schultz Private
Brandon Schultz
Brayan Perez $-19,147
Breannarenedooley $151,202
Brett Stier Private
Brian Chunn Private
Brian Chunn
Brian Clarke $38,641
Brian Clarke
Brian Kluender $99,980
Brian Leavitt Private
Brian Leavitt
Briana Kearney Private
Briana Kearney
Brianna Maree $163,045
Brianna McKenzie Private
Brianna McKenzie
Brittney Jones $99,940
Bronwyn Waters $495,842
Brooke Ketron Private
Brooke Ketron
Bryan Carter $288,740
Bryan Carter
Bryan O'Steen $4,548,142
Bryan Price $2,620,534
Bryan Price
Bucky Barns $-213,305
C.S. Werth Private
C.S. Werth
Cal Mundell Private
Cal Mundell
Cappa Cap Private
Captain Haymaker $31,945
Carole Hanson* Private
Carole Hanson
Carolyn Bruno $169,060
Carolyn Eaton Private
Carolyn Eaton
Carter Taylor $843,598
Carter Taylor
Cate Lynn Private
Cate Lynn
Cathie Morris $61,246
Cathie Morris
Celine Granetin $166,486
Cerberus $98,740
Champ Bailey $343,244
Champ Bailey
Chandra Hailstone $-43,420
Charlie Hall $173,357
Chippy Chippers Private
Chloe Louise Mitchell $101,670
Chris Barber Private
Chris Barber
Chris Bresnahan Private
Chris Bresnahan
Chris Clark $609,019
Chris Clark
Chris Fielder Private
Chris Fielder
Chris Fitzgerald Private
Chris Fitzgerald
Chris Reed Private
Chris Reed
Chris Simpson Private
Chris Simpson
Christin Shadowcage $-43,177
Christine Ozera $101,650
Christophe Desjardin $14,278,713
Christophe Desjardin
Christy Sloan Private
Christy Sloan
Christy Williams Private
Christy Williams
Ciano Colly Private
Ciano Colly
Cinda Leigh Private
Cindy Saunders Private
Cindy Saunders
Clarehaven Stables* Private
Cleo Patra Private
Cleo Patra
Clinton Jacinto $423,707
Clinton Jacinto
Colten Brown $136,196
Corey Brown $92,286
Corey Lange $270,197
Corey Lange
Craig Mcgee Private
Craig Mcgee
Craig Nevill $85,968
Crisjay Bellosillo Private
D's Racing Stable Private
D's Racing Stable
D.m Henderson Private
D.m Henderson
Dahil Emata $1,719,696
Daisie Rose $160,458
Dakota Lagoon $100,000
Dan Chartier $21,557
Dan Chartier
Dan Gordon $3,666,152
Dan Gordon
Dan Thompson $105,360
Dana King $100,700
Danger Zone Private
Danni Lorazo $65,328
Danny Derby Private
Danny Derby
Darcy McBride Private
Darcy McBride
Darla Darlrymple $46,251
Darren Rook Private
Darren Rook
Dave Trainer Private
Dave Trainer
David Charron Private
David Charron
David Gray $1,056,215
David Gray
David Gustavo Almaguer Vera $102,650
David Hayes $50,210
David John Symes $308,244
David John Symes
David Lozada $2,089,776
David Lozada
David Robinson $99,900
David Stinson $342,845
David Velasquez $323,962
Dawn Palka Private
Dawn Palka
Dennis Peterson $5,861,565
Dennis Peterson
Dennis Trusty $3,204,721
Dennis Trusty
Derek Bisson $487,180
Diane Townsend Private
Diane Townsend
Dom Behan $1,902,235
Dom Behan
Dominic Rushton $118,389
Don Adams $105,460
Donald Thomas $228,625
Donnie Hidalgo $5,569,779
Donnie Hidalgo
Dorothy Mann $165,931
Dorothy Mann
Doug Cuomo Private
Doug Cuomo
Doug Kidwell Private
Doug Kidwell
Douglas Marley $270,656
Duke Homegoods $219,499
Duru $99,940
Durzo Blint Private
Durzo Blint
Dusty Glenn $3,297,959
Dusty Klatt $10,241,907
Dusty Klatt
Dylan Christensen Private
Dylan Christensen
Dylan Price $389,440
Dylan Price
Echo Silver $217,999
Ed Malloy $756,210
Ed Malloy
Edgar Williams $990,124
Edward Brian $2,879,156
Edward Brian
Edward Glaum $103,180
Eli Tan $103,266
Elisse Hackett Private
Elisse Hackett
Elitenati $99,030
Elizabeth Hart $16,998
Ella Morran Private
Elle Cannes $35,390
Elle Marcs Private
Ellie Smith $16,650
Elwood Dowd Private
Elwood Dowd
Em Eff $368,257
Em Eff
Emilia Mueller $99,980
Emily Ingram $40,888
Emily Klein Private
Emily Klein
Emily Mitchell $1,555,874
Emily Mitchell
Emily Rosehill $102,610
Emily White $126,892
Emily White
Emma Lochran Private
Emma Lochran
Emmie Kay Private
Emmie Kay
Enpea Racing $833,575
Enpea Racing
Eric Deco Private
Eric Deco
Eric Hamme $1,287,432
Eric Hamme
Eric Nalbone $21,329,543
Eric Nalbone
Erica Olson Private
Erica Olson
Erin Cooke Private
Erin Erskine Private
Erin Erskine
Erin Sanderson Private
Erin Sanderson
Esther Winters $517,174
Esther Winters
Eugene Ferguson $21,572,197
Eugene Ferguson
Fallon Neely $-10,105
Fanta Arcadia Private
Fanta Arcadia
Fern Thompson Private
Fern Thompson
Flizan Hambletonian $11,082,522
Flizan Hambletonian
Flodge $102,610
Francis Filart Private
Francis Filart
Frank Chilton $55,038
Frank Nracco Private
Frank Nracco
Frank Wiley $4,709,294
Frank Wiley
Frankie Pacious $175,960
Franziska Schneider $100,000
Friendly Fairy Stables $172,106
Garret Folsom Private
Garret Folsom
Gary Hurst $99,960
Gary Mannion $1,568,146
Gary Mannion
Gary Prat Private
Gary Prat
Gary Stewart Private
Gary Stewart
Garylynn Farms Private
Garylynn Farms
Gavin Guile Private
Gavin Guile
GEARs Racing Private
GEARs Racing
Geir Larsen $6,489,428
Geir Larsen
Gen Ravenwood $76,178
Gen Ravenwood
George Georgeopoulos $101,630
George Knatz Private
George Knatz
Gerry Hardie $16,530,030
Gerry Hardie
Get the Puck Out Private
Gigi Gofaster Private
Gigi Gofaster
Gina Cork Private
Gina Porter Private
Gina Porter
Glenn Culver $72,128
Glenn Culver
Glenn Escobar Private
Glenn Escobar
Glenn Larson Private
Glenn Larson
Goujon Oceane $99,960
Grace Billington $174,460
Grace King Private
Grace King
Greg Mey $232,519
Greg Mey
Gustavo $100,730
Gwayne Mike Private
Gwayne Mike
Hakim Boussouni $76,520
Hamish Mcgonaghal Private
Hamish Mcgonaghal
Hannah Smithton $133,329
Hannah Smithton
Hazel Anthony Private
Hazel Anthony
Heather Crawford $10,035
Heather Crawford
Heather Ritchie Private
Heather Ritchie
Hillview Stud Private
Hillview Stud
Holly Miller $99,940
Holly Tams $96,740
Horsey Mchorseface Private
Horsey Mchorseface
Howard Cake $3,212,564
Howard Cake
Howrsynote $37,766
Ida Marie $34,109
Imperial Thoroughbreds LLC Private
Imperial Thoroughbreds LLC
Inca Stables $224,854
Inca Stables
Irl Smith $191,529
Irl Smith
Isabella Acres Private
Isabella Acres
Izabella McNamee Private
Izabella McNamee
Izzy Rafferty Private
Izzy Rafferty
J K Rowling Private
J K Rowling
J.P Dogood $313,352
J.r. La Deist $93,000
J.r. Lewis Private
J.r. Lewis
Jack Ball $73,504
Jack Ball
Jack Meyer Private
Jack Meyer
Jack Ryder $92,626
Jackie Gottsche Private
Jackie Gottsche
Jacob Cavanagh $102,630
Jacob Herman $14,837,993
Jacob Herman
James a Roush $236,734
James Riley $160,837
James Selby Private
James Selby
Jamie Bates Private
Jamie Bates
Janna Evans $82,228
Jared Holland $62,535
Jasmine Grimm Private
Jason Barlock $281,687
Jason Bourne $521,492
Jason Bourne
Jay Trotter $1,995,423
Jayla Gandy $44,940
Jazmyn Mcewan Private
Jazmyn Mcewan
Jeffrey Clauser $1,418,170
Jeffrey Clauser
Jennifer Blake Private
Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Hallstrom $100,650
Jennifer Klebsch Private
Jennifer Klebsch
Jennifer Newman $101,710
Jens Fup $188,135
Jeremy Janitz $251,398
Jeremy Janitz
Jess Dowson Private
Jess Dowson
Jessica Blauman Private
Jill Brennen $112,226
Jim Cassie $731,835
Jim Cassie
Jim Sang $99,900
Jo Ferris $12,456,133
Jo Ferris
Jodie Foey $49,391
Jodie Foey
Joe Bengston $198,356
Joe Hernandez $125,709
Joe Shaw Private
Joe Shaw
Joel Everingham $61,160
Johanna Stk Private
Johanna Stk
John $102,710
John a Johnson $74,986
John Bonhomme $167,094
John Buzz Private
John Buzz
John Christensen $73,617
John Christensen
John Farrell $885,430
John Farrell
John Gotti $-51,227
John Jichi $174,900
John Nicholson $1,478,151
John Nicholson
John Sloan Private
John Sloan
John Slotmon $23,501,920
John Slotmon
John Smith Private
John Smith
Johnnie Romance $134,723
Jolene Danner Private
Jolene Danner
Jon Xett Private
Jon Xett
Jonathan Fisher $533,767
Jonathan Fisher
Jordan Miller $29,597
Joseph Depaulo $8,744,614
Joseph Depaulo
Jpl Farms $50,062
Juan Hernandez $26,326
Juli Stettler Private
Juli Stettler
Juliette Dykstra $99,980
July Moon $99,980
Junstud Race $-3,967
Jurgen Ver* Private
Jurgen Ver
Justin Turner Private
Justin Turner
Justinmon Navarrete Private
Justinmon Navarrete
K Spaghetti $98,980
Kaine Saracen Private
Kaine Saracen
Kajda Nov $100,180
Kara Kramer $249,818
Karie McBrian Private
Karie McBrian
Karl Smythe $335,878
Karl Smythe
Kasie Gillespie $1,863,514
Kasie Gillespie
Katelyn $-4,810
Kath Sylvia Private
Kath Sylvia
Katie Dalphin $99,940
Katie Lynn $103,018
Katie Stepanian Private
Katie Stepanian
Katy Turner Private
Katy Turner
Kc Styles $101,429
Keith Maidlow Private
Keith Maidlow
Keith Place Private
Keith Place
Keith Wall $1,911,347
Keith Wall
Kelley Wachter Private
Kelley Wachter
Ken Doe Private
Ken Doe
Ken Harrison $314,884
Ken Lind $18,306,839
Ken Lind
Kendra Brewster $-14,806
Kendra Fullerton $-17,755
Kenneth Prater Private
Kenneth Prater
Kent Saunders Private
Kent Saunders
Kenzie Larkin Private
Kenzie Larkin
Kevin Ater $332,072
Kia Dawn Private
Kia Dawn
Killy Rose $104,307
Kim Helley $830,686
Kim Helley
Kimyowolf $17,388
Kinclaire Farm $100,760
Kinclaire Farm
Klementynkart Private
Knights Racing $285,703
Kootenay Stables Private
Kootenay Stables
Kris Bobby Private
Kris Bobby
Kris Krueger Private
Kris Krueger
Kris Rain Private
Kris Rain
Kristen Lexcen $24,961
Kristen Lexcen
Kristi Elaine $183,147
Kristi Kercher $69,099
Kristi Kercher
Kristina Budd $434,868
Kyasuriin Matsumoto Private
Kyasuriin Matsumoto
Kyla Driver $78,470
Kyle Fleming $-12,647
Kyle Weier $100,690
LaDonna King Private
LaDonna King
Lamont Shawelseven $138,077
Lance Macisaac $-15,897
Lance Macisaac
Lara Steenkamp Private
Lark Soren $99,960
Laura Ferguson Private
Laura Ferguson
Laura Mcdaniel Private
Laura Mcdaniel
Laura Smith Private
Laura Smith
Lauren Sharp $99,990
Lauren Whykes $841,925
Lavonne Prince $99,960
Lee Cara Private
Lee Cara
Lee Key Shipyard Private
Lee Key Shipyard
Lee Tuttle Private
Lee Tuttle
Left Coast Racing LLC Private
Lei $99,960
Leigh Ann Anderson Private
Leigh Ann Anderson
Lena Loveley $105,480
Leonard Beagle $13,513,204
Leonard Beagle
Les Bowden $172,024
Lethal Prodigy Private
Lethal Prodigy
Lilli $99,550
Lily $90,050
Lily Trevisan $102,670
Lily Wilkins Private
Lily Wilkins
Linn Hamilton $84,652
Linnea Wonttelll $99,880
Lino Duran Private
Lino Duran
Lisa Bennert* $10,185,994
Lisa Bennert
Lisa Mckillop $98,680
Lisa Strummer $14,743,669
Lisa Strummer
Littel Bulldog Private
Lloyd Williams $202,378
Loree Ethell $5,810,536
Loree Ethell
Lori Hamill Private
Lori Hamill
Louise Bayou Private
Louise Bayou
Lowa $102,650
Lucas Davenport Private
Lucas Davenport
Lucy Loveyear $64,756
Luis Polar Private
Luis Polar
Lusi Girl $95,474
Madelene Gilbert Private
Madelene Gilbert
Madison Elizabeth Carbine $192,964
Mady Hillian $207,265
Madyson Smith $96,660
Magic Star Private
Magic Star
Magrathia Pacing Private
Magrathia Pacing
Maila Jones $104,060
Malory Temples $91,824
Maple Water Stable $103,936
Marc Diemand $108,033
Marc Plouffe Private
Marc Plouffe
Marcus Safar $99,880
Maria Novotny $99,759
Maria Ogren $40,447
Marineille Sweeney $2,110,912
Marineille Sweeney
Mark Branch $-367,331
Mark Branch
Mark Geukens $76,075
Mark Geukens
Mark Markson Private
Mark Markson
Mark Montoya $99,110
Mark Nowak $50,649
Mark Wallace $257,554
Mark Wallace
Marley Oaken $224,693
Marley Oaken
Martin Hodgson $175,100
Mary Whalen $2,566,557
Mary Whalen
Mathiae Rowe $96,630
Matt Feldman $3,705,256
Matt Feldman
Matthew Kveragas $217,178
Matthew Kveragas
Matthew McMahon $1,255,812
Matthew McMahon
Mckinley Storer Private
Mel Hill Private
Mel Lankford Private
Mel Lankford
Melalex Ashbay Private
Melissa Mae Private
Melissa Mae
Mellissa Mclain $99,940
Melody Everheart Private
Melvin Vrhel $105,498
Mentor Program Private
Metel Brandnetel $101,610
Michael Alevras Private
Michael Alevras
Michael K Peck $102,630
Michael Kissane $251,862
Michael Kissane
Michael Looker Private
Michael McGuire Private
Michael McGuire
Michael Taylor $136,591
Michelle Calderoni $6,878,038
Michelle Calderoni
Mike Bryant Private
Mike Bryant
Mike Eaton $1,460,123
Mike Eaton
Mike Larson Private
Mike Larson
Mike Prevost Private
Mike Prevost
Mike Springer Private
Mike Springer
Mike Stevens Private
Mike Stevens
Minnie $99,920
Mirren $99,940
Misty Hills $153,219
Misty Hills
Mixed Up Program Private
Monmonnel Navarrete I $79,095
Monster Moon $159,869
Montana Fitzpatrick $215,995
Morgan Barnes $165,960
Morgan Cloutier $100,170
Mountain Man Private
Mountain Man
Murray McNickle $178,144
Murray McNickle
NA Stables $2,599,086
Natasha Yar Private
Natasha Yar
Nathan Klein $235,798
Nathan Sellers $5,183,419
Nathan Sellers
Natsha Gates $754,229
Neil Hill $4,734,754
Neil Hill
Nena Olson Private
Nena Olson
Nestor Gonzalez $32,342
Nicholas Johnson $5,112,167
Nicholas Johnson
Nick Gilmore Private
Nick Gilmore
Nikki Everdeen Private
Nikki Everdeen
Nina Henne $299,740
Nini Hunter Private
Nini Hunter
Nivaldo De Farias Brito Neto $71,670
Noel Collins Private
Noel Collins
Noel Richards $107,834
Noel Richards
Norman Architecture $831,617
Norman Architecture
Northern Park $239,580
Northstar Racing LLC $121,623
Northstar Racing LLC
Noty $102,650
NYTO LLC Private
Olstpswuaam $63,613
Oncu Kaan Private
Oncu Kaan
Pam Maier Private
Pam Maier
Pat Lowe $64,437
Pat Mcgowan Private
Pat Phillips $124,841
Pat Phillips
Patrick O'Malley $12,600,370
Patrick O'Malley
Patrik Diemand $909,675
Patrik Diemand
Paul Ficuzza $194,385
Paul Ficuzza
Paul Sellers $47,229
Paul Sellers
Paul Swint $496,614
Paul Taylor $221,245
Paul W Taylor $102,690
Pedro Pastinio Private
Pedro Pastinio
Penny Lynch $616,247
Pepper Carol Private
Pepper Carol
Pete Vella Private
Pete Vella
Peter Moody $41,860
Peter Quill $562,012
Peter Quill
Peter Savage $250,095
Peter Savage
Phil Hoeflich Private
Phil Hoeflich
Philip Crawford $431,408
Polk Buffalo $7,882,824
Polk Buffalo
Prince Of Adflavi Private
Puzzle Piece $99,940
Rachael Menke $1,350,678
Rachael Menke
Rachel Sadler Private
Rachel Sadler
Rachel Sowinski $99,980
Radio Face Private
Radio Face
Rafa Usoz $8,720,025
Rafa Usoz
Ramon Akoa $202,273
Randall Allen Private
Randall Allen
Randell Johnson Private
Randell Johnson
Randy Graham $251,631
Randy Graham
Rasputitsa $207,880
Raven Diamante $101,710
Raven Grevertz $561,199
Raven Grevertz
Rebecca Cass Private
Rebecca Cass
Rebecca Laine Private
Rebecca Lavelle Private
Rebecca Rose Hepburn Private
Rebecca Rose Hepburn
Rebecka Klasson $100,710
Regina Hagert Private
Regina Hagert
Regina Moore $86,908,197
Regina Moore
Rexy Adaar $99,880
Richard Breedlove Private
Richard Breedlove
Richard Diemand Private
Richard Diemand
Richard Smith Private
Richard Smith
Rick Ack $2,173,082
Rick Ack
Rick Gene $245,646
Ricky Stamm $11,280,307
Ricky Stamm
Riley Anderson $93,120
River Everett $78,837
Rob Solmundson $18,537
Robert Damato $2,802
Robert Forston Private
Robert Forston
Robert Goldsmith $149,840
Robert Mertz $4,540,420
Robert Mertz
Robert Reed $681,005
Robert Reed
Robert Spender $-49,154
Rochelle Zahacy Private
Rochelle Zahacy
Rocki Ryoliza $8,385,108
Rocki Ryoliza
Rocky Strambler $95,775
Roman Reigns $454,247
Ron Fleming $134,209
Ron Fleming
Ronald Mathers $100,650
Ronnie Dee Private
Ronnie Dee
Rose Rosendale $90,351
Ross Cohem $143,110
Ross Koenig Jr $72,759
Ross Koenig Jr
Royal Celestine Private
Royal Celestine
Royalty Racing LLC $427,926
Rune Ankjell $40,255
Ryan Bailey $99,920
Ryan Whitehead Private
Ryan Whitehead
Rylee Nelson $113,055
Sabrina Lyles $100,958
Sallyadam $99,520
Sam Leveste $10,058
Samantha Tane $219,318
Samuel Tilley Private
Samuel Tilley
Sara Julin $1,131,346
Sara Julin
Sara Murphy $11,551
Sarah Chase Private
Sarah Chase
Sarah Page $99,920
Sascha Nightstar $99,860
Savanna Remington Carette $68,940
Savannah Hanson $100,610
Savannah Rogerson $101,670
Sean Gallagher $52,040
Sean Gallagher
Seize The Summer LLC Private
Seize The Summer LLC
Serg Moroz $42,532
Shannon Hunt Private
Shannon Rossi $75,000
Sherry Crow $7,922,059
Sherry Crow
Shiadra Cattari $2,040,313
Shiadra Cattari
Sho Kobayashi $112,178
Siebe Segers $99,960
Signe Tilleke $105,480
Siri Moonbear $99,880
Skylar West $80,497
Slick Bertman $25,267
Sofia Springer $99,900
Sondra Mclee $101,710
Sophia Stevenson* Private
Sophia Stevenson
Speer Fissure $164,837
Sss $98,909
Sten Rino Haakonsen $610,430
Sten Rino Haakonsen
Steph Lonhro $1,955,819
Steph Lonhro
Stephani Van Der Merwe $101,610
Stephen Cleveland Private
Stephen Cleveland
Stephen Saratoga Private
Stephen Saratoga
Steve Fitz $99,960
Steve Handley Private
Steve Handley
Steve Leavitt Private
Steve Leavitt
Steve Wildermuth $192,170
Steve Wildermuth
Stormy Peak $1,442,613
Stormy Peak
Stuart Scott $4,191
Stuart Scott
Susan Watson $99,880
Susie Rydell $22,846,453
Susie Rydell
Svenja $159,880
Sycamore Farms Private
Sydney Niemann $37,615
Sydney Niemann
T.D. Palm Private
T.D. Palm
Tabitha Sanders Private
Tabitha Sanders
Tala Wolvestein $92,850
Tamara Estes Private
Tamara Estes
Tamara Vess Private
Tamara Vess
Tammy Marstam Private
Tammy Marstam
Tammy Stawicki Private
Tammy Stawicki
Tan Gent Private
Tan Gent
Taylor Harrison $87,704
Te Akau Downs Private
Te Akau Downs
Team Keanna $478,669
Team Keanna
Ted Thorn $2,091,936
Ted Thorn
Teresa Agasgi $99,880
Terry Barnes $344,503
Terry Hanson $21,265
Terry Hoffman $166,617
The Admin Private
The Admin
The Four Horsemen $405,217
The Steward Private
The Steward
The Wave $217,105
Thomas Fallon $57,754
Thomas Fallon
Thomas Fleming $155,130
Tim Matthews Private
Tim Matthews
Tim Vaughn $100,725
Tiny Nole $75,716
Tiyoun Long* Private
Tiyoun Long
Todd A. Pletcher Private
Todd A. Pletcher
Todd Lucas Private
Todd Lucas
Todd Whisenant $3,936,039
Todd Whisenant
Tom Lin Private
Tom Lin
Tom Mudgett $671,931
Tom Mudgett
Tom Waterhouse $58,491
Tony Baker* Private
Tony Baker
Tony Dion $113,412
Tony Gaetani $100,690
Tony Montana $51,497
Tony Pos $810,445
Tony Williams $19,090
Tonya Lee Shipton $177,168
Tory Egerton $-4,410
Tory Egerton
Tracy Marcer Private
Tracy Marcer
Trastevere Peru $16,201,713
Trastevere Peru
Trevor Ralph $79,027
Trevor Ralph
Trevsi Amora $18,491
Trickey Trickster $34,865
Tristan Ashford $36,331
Troy Gallant Private
Troy Gallant
Turf Marvels Private
Turf Marvels
Tyler Stein $113,444
Tyler Stein
Tyler V $99,920
Ugur Deniz $99,800
USA Racing LLC Private
USA Racing LLC
Vanessa Mcsister $99,900
Vanille Reynolds Private
Vanille Reynolds
Varina Steeplehope $94,016
Veritas Stables $718,274
Veronica Thomas Private
Vladimir Dudar $172,765
Vontae Mack $102,690
Walter Moquin $1,159,981
Walter Moquin
Wayne Slee $82,860
Wild Magnum $63,800
William Cintron Private
William Cintron
William Fields $248,580
Willie Carson Private
Willie Carson
Xander Zone Private
Xander Zone
Xiao Shen Private
Xiao Shen
Yeet Yote $101,630
Zero Smith Private
Zero Smith
Zoe Aven $84,112
Zoe Rosenthal $99,900
Zoldar $102,610
Zorax $99,940
Zosia Witkowska Private
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