Nurse With Benefit (FL)
dkb.f.3 - 15.3
Marking: Stripe
Earnings: $20,500
Owner: Joseph Depaulo
Breeder: Joseph Depaulo
Location: True Blue Station (AK)

Total Points: 17
Dirt Points: 17
Total Stats: 6: 2-0-1
Dirt: 6: 2-0-1
Turf: 0: 0-0-0
AW: 0: 0-0-0
Sire: Benefit Dam: A Saintly Nurse  
Grand Sire: Hope Rings True Dam Sire: St Longinus Not for sale
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Nominated to: None  

Simmy Awards Won: None

Race Information Finish Earnings  
Year-54 Week-9 Day-2 Last Resort Park (AK) Condition: Fast. Race 30 - 7 furlongs. Dirt. Thoroughbred. 3 year olds and up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming NW3 Lifetime. Claiming price $50,000. Purse $15,000 (10 points) Finish Time 1:23.25 l,sw Jockey: Eric Connor
Miss Texas Tornado 1 Towards Me 1 Nurse With Benefit 2 Broke well lagged early shifted out turn gamely stretch (8)
3 $1,650  
Year-54 Week-6 Day-5 Paradise Downs (BHS) Condition: Good. Race 2 - 6 1/2 furlongs. Dirt. Thoroughbred. 3 year olds and up. Claiming NW3 Lifetime. Claiming price $50,000. Purse $10,000 (10 points) Finish Time 1:14.16 l,sw Jockey: Eric Connor
Bottle Warz 1 1/4 Los Kind 1 1/2 Exile of the Clans 1 Sluggish start taken behind rivals angled out outfinished (8)
5 $300  
Year-54 Week-4 Day-5 Alamo Park (TX) Condition: Fast. Race 1 - 6 furlongs. Dirt. Thoroughbred. "Cy-Fair Stakes." 3 year olds. Fillies. Stakes. Purse $50,000 Entry Fee $500 (40 points) Finish Time 1:09.35 l,sw Jockey: Eric Connor
Wonder Cup 1 Glancin Upon Faith 1 1/2 Hillarity 1 Broke well held in mid pack angled in no rally (7)
6 $0  
Year-54 Week-1 Day-5 Single Star Park (TX) Condition: Fast. Race 17 - 5 furlongs. Dirt. Thoroughbred. 3 year olds. Fillies. NW2 Lifetime. Purse $15,000 (20 points) Finish Time 0:57.50 l,sw Jockey: Eric Connor
Nurse With Benefit 1 1/2 Black Party Girl 1 Angel's Day Off 2 Bobbled break chased rivals fanned out won under mild drive (9)
1 $7,500  
Year-53 Week-14 Day-5 Saudi Arabia Racecourse (SAU) Condition: Fast. Race 4 - 7 furlongs. Dirt. Thoroughbred. 2 year olds. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. Purse $20,000 (10 points) Finish Time 1:23.50 l,sw Jockey: Eric Connor
Nurse With Benefit 2 1/4 Queen Allowyn 2 Nasty Kitten 2 Broke inwards rushed up split rivals ridden out (5)
1 $10,000  
Year-53 Week-12 Day-1 Mexico Racecourse (MEX) Condition: Fast. Race 8 - 6 furlongs. Dirt. Thoroughbred. 2 year olds. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. Purse $15,000 (10 points) Finish Time 1:09.68 l,sw Jockey: Eric Connor
An Air of Grace 1 1/4 Put a Sock in It 1 Doomsville 1 1/2 Clean start under firm hold fanned out gave way (5)
4 $1,050  
SIM Date Distance Equipment Time
Year-53 Week-2 Day-1 2 furlongs. Dirt.
Year-53 Week-1 Day-1 2 furlongs. Dirt.
Y54-W10-D2 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W10-D1 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W9-D7 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W9-D6 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W9-D5 Moved to True Blue Station
Y54-W9-D5 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W9-D4 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W9-D3 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W9-D1 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W8-D7 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W8-D6 Moved to Last Resort Park
Y54-W8-D6 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W8-D5 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W8-D4 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W8-D3 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W8-D2 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W8-D1 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W7-D7 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W7-D6 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W7-D5 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W7-D4 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W7-D3 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W7-D2 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W7-D1 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W6-D7 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W6-D6 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W6-D5 Moved to The Ocean Club
Y54-W6-D4 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W6-D3 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W6-D2 Moved to Paradise Downs
Y54-W6-D2 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W6-D1 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W5-D7 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W5-D6 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W5-D5 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W5-D4 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W5-D3 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W5-D2 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W5-D1 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W4-D7 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W4-D6 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W4-D5 Moved to Chili Peppers Farm - Texas
Y54-W4-D4 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W4-D3 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W4-D2 Moved to Alamo Park
Y54-W4-D2 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W3-D2 Walked the Shedrow
Y54-W1-D2 Moved to Single Star Park
Y53-W15-D1 Moved to Madrona Casbah Sands
Y53-W14-D4 Moved to Saudi Arabia Racecourse
Y53-W12-D1 Moved to Fiesta Orange Park
Y53-W11-D5 Moved to Mexico Racecourse
Y53-W10-D7 Renamed Horse 1547078096 to Nurse With Benefit
Y53-W10-D7 Jogged
Y53-W10-D7 Swam in Pool
Y53-W10-D7 Walked the Shedrow
Y53-W10-D7 Schooled in the Gate
Y53-W10-D7 Galloped
Y53-W8-D6 Galloped
Y52-W16-D5 Galloped
Y52-W16-D3 Galloped
Y52-W16-D1 Galloped
Y52-W15-D5 Galloped
Y52-W15-D3 Galloped
Y52-W15-D1 Galloped
Y52-W12-D5 Jogged
Y52-W12-D2 Galloped
Y52-W11-D7 Galloped
Y52-W11-D5 Galloped
Y52-W11-D3 Galloped
Y52-W11-D1 Jogged
Y52-W11-D1 Galloped
Y52-W6-D6 Galloped
Y52-W6-D3 Jogged
Y52-W6-D3 Galloped
Y52-W4-D6 Galloped
Y52-W4-D2 Jogged
Y52-W4-D2 Galloped
Y52-W2-D7 Galloped
Y52-W2-D5 Galloped
Y52-W2-D3 Galloped
Y52-W1-D6 Galloped
Y52-Preseason Galloped
Y51-Break Bred for $27,500 Fee
Y51-Break Bred by Joseph Depaulo
Y51-Break Bred by Joseph Depaulo


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