Game Points

Game Points (referred to as GPs) can be purchased via PayPal, check, or money order. These are not necessary to play the game and simply enhance the experience while giving back to the game.

Game Points are purchased at a rate of 1,000 GPs per US Dollar.

I want to buy Game Points!

Game Points Make Great Gifts!

You may purchase Game Points to give to your friends for holidays and special occasions. Your friends will love them!

What can Game Points do for me?

Game Points are non refundable and cannot be converted back into cash. Game points may not be converted into SIM dollars, they are their own currency. They are meant to be used only as allows, such as, the creation of horses, horse names and races with them based on criteria establishes. You can gift them to friends, donate them, and award them as contest prizes, however, you cannot "pay" game points to enter these contests. You can trade them for services such as SIMages and upgraded accounts which are offered by and no one else.

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