An Aussie Hub Stable - Australia

Owned by: Lucas Davenport - Board: $20 Land down under's premier breeding and training farm.
Amenities: Training Track Pool Equisizer Veterinary Hospital Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
A D D dkb.g.12 Dawn Palka
A Ghastly Day dkb.f.4 Lee Tuttle
A K Inhatswefloat w.m.12 Awesome Karl
A K Savage gr.f.3 Awesome Karl
A K Strollin Hat gr.m.12 Awesome Karl
Abacus Wanted bl.m.5 Polk Buffalo
Abandoned Path bl.m.8 George Knatz
Ain't So Bad bl.m.5 Brian Chunn
Aint Deep bl.f.4 George Knatz
Alaskan Moon ch.m.13 Alexandra Jaysman
Almighty Pit gr.h.14 Lucas Davenport
Always a Pacer bl.g.3 Lucas Davenport
Amble Affilier bl.c.2 Les Bowden
Amble Natthan b.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Amble Nirvana gr.m.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Amble Nitan dkb.m.8 Magrathia Pacing
Anointed Shot ch.m.7 Anthony Newman
Assistant Judy dkb.f.3 Lee Tuttle
Autocash I dkb.m.11 Magrathia Pacing
Avaleur gr.g.11 Christophe Desjardin
Awesome Black Hog bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Azymondias dkb.c.0 Magrathia Pacing
Basement Play bl.m.8 Matthew McMahon
Beach Love w.m.5 George Knatz
Bee Machine b.m.13 Mary Whalen
Before and Since ch.m.20 Matthew McMahon
Bjs Anijs dkb.f.3 Thomas Fleming
Black Trix dkb.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Black Vanilla dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Blue Bid gr.m.19 Matthew McMahon
Blue Lyd bl.f.3 Les Bowden
Brave Anna bl.m.12 Anthony Newman
Brazell bl.c.3 Mike Stevens
Brundtland dkb.c.4 Christophe Desjardin
Calidad dkb.m.8 Natasha Yar
Canyonfullofpoopoo dkb.f.2 Magrathia Pacing
Casey b.m.18 Matthew McMahon
Catty Boots bl.f.4 Lucas Davenport
Cave Witch I dkb.f.2 Magrathia Pacing
Check Out Ta Booty gr.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Chrysothemis ch.f.0 Katie Lynn
City Survivor gr.m.6 Lucas Davenport
Clue Me dkb.g.5 Lee Tuttle
Coldy bl.g.17 Matthew McMahon
College Boy b.g.4 Les Bowden
Come On Over bl.f.3 Lee Tuttle
Cracked Moons ch.f.1 George Knatz
Cracked Up World b.f.2 George Knatz
Cumin Seed ch.m.19 Matthew McMahon
Dand's Pine dkb.g.7 Lucas Davenport
Dandy Dreams ch.c.2 Rick Gene
Dark Battles ch.m.6 George Knatz
Dark Side Battle ch.g.3 George Knatz
Deep Crack bl.f.3 George Knatz
Deep Night b.c.1 Marc Diemand
Defense Rests dkb.c.2 NYTO LLC
Delusional Flake bl.g.2 Les Bowden
Devon Butterfly bl.g.7 Lee Tuttle
Devon Love bl.f.1 Keith Wall
Devon Shilling ch.g.6 Lee Tuttle
Devon Stronghold dkb.g.6 Lee Tuttle
Devonaholic gr.g.3 Lee Tuttle
Diceman ch.f.4 George Knatz
Did I Do That b.m.5 Lee Tuttle
Dire Ear ch.m.22 Matthew McMahon
Dogfox Lalor b.c.3 Lucas Davenport
Donk b.g.17 Danny Derby
Double Axel b.g.14 Andrea Bouwkamp
Double Tricky br.m.5 Lee Tuttle
Doune gr.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Dragonfly Head b.f.3 Peter Quill
Drink By Myself b.g.4 Lee Tuttle
Drink in Silence dkb.g.2 George Knatz
Dry Thirst b.g.4 Matthew McMahon
Earian dkb.m.6 Lee Tuttle
Ecco ch.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Electra Voice ch.m.6 Katie Lynn
Electric Confetti dkb.f.3 Lee Tuttle
Elytra Wings gr.m.6 Awesome Karl
Ether Frolic dkb.f.1 Magrathia Pacing
Faktakor ch.g.9 Matthew McMahon
Fallen Star Lobell b.m.8 Rafa Usoz
Famous for Infamy b.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Fire Skater dkb.g.15 Kelley Wachter
Foralltime bl.m.6 Lee Tuttle
Frazelle bl.m.8 Mike Stevens
Ghost Make Her bl.g.3 Lee Tuttle
Glimmering Light bl.c.1 Keith Wall
Goodnite Goodnite bl.h.8 Lucas Davenport
Got the Missile bl.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Gp Springroll bl.g.3 Lee Tuttle
Guilty Remnant gr.h.15 Lucas Davenport
Haunted Batchit gr.f.1 Lee Tuttle
Hazelnuts w.m.6 Matthew McMahon
Heard the Prophecy b.h.9 Lucas Davenport
Heartlines ro.m.13 George Knatz
Holiday Diamonds br.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Holiday Roots br.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Holiday Warriors ro.f.2 George Knatz
Holy Storm gr.g.4 Lee Tuttle
Hopeful Hero bl.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1514412339 w.h.5 Awesome Karl
Horse 1514412459 gr.m.5 Awesome Karl
Horse 1519080045 b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1530970356 b.f.4 George Knatz
Horse 1530984922 w.f.4 Awesome Karl
Horse 1532044551 ch.g.4 George Knatz
Horse 1533871456 b.g.4 George Knatz
Horse 1533964397 gr.g.4 George Knatz
Horse 1543085520 gr.g.3 George Knatz
Horse 1544484346 bl.f.3 George Knatz
Horse 1546731084 b.f.3 Flizan Hambletonian
Horse 1547176940 w.f.3 Awesome Karl
Horse 1547296078 b.c.2 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1548438421 gr.f.2 Anthony Newman
Horse 1552238741 gr.f.2 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1552628421 bl.f.2 George Knatz
Horse 1552629780 ch.g.2 George Knatz
Horse 1553190729 gr.c.2 George Knatz
Horse 1554536855 ro.f.2 George Knatz
Horse 1554544905 dkb.f.2 Brian Chunn
Horse 1554661393 b.f.2 George Knatz
Horse 1554661802 ch.f.2 George Knatz
Horse 1555969460 dkb.c.2 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1557580033 bl.f.2 George Knatz
Horse 1557612079 bl.c.2 Bob Green
Horse 1557954390 b.f.2 Flizan Hambletonian
Horse 1557966849 dkb.f.2 Melissa Mae
Horse 1558135777 dkb.c.2 Dom Behan
Horse 1558234493 b.c.2 Bob Green
Horse 1558298656 gr.c.2 Polk Buffalo
Horse 1559114914 b.c.1 Christophe Desjardin
Horse 1559180924 ch.c.1 George Knatz
Horse 1560597101 ch.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1560835405 bl.f.1 Anthony Newman
Horse 1562022386 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1562022410 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1562022456 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1562022467 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1562022486 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1562022496 gr.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1562038104 b.c.1 George Knatz
Horse 1562041816 ch.f.1 George Knatz
Horse 1563196307 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1563196346 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1565021057 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1565021070 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1565021116 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1565021131 br.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1565021144 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1565021156 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1565021169 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1565905461 ch.c.1 George Knatz
Horse 1565905835 ro.f.1 George Knatz
Horse 1565977989 bl.c.1 George Knatz
Horse 1566333893 w.c.1 George Knatz
Horse 1566334984 ro.c.1 George Knatz
Horse 1567516804 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567516832 br.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567516860 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567516889 br.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567516913 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567516938 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567516964 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567516990 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517017 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517054 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517100 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517376 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517390 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517406 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517427 gr.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517470 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517544 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517557 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517571 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517813 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567517841 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567518022 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567518135 br.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870227 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870243 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870256 br.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870702 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870715 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870730 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870743 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870755 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870828 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567870866 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567871056 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567871100 gr.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872397 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872419 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872447 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872470 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872502 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872528 gr.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872557 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872593 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872615 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872649 br.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567872672 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568057541 gr.f.1 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1568293114 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293149 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293181 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293223 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293263 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293302 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293341 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293376 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293409 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293537 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293571 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293607 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293643 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568293682 br.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294045 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294080 gr.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294133 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294164 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294200 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294236 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294276 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294334 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294376 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294430 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse Age Owner
Horse 1568294479 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294520 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294569 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294606 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294674 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294725 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294813 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294874 gr.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568294941 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295005 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295052 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295091 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295154 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295207 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295678 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295734 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295752 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295752T dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295798 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295814 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295832 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295856 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568295918 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568296055 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568296075 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568296093 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568296157 bl.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568296176 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568296214 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568296234 dkb.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568741767 gr.f.1 Polk Buffalo
Horse 1568800498 bl.f.1 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1568832618 b.c.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844116 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844130 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844143 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844156 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844169 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844185 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844198 gr.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844214 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844226 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844267 br.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844280 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844292 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844305 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844317 br.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568844355 dkb.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568851506 bl.c.1 Marineille Sweeney
Horse 1568889415 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568889432 bl.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568889446 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1568889467 b.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1569337696 gr.c.1 Crisjay Bellosillo
Horse 1569410187 ch.f.1 Matthew McMahon
Horse 1569462720 w.f.1 Matthew McMahon
Horse 1569504010 b.c.1 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1569504606 b.c.1 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1569534684 b.f.1 Flizan Hambletonian
Horse 1569791870 bl.f.0 Te Akau Downs
Horse 1570610774 ch.f.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1572043142 b.f.0 Flizan Hambletonian
Horse 1573724533 dkb.c.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1574028480 ch.c.0 George Knatz
Horse 1574028605 ro.c.0 George Knatz
Horse 1574090202 ro.c.0 George Knatz
Horse 1574090346 ch.f.0 George Knatz
Horse 1574090597 b.c.0 George Knatz
Horse 1574090894 bl.f.0 George Knatz
Horse 1574422542 bl.c.0 Mike Stevens
Horse 1576517117 bl.c.0 George Knatz
Horse 1576524178 ro.c.0 George Knatz
Horse 1576525555 w.f.0 George Knatz
Horse 1576620663 bl.c.0 John Farrell
Horse 1576999663 w.c.0 George Knatz
Horse 1577294765 ch.f.0 George Knatz
Horse 1578350132 ro.c.0 George Knatz
Horse 1579005601 b.f.0 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1579006298 b.f.0 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1579006531 gr.c.0 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1579166004 bl.c.0 Anthony Newman
Horse 1579445018 b.f.0 Lucas Davenport
Horse 1579618359 gr.f.0 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1579641637 bl.f.0 Polk Buffalo
Horse 1579641781 gr.c.0 Polk Buffalo
Horse 1579874227 bl.c.0 Brian Chunn
Horse 1579874340 b.c.0 Brian Chunn
Horse 1579926960 dkb.f.0 Melissa Mae
Horse 1579997420 dkb.c.0 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1580061458 b.c.0 Rafa Usoz
Horse 1580062828 br.f.0 Brian Chunn
Hug It Out ch.m.19 Matthew McMahon
Hunker Down b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Hunt for Salt dkb.g.4 Lee Tuttle
I'd Love a Slider b.m.5 Lee Tuttle
In Rolling Waves gr.g.15 Christophe Desjardin
Insistently Scary bl.m.13 Alexandra Jaysman
Island Lalor gr.f.3 Lucas Davenport
Jewelry Heist br.c.2 Magrathia Pacing
Jimmy's War gr.c.2 Mary Whalen
Joy of Silence ro.c.2 George Knatz
Juggler b.h.18 Matthew McMahon
Jump the Lions b.c.4 Lucas Davenport
Jurassic World ch.h.13 Nena Olson
Kam Bam b.g.13 Andrea Bouwkamp
Killer Dogfox b.m.10 Lucas Davenport
Koi Pond bl.h.17 Pepper Carol
Krispy Kreme b.m.5 Lee Tuttle
Lalor's Lab b.g.3 Lucas Davenport
Lalor's Rider gr.c.3 Lucas Davenport
Lankan Rupee b.h.20
Lemonada dkb.f.0 Katie Lynn
Life's a Dime bl.g.5 Lee Tuttle
Little Lemontime dkb.m.7 Katie Lynn
Lord Ghost bl.f.2 George Knatz
Lord Lotion dkb.g.2 Natasha Yar
Lovable Lyric dkb.m.5 Lee Tuttle
Love a Warrior ro.f.2 George Knatz
Love Agent ro.f.4 George Knatz
Love Path bl.g.4 George Knatz
Luz dkb.g.15 Christophe Desjardin
Magikarp ch.m.11 Matthew McMahon
Mas Mas Mas dkb.c.1 Natasha Yar
Men At Night ch.f.4 George Knatz
Mindy Lobell dkb.m.7 Joseph Depaulo
Missile Diary gr.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Money Writer gr.m.11 Polk Buffalo
More Secrets dkb.h.5 Fanta Arcadia
Movement Inspired dkb.m.13 Anthony Newman
Mr. Miracle bl.h.13 Paul Sellers
Ms Always Lucky dkb.f.2 Lucas Davenport
My Van Diemen b.m.15 Matthew McMahon
Natural Size gr.m.19 Matthew McMahon
North Links b.f.3 Matthew McMahon
North Ridge b.g.5 Lee Tuttle
Not Just Beauty dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
One of My Shoes br.c.1 Magrathia Pacing
Onward Cumber b.f.3 Brian Chunn
Out On the Bay dkb.c.2 Brianna Maree
Pace Myself gr.g.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Paper Flyer gr.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Patty Alive b.m.5 Lucas Davenport
Perky Lover ch.g.18 Matthew McMahon
Point Jump ch.h.15 Te Akau Downs
Polikaline b.m.11 Flizan Hambletonian
Power Ball Ticket dkb.g.5 Lee Tuttle
Pull It Back ch.m.6 Matthew McMahon
Qellia ch.m.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Quest the Moon dkb.c.3 Christophe Desjardin
Quiet Tulip b.f.2 Rick Gene
Recipes Included bl.m.6 Lee Tuttle
Red Cadeaux ch.h.21
Red N' Nasty dkb.m.9 Kevin Ater
Redluck gr.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Reflected Image b.m.22 Matthew McMahon
Reserved for Gold bl.g.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Resistance Hill ch.m.18 Matthew McMahon
Restaurant dkb.m.21 Matthew McMahon
Restless Surprise dkb.m.11 Magrathia Pacing
Rich and Rare ch.m.16 Matthew McMahon
Ricorder ch.g.3 Lucas Davenport
Ridersonthestorm bl.h.13 Lucas Davenport
Ridiculous Chord bl.f.3 John Farrell
Ruby Cut br.m.5 Magrathia Pacing
Ruthless Babe bl.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Sams Linda b.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Sarajeva Z b.f.2 Flizan Hambletonian
Shirley She Did It bl.m.14 Alexandra Jaysman
Shooting Grace b.g.18 Matthew McMahon
Sickel dkb.g.22 Matthew McMahon
Silent Line Up dkb.g.4 Terry Barnes
Silent Wonders gr.c.1 George Knatz
Skogul Diamondlife b.f.4 Lee Tuttle
So You Think dkb.h.31
Spookin At Buckets dkb.c.1 Magrathia Pacing
Sportswear ch.f.3 Clarehaven Stables
Storming Daily gr.f.4 George Knatz
Street Sign dkb.m.5 Lee Tuttle
Stroller ch.c.2 Magic Star
Stumblin Drunk bl.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Submarines bl.m.5 George Knatz
Sugar Jack bl.g.3 Lee Tuttle
Summer Camp bl.g.4 Richard Diemand
Summer Masala bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Sunny Afternoon ch.g.6 Lee Tuttle
T W O Kind dkb.m.7 Dom Behan
Taylor Made gr.m.8 Pepper Carol
The Lady Saturn bl.f.1 George Knatz
The Night Gallery dkb.m.19 Nini Hunter
They Do Run Run dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Thrill Night bl.m.20 Matthew McMahon
Tin Lid bl.c.1 Mike Stevens
Tls Bouncy Castle gr.f.3 Lee Tuttle
Tls Hello Jack bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Tls Kathy ch.m.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Tls Rainstorm b.g.6 Lee Tuttle
Tls Torn b.g.4 Lee Tuttle
Tls Wishing Ring ch.g.3 Lee Tuttle
Toraya gr.m.13 Rafa Usoz
Tremendous Dogfox b.m.10 Lucas Davenport
Trick Fighter dkb.f.3 Lee Tuttle
Trot Opacte ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Trot Vif Vent ch.g.4 Lee Tuttle
Trot Viris bl.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Trot Yasar bl.f.3 Thomas Fleming
Trot Yolandie gr.f.3 Lee Tuttle
Trusty Pencil ch.h.13 Anthony Newman
Twist Again Again w.f.4 George Knatz
Ukrainian b.h.10 Matthew McMahon
Unique Man gr.g.5 Matthew McMahon
Unlucky Missile b.f.2 Lucas Davenport
Victimless bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Volcanic Bomb bl.f.3 Jamie Bates
Wanted Model dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Warrior Line ro.f.4 George Knatz
Wasn't Me bl.g.5 Lee Tuttle
Waters of Mars dkb.f.2 Natasha Yar
We Have the Nukes br.g.6 Lee Tuttle
Wiggle My Niggle b.g.4 Lee Tuttle
Wiggle This b.h.10 Magrathia Pacing
Win Baby Win b.f.4 Lee Tuttle
Yall's Centauros b.h.11 Lucas Davenport
Yall's City Girl b.m.6 Lucas Davenport
Yall's Lalor b.f.3 Lucas Davenport
Yellow Firetruck w.h.6 Awesome Karl
Zacharia ch.c.2 Mel Lankford
Zombie Column br.m.5 Brian Chunn
Zurek br.g.6 Lee Tuttle
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