Lind International - Norway

Owned by: Sarah Chase - Board: $20
Amenities: Training Track Pool Equisizer Veterinary Hospital Automatic Hot Walker

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Horse Age Owner
Anaconda dkb.m.23 Sarah Chase
Angel of Death b.m.7 Alexis De Tocqueville
Belly Roll gr.g.20 Yoanna Hemligt
Bitten Rarely b.m.5 Cappa Cap
Bossa Nova Song ch.g.8 Sophia Stevenson
Center Celebration b.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Cinema Kofu w.m.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Citrus Shark ch.g.17 Yoanna Hemligt
Dark Fruits ch.m.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Dark in the Ocean dkb.h.18 Sarah Chase
Deux Temps Rapide bl.m.7 Zero Smith
Emborne ch.m.5 Zero Smith
Finnic Merya dkb.m.6 Ashley Gibson
Follow Me Sunshine dkb.m.7 Alexandra Jaysman
For Goodness Sake b.h.6 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Forensic Files ch.m.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Fortuitsously ch.g.4 Zero Smith
Foxy No b.f.4 Katie Stepanian
Hail the King b.g.11 Randell Johnson
Hang Tough Hogan bl.g.11 Dawn Palka
Hokkaido Beat ch.h.6 Ali Hedgestone
Hongnung ch.f.1 Zero Smith
Horse 1546998507 b.f.3 Alexis De Tocqueville
Horse 1558498214 dkb.f.2 Glenn Larson
Horse 1569121819 ch.f.1 Zero Smith
Horse 1569122852 ch.c.1 Zero Smith
Horse Age Owner
Horse 1569235916 ch.f.1 Zero Smith
It Takes Work ch.h.9 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Jafar b.h.24 Sarah Chase
Karakonite ch.f.3 Zero Smith
Key to Be ch.m.11 Keith Place
Kvalixir ch.m.6 Zero Smith
Kwazulu Natale ch.f.3 Zero Smith
Made in the Wild dkb.m.6 Laura Ferguson
Mariale dkb.m.9 Alexandra Jaysman
Old Dan ch.h.17 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Opaque Lustre w.m.8 Zero Smith
Party Machine gr.g.6 Laura Ferguson
Perfect Ocean b.m.19 Sarah Chase
Prefulgent ch.m.6 Zero Smith
Prosecutie ch.m.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Redolence ch.m.6 Zero Smith
Robbing Marauder bl.h.8 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Seconds Off b.c.4 Chippy Chippers
Send Your Regards ch.h.10 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Shogun dkb.g.5 Laura Ferguson
Super Powers gr.h.6 Sten Rino Haakonsen
Tamultuous ch.m.7 Zero Smith
Topaz Crystal w.m.8 Alexandra Jaysman
X J Twist gr.g.6 Ross Koenig Jr
Yamabiko ch.m.8 Zero Smith
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