Marathon Racecourse - South Dakota Midwest

Board: $20

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Horse Age Owner
A Free Elf ch.g.6 Joe Hernandez
A True March ch.g.4 The Harlequins
Abandoned Riff ch.c.2 Keith Place
Acme Legend bl.g.23 Fallon Neely
After Eternity bl.g.4 Erin Sanderson
After Party Review bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Aim b.m.5 Susie Rydell
All Is One ch.h.7 Linda Massimini
Almond bl.m.7 Joseph Depaulo
Am I Good bl.g.4 Anthony Newman
An Li ch.g.5 Andrew James
Angelofmydreams bl.g.5 Gerry Hardie
Angels Herd Above ch.m.5 Todd Lucas
Angry Con ch.g.6 Joseph Griffitt
Another Blue gr.f.4 Kelley Wachter
Anotherfortheroad dkb.m.7 Kelley Wachter
Araya dkb.m.5 Joseph Griffitt
Arguing Pyro ch.f.4 Geoff Roberts
Art Class bl.g.4 Eric Hamme
Asura Moon b.f.4 Mark Markson
At the Box Office b.f.4 Richard Smith
Atlantic Blue gr.f.3 Kelley Wachter
Aussie Jean bl.m.10 Keith Place
Aussie Mozart b.c.2 Keith Place
Aussie One bl.c.3 Alexandra Jaysman
Aussie Riff bl.c.4 Keith Place
Awaking Riff bl.c.1 Keith Place
Azure Assurance gr.m.6 Emmie Kay
Back On Duty bl.h.7 Bernhard Prill
Ballroom Angel dkb.f.3 Louise Bayou
Band of Wizards gr.g.5 Tiyoun Long
Bandit Rags b.g.22 Kevin Ater
Bandito Rio bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Banquo's Ghost bl.g.5 Richard Breedlove
Bansot dkb.f.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Bath Clockworks ro.g.5 Richard Smith
Battle the Wind ch.g.4 Bernhard Prill
Bb Boom bl.m.5 Mark Markson
Be Hopeful dkb.h.5 Nena Olson
Being Elite b.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Bequeathed gr.f.4 Susie Rydell
Bertha's Bail b.m.5 Paul Sellers
Better Not Jump dkb.c.4 Susie Rydell
Biden's Move dkb.g.4 Paul Sellers
Big Blue dkb.m.12 Nena Olson
Big Blue Eyes ch.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Black Anorak gr.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Blood On the Table gr.g.5 Benedict Martorano
Bloody Heck bl.g.5 Lee Tuttle
Blue Clue b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Blue Plaid ch.g.6 Rachel Sadler
Bold Mistress ch.m.9 Mark Branch
Break Out Zone dkb.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Break the Point b.m.7 Alexandra Jaysman
Bright Now bl.c.2 Keith Place
Buick Regals b.g.4 Ali Shore
Burning Gate gr.h.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Called Together dkb.f.4 Pat Mcgowan
Calling My Spirit bl.m.5 Glenn Culver
Can We Dream gr.g.6 Peter Quill
Can We Keep It dkb.f.4 Brianna McKenzie
Caphooey bl.h.18 Steph Lonhro
Captain Sir b.g.11 Vanille Reynolds
Careless Talk ch.g.5 Emmie Kay
Cast Above ch.g.4 Pat Mcgowan
Causa Perdidit ch.h.15 Susie Rydell
Celestial Tides dkb.m.7 Kelley Wachter
Cemented b.g.5 Willie Carson
Centre Ground ch.m.5 Mark Markson
Charge Or Block bl.g.5 Howard Cake
Chimpanzees ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Christmas Wrapped bl.g.6 LaDonna King
Claybeg's Lake gr.m.5 Anthony Newman
Clever Attack dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Cold Jaded Eyes gr.h.14 Nena Olson
Color Me Cute b.m.5 Dawn Palka
Come to Party b.g.23 Todd Lucas
Comic Stop dkb.g.4 Paul Sellers
Coming Owl dkb.f.2 Keith Place
Conchobarra dkb.m.10 Cappa Cap
Cool Shurk ch.g.5 Anthony Newman
Copper Road ch.c.4 Derek Bisson
Cosmotion bl.f.4 Mark Markson
Counting Animal dkb.m.6 Paul Sellers
Crack in the Bell b.h.8 Susie Rydell
Crazy Canucks ro.m.14 Steph Lonhro
Crazy for a Reason ch.g.4 Bernhard Prill
Crib bl.g.4 Willie Carson
Cripple bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Croix De Chavaux b.m.12 Cappa Cap
Cross Eyed Angel b.m.5 Paul Sellers
Crown Flurry bl.g.4 Joseph Griffitt
Dahlia's World dkb.m.7 Keith Place
Dame to Wizards gr.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Dancing Pure bl.m.5 Joseph Griffitt
Dariole bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dark Will Rise b.f.4 Susie Rydell
Darkhorse dkb.g.5 Laurel Addams
Deal Breaker dkb.h.8 Shannon Hunt
Debunk dkb.g.10 Susie Rydell
Defeat the Purpose ch.g.6 Andrew Davidson
Define Anger gr.g.4 Matthew McMahon
Delight gr.f.4 Lino Duran
Desert Voices gr.g.10 Patrick O'Malley
Desired Whisper dkb.f.4 Todd Lucas
Devils Hall ro.g.4 Ciano Colly
Devinski b.g.4 Steve Leavitt
Diamond Bounty dkb.g.8 Kelley Wachter
Diamond of War bl.g.4 Dylan Price
Dirty Devil b.f.4 Mary Whalen
Disenthral gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dispel Evil b.m.10 Jolene Danner
Disrupt b.g.10 Susie Rydell
Doctor Dean dkb.g.6 Henry Frey
Dolthan gr.m.10 Keith Place
Don't Be Late ch.g.4 Ronnie Dee
Don't Mind ch.c.4 Susie Rydell
Don't Run Wild bl.f.4 Chris Fielder
Dr. Gordon bl.g.7 James Riley
Dragon in the Rain ch.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dream Shine dkb.c.1 Keith Place
Drevi b.g.16 James Riley
Drugs Dependent gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Dubious bl.f.4 Terry Pickhaver
Dujek bl.g.4 Andrew James
Dutch Hug bl.m.6 Joseph Griffitt
Earth to the Sun b.g.5 Ramon Akoa
Electron Positron w.h.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Elusive Perfection ch.m.8 Brad Smith
Emperors Thoughts dkb.f.4 Chris Fielder
Entire gr.g.25 Steph Lonhro
Epsom Imp dkb.g.5 Joe Shaw
Erf b.g.4 Joseph Griffitt
Established ch.f.4 Melissa Mae
Eternal Atake bl.c.4 Dusty Glenn
Even On b.g.4 Aloretta Dethly
Explore With Words b.m.6 Anthony Newman
Exsanguine b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Eye Balls bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Eyes On Derby dkb.f.4 Paul Sellers
Faith At Last b.g.21 Steph Lonhro
Fang N Claws ch.m.6 Joseph Griffitt
Fazzio dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Fiji Goes Wild ch.f.3 LaDonna King
Finding Lemons bl.m.9 Aeon Knight
Fire Breathing Cat b.g.5 Clarehaven Stables
Fireball James b.g.4 Todd Lucas
Fires of Olympus bl.g.4 Tiyoun Long
First Cadet ch.m.5 Joseph Griffitt
First Liberty b.m.5 Joseph Griffitt
Flameout Together ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Flight D'or bl.g.4 Ciano Colly
Florida Ghost bl.g.4 Ted Thorn
Foghorn Fred dkb.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
For Emma dkb.m.21 Nena Olson
Forbidden Forest I gr.g.22 Danny Derby
Force the Odds bl.g.4 Kenneth Prater
Freeda Runs w.m.5 Laurel Addams
French Legion ch.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Frenetic Order gr.f.4 Pat Mcgowan
Freshwater Pearls ro.m.5 Keith Place
Frosted Awaking gr.m.7 Keith Place
Frosted Take gr.m.8 Keith Place
Gang Deposit dkb.f.3 Ciano Colly
Gem Stoned gr.f.4 Dom Behan
Gembro ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ghost Drifiting dkb.g.5 Peter Quill
Ghostly Abandon gr.m.12 Steph Lonhro
Ghostly System b.h.16 Steph Lonhro
Gibraltar Bay gr.g.4 Paul Sellers
Glamor Puss dkb.f.3 Dawn Palka
Go My Queen dkb.f.3 Belle Gifft
Golden Cross b.f.3 Mary Whalen
Gong Show ch.m.5 Todd Lucas
Grand Spirit dkb.g.6 The Four Horsemen
Grey Jacket gr.g.4 Joseph Griffitt
Grooms dkb.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Guille bl.g.6 Peter Quill
Half Filled b.m.6 Paul Sellers
Hallo gr.f.3 Jon Xett
Happi Suzuka ch.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Happy in Fleece ch.m.7 Jessica Tugwell I
Hard N Toned bl.g.6 Cappa Cap
Haunted Grass b.f.4 Andrew James
Hautacam gr.m.5 Kevin Hern
Hazard in the Gate dkb.f.4 Aloretta Dethly
He's Got the Moves gr.c.4 Ryan Whitehead
Head of the Family bl.g.4 Emmie Kay
Heart of Australia ch.f.4 Joseph Griffitt
Helki ch.g.5 Geoff Roberts
Historic Sword dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Hold the Chocolate b.m.5 Lee Tuttle
Hold the Joy dkb.g.6 Loree Ethell
Holy Night bl.g.9 Ashley Hunt
Honest Kingdom ch.g.4 Henry Frey
Horse 1458599041 bl.m.13 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1532927253 b.h.6 Bradley Davis
Horse 1535165595 dkb.h.6 Nena Olson
Horse 1536345714 bl.m.6 Nena Olson
Horse 1547231423 dkb.m.5 Nena Olson
Horse 1567464458 dkb.g.3 Glenn Escobar
Horse 1567510745 ch.f.3 Alexandra Jaysman
Horse 1569065568 bl.f.3 Kelley Wachter
Horse 1569404801 ch.f.3 Crisjay Bellosillo
Horse 1580176648 bl.c.2 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 1580499992 ch.f.2 Susie Rydell
Horse 58507458889 ch.f.1 Glenn Escobar
Horse 58627137113 bl.f.1 Joseph Griffitt
Horse 58836571415 ch.c.1 Joseph Griffitt
Horse 58902890401 ro.c.1 Joseph Griffitt
Horse 59008533868 bl.c.1 Joseph Griffitt
Horse 59024217315 dkb.c.1 Andrew Davidson
Horse 59050112320 ch.f.1 Melissa Mae
Horse 59103422356 gr.g.1 Paul Sellers
Horse 59103856012 gr.g.1 Paul Sellers
Horse 59105410230 bl.f.1 Joseph Griffitt
Horse 59122841728 bl.c.1 Joseph Depaulo
Horse 59132302878 ro.f.1 Danny Derby
Horse 59138237853 bl.f.1 Steph Lonhro
Horse 59287343187 gr.f.0 Paul Sellers
Howling Silence bl.m.8 Noel Collins
Hyperbolic Moon b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
I Salute You bl.g.4 Veritas Stables
I the Night dkb.f.3 Lauren Haggerty
I'm Over You bl.c.4 Jon Xett
Icy Grin dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Il Fantasma Nero bl.m.14 Mary Whalen
Im Awake Now gr.m.8 Keith Place
In Her Eyes b.m.6 Joseph Griffitt
In Love With U ch.g.5 Bernhard Prill
Indominus Standing gr.g.4 Richard Breedlove
Inside a Day bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Insurance Policies dkb.g.6 Howard Cake
Is It Final dkb.m.6 Joseph Griffitt
Izm Abandon It ch.m.10 Keith Place
Jabbas Home b.g.5 Richard Smith
Jayesh dkb.g.4 Oncu Kaan
Jejune bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
John Carr b.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
John's Pal gr.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Judgment Is Today dkb.h.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Kalimdor bl.g.5 Misty Hills
Kaths Comet dkb.m.11 Cappa Cap
Keefer Dean gr.g.5 Brian Clarke
Kicking Stones bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Kidder Ian bl.g.4 Mel Lankford
King of Desire w.c.4 Ryan Whitehead
King of Electric b.h.8 Nena Olson
King of Moravia b.g.2 Stuart Scott
Kings Torch b.h.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Kiz Listen b.m.9 Kelly L Haggerty
Knife of Dreams gr.m.5 Andrew James
Lady Ashley bl.m.5 Mac Silver
Lady Mattisse dkb.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ladyflash bl.m.5 Misty Hills
Lailani Leve b.g.5 Pat Mcgowan
Late Blooming b.m.7 Steph Lonhro
Late to the Track dkb.m.13 Steph Lonhro
Laughing Parker bl.g.5 Peter Quill
Le Reckoning bl.f.4 Todd Lucas
Leave Me Time b.g.8 Vizak Irani
Legged It b.m.9 Keith Place
Leggeditnow b.c.4 Keith Place
Lemony bl.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Leonardson ch.g.4 Oncu Kaan
Libertador gr.g.13 Bradley Davis
Life After Sixty bl.g.5 Brad Fabman
Light Fantastic b.m.25 Bradley Davis
Lightning Strikez dkb.m.14 Nena Olson
Listen Quickly b.c.4 Keith Place
Livingwthflytraps bl.g.6 Loree Ethell
Lord Percy ch.g.5 Willie Carson
Lost Band b.c.4 Dom Behan
Horse Age Owner
Lots to Accomplish bl.m.21 Nena Olson
Love Your Time bl.f.3 Mel Lankford
Lower the Boom ch.g.5 Eric Hamme
Luck On b.g.4 Geoff Roberts
Made My Choice dkb.m.5 Susie Rydell
Madrun bl.g.4 Andrew James
Maelstrom Effect dkb.g.5 Oncu Kaan
Magamatushka ro.g.5 Mark Markson
Magic Loren bl.m.5 Joseph Griffitt
Magic Tim bl.g.4 Joe Hernandez
Magical Cascade dkb.h.5 Kent Saunders
Making Storms ch.g.5 Gwen Morse
Mallorka Occo ch.f.4 Paul Sellers
Mark Down gr.g.7 Robert Damato
Marriage Material bl.g.4 Paul Sellers
Masked Hero gr.c.4 Dave Trainer
Master of Face bl.g.5 Howard Cake
Master Riff dkb.g.5 Cappa Cap
Maximumconsistency gr.g.4 Pat Mcgowan
May Madness gr.g.23 Fallon Neely
Me a Sured b.c.4 Cappa Cap
Measured Response b.m.11 Cappa Cap
Mechanical b.g.10 Susie Rydell
Melian dkb.f.4 Gary Giacalone
Merry One gr.c.2 Keith Place
Mikyx b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Mint Land bl.g.5 Jack Ryder
Minus a Storm bl.g.5 The Harlequins
Mo's Bird gr.f.4 Geoff Roberts
Molachov b.c.4 Jolene Danner
Molly Lies bl.m.6 Emmie Kay
Moment Likethis ch.m.5 Karie McBrian
Money Grab bl.g.4 Geoff Roberts
Monster Customer gr.m.6 Paul Sellers
Monster Marlin dkb.g.4 Brian Chunn
Moon Plus One ch.c.4 Joseph Griffitt
Moon Taxi bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Moons of Eternity bl.g.6 Alyssa Lapa
Moravian War ch.g.1 Stuart Scott
Mrs. Proverb bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ms Chivers bl.m.5 Mark Markson
Mura b.m.5 Joseph Griffitt
My Conquerer dkb.g.4 Ronnie Dee
My Era b.m.5 Dom Behan
Nancy Command b.m.5 Gina Cork
Nasty Mind b.g.4 Paul Sellers
Native Dancer Alw ch.f.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Never Admit It gr.g.4 Karie McBrian
Never Beat Me bl.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
New York Rockstar b.c.4 Mac Silver
Night Lions ch.h.5 Richard Thompson
Nightlion bl.m.14 Vanille Reynolds
No More Monsters ch.m.7 Avery Genna
Nock On Magic ro.f.4 Danny Derby
North Fork bl.h.5 Joseph Griffitt
Nothing Blue ch.g.5 Robert Mcg
Nutter gr.f.3 Willie Carson
Oh Be Long bl.g.6 Cappa Cap
Oh Hello Gorgeous dkb.m.5 Jeremy Janitz
Ominous Shot dkb.f.4 Linda Massimini
On Oath ch.f.4 Joseph Griffitt
One Arrogate bl.g.5 Lethal Prodigy
One Stone Away dkb.m.7 Cappa Cap
Ora Di Ballare dkb.g.5 Paul Sellers
Ouimet b.f.4 Paul Sellers
Our Caracas bl.g.6 Dom Behan
Out of the East b.m.5 Dom Behan
Outcry gr.h.9 Susie Rydell
Outlands dkb.g.10 Nena Olson
Outlaw Hunter ch.g.18 Rocki Ryoliza
Outleg b.h.5 Keith Place
Outlikealamb dkb.g.6 Todd Lucas
Over and Over bl.m.5 Susie Rydell
Palawan dkb.g.13 Bradley Davis
Pan Am Games b.g.7 Peter Quill
Pariksaka b.f.4 Susie Rydell
Path of Royalty bl.f.4 Geoff Roberts
Peace and Modesty ch.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Pennine Terrier dkb.g.5 Mark Robson
Perfect Buddy ch.m.7 Rachel Sadler
Pichu ch.m.5 Ronnie Dee
Picking Off Apples b.m.5 Belle Gifft
Pier Police dkb.g.8 Joe Hernandez
Planet Collision dkb.g.4 Elisse Hackett
Prado Bay dkb.m.5 Horsey Mchorseface
Preserving b.m.5 Bob Allensworth
Pride in Roses ch.f.4 Mark Markson
Pride Indeed bl.g.4 Eric Nalbone
Prideful Fire bl.g.4 Pat Mcgowan
Productive Owl dkb.m.9 Keith Place
Prostelatize dkb.g.4 Todd Lucas
Publish bl.m.14 Nena Olson
Publish Now dkb.m.10 Gina Cork
Queen Silver b.m.7 Kelley Wachter
Quick Catnap b.m.6 Pepper Carol
Quick Listener gr.g.6 Cappa Cap
Rainmayne dkb.f.3 Andrea Bouwkamp
Rains of Riches b.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Ralph's Arms dkb.g.6 Veritas Stables
Raven King gr.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Red Bridge dkb.m.7 Kelley Wachter
Red Gerard bl.g.9 Robert Mertz
Red Glass bl.g.4 Kenneth Prater
Red Pillar Box ch.f.4 Willie Carson
Red Sidney b.g.5 Dahil Emata
Rend Your Heart b.m.6 Emmie Kay
Require Practice bl.f.4 Andrew James
Rev Em Up gr.m.6 Paul Sellers
Revenge of the Day dkb.m.5 Howard Cake
Revolting ch.g.4 Paul Sellers
Rideau b.m.16 Bradley Davis
Ridge Sniper ch.c.4 Lauren Haggerty
Riffara bl.f.3 Keith Place
Riffin b.h.5 Cappa Cap
Riffin Now bl.c.3 Keith Place
Ringofstorms b.c.2 Keith Place
Road to Lubbock bl.g.5 Paul Sellers
Rogue's Fate bl.h.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Roman Heartland dkb.g.5 Ted Thorn
Rose Ceremony b.f.4 Glenn Culver
Rumors of Rain dkb.m.10 Andrea Bouwkamp
Runt of the Litter gr.f.4 Andrew James
Rusty Buckets bl.g.4 Joseph Griffitt
Safe Message b.g.5 Karie McBrian
Sahovan ch.h.5 Susie Rydell
Sailed dkb.g.11 Susie Rydell
Santhos b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Savage Valeria bl.f.4 Joseph Griffitt
Saved From Silence bl.m.16 Kelley Wachter
Saving Me bl.m.21 Mary Whalen
Saxon Grace ch.f.4 Mac Silver
Saxon Hug b.g.4 Geoff Roberts
Scabandaribloodeye ch.g.5 Brett Stier
Scared of Ghosts b.h.22 Steph Lonhro
Scepter dkb.g.5 Susie Rydell
Scotland Forgot ch.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Search the Stars bl.m.5 Nena Olson
See Me On gr.f.4 Jolene Danner
Sensationally bl.g.4 Laurel Addams
Sepp dkb.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Seven Pumpkin's ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Shake Up Wake Up ch.g.4 Eugene Ferguson
Shaking Cobwebs b.g.12 Steph Lonhro
Sharp Rat w.f.4 Alexandra Jaysman
She's Gonzo dkb.m.13 Bradley Davis
Shield of Ash b.f.4 Karie McBrian
Shift Left gr.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Shine Fast bl.c.2 Keith Place
Shores of Silver bl.h.5 Kelley Wachter
Short Stories dkb.h.5 Nena Olson
Shuttle Jockey ro.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Silvestry b.m.5 Susie Rydell
Sim Raider ch.g.4 Karie McBrian
Sins of Dreams ch.g.23 Kelley Wachter
Sir Talkalot b.g.6 Richard Smith
Six Stones dkb.c.1 Cappa Cap
Skymarch dkb.g.6 Kelley Wachter
Slapper Code ch.m.5 Dom Behan
Sleeping Gate Crew ch.g.5 Garret Folsom
Smile for the Sun b.g.6 Nena Olson
Soft Entry bl.h.5 Joseph Griffitt
Solo Homer ro.g.5 James Elliott
Someplace to Go b.g.6 Karie McBrian
Southgate Crusader dkb.g.6 Todd Lucas
Space Between Us dkb.m.11 Vanille Reynolds
Spring Rim bl.m.6 Pat Mcgowan
Stading Alone dkb.m.5 Belle Gifft
Stars Whisper b.f.3 Erin Sanderson
Starz in Line ch.g.8 Bobby Bonilla
Still An Atheist dkb.g.4 Andrew James
Stone Eyes b.m.5 Pat Mcgowan
Stone Forest dkb.f.4 Joe Hernandez
Storm Goddess b.g.4 Linda Massimini
Storm Owl dkb.c.2 Keith Place
Storming Chaos dkb.c.4 Matthew Kveragas
Stormy Suspect b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Strahovski ch.m.5 Howard Cake
Subtle Message dkb.m.9 Nena Olson
Sue It dkb.m.7 Sara Julin
Summer Can Be Hell b.g.6 Noel Collins
Summerday dkb.c.1 Keith Place
Summerhell ch.g.4 Steve Rogers
Sun Shine Kid dkb.c.1 Keith Place
Sunshineinmypocket bl.g.7 Kelley Wachter
Super Doctor gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Sweet Summer Daze dkb.m.7 Kelley Wachter
Swift Opera b.f.4 Gina Cork
Symboli Diamond bl.m.9 Mary Whalen
Take Possession ch.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Ten Fe b.g.9 Richard Thompson
Tetra Careful gr.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
The Black bl.g.5 Kelley Wachter
The Burglar b.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
The Corridor gr.m.5 Matthew McMahon
The Errant bl.g.5 Andrew James
The Mountain Comes ch.g.4 Aaron Adcock
The North bl.g.7 Alexandra Jaysman
The Running Lady ro.m.5 Joseph Griffitt
The Silver Rose gr.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Theme bl.g.6 Joseph Griffitt
Thunder Iverson dkb.g.4 Paul Sellers
Thunder Kick bl.g.4 Paul Sellers
Thunder Vic dkb.g.4 Crisjay Bellosillo
Thunderall bl.g.4 Katie Stepanian
Thunderdome Falls gr.g.5 Bob Probert
Tickticktickboom gr.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Tim's Art dkb.g.4 Joe Hernandez
Timeisnow dkb.g.4 Gina Cork
Tin Roof Tim bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Torches to Ashes gr.m.5 Noel Collins
Trailer Park Life ro.f.4 Mark Markson
Treaty With Time bl.g.4 Prince Of Adflavi
Tripp b.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Trocadero bl.m.5 Kevin Hern
Trust Trudy bl.m.5 Joseph Griffitt
Two Black Sails bl.f.4 Dom Behan
Two Faces dkb.g.20 Bradley Davis
Two Riff's bl.h.5 Cappa Cap
Two Tone Phoney bl.m.12 Cappa Cap
Two Toned Stocking bl.f.4 Dom Behan
Udrci b.h.11 Susie Rydell
Ultimate Thunder gr.g.4 Alexandra Jaysman
Ultra Balanced bl.g.6 Brett Stier
Ulu ro.g.4 Joseph Griffitt
Uncle Sonny b.g.8 Doug Cuomo
Unreal Ideal b.g.5 Jon Xett
Uplift ch.g.8 Alexandra Jaysman
Vancouver Night b.g.6 Andrew Davidson
Venerable St Bede ro.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Verena Belle w.m.9 Keith Place
Versailles dkb.f.3 Laura Ferguson
Very Blue Sea bl.f.4 Paul Sellers
Volny Na Beregu bl.c.4 Brianna McKenzie
Volthan gr.h.5 Keith Place
Waking One gr.g.3 Keith Place
Waking Oz bl.g.5 Keith Place
Waking Spirit dkb.m.7 Keith Place
Wanna Be a Baller ch.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Want Banned bl.f.4 Dom Behan
War Forged bl.f.4 Paul Sellers
Water Chime bl.f.4 Mac Silver
We Forgot Dat gr.m.5 Crisjay Bellosillo
We're Heroes dkb.g.12 Bradley Davis
Wee Hours bl.g.4 Kelley Wachter
Welcome to Hogwarts bl.h.5 Nena Olson
Whata Dreamer dkb.m.7 Keith Place
Whiskey Hour ch.g.18 Alexandra Jaysman
Whistling Pistol ch.g.5 Emmie Kay
Wicked Luv ch.m.8 Cappa Cap
Wild Line ro.g.3 Karie McBrian
Will You Be There bl.f.4 Joseph Griffitt
Wine Glass gr.g.4 Kenneth Prater
With the Riff bl.g.6 Keith Place
Wizard Monster bl.m.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Wizzin Together dkb.g.5 Todd Lucas
Wolos b.g.5 Dahil Emata
Wood Hollow dkb.g.7 Anthony Newman
Wooded Band bl.g.5 Alexandra Jaysman
Word of Warning b.c.4 Susie Rydell
World of Blu dkb.g.6 Alexandra Jaysman
Worldly Shine bl.c.2 Keith Place
Yobo Hobo bl.g.5 Joseph Griffitt
Yojoe dkb.h.5 Dom Behan
You Dun It ro.f.4 Ciano Colly
You Go On ch.g.19 Vanille Reynolds
Your Move Chief gr.g.6 Todd Lucas
Your Victory bl.g.5 Brandon Schultz
Zapchica ch.f.4 Anthony Newman
Zapdirt bl.g.4 Anthony Newman
Zapleave b.g.4 Anthony Newman
Zapsmeg bl.f.4 Anthony Newman
Zoujuly b.f.3 Anthony Newman
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